The Star Soldier: Ryan W. Genno (Videogames101's Lead Editor)
I'm Ryan Genno and I'm a 27 year old Native who lives in Ontario, Canada. I'm the main person behind for VideoGames101 web site you're looking at right now and the reason I call myself Star Soldier is because it not only sounds interesting but it's also one of my most favourite yet most overlooked game(s) of all time. "Do you like to cheer for the underdog too?" I own well over 20 video games systems and over 1,000 videogames (I simply got tired of counting them all so that's a rough estimate) so I certainly know a thing or two about many video games over the years.

Some of my biggest credits include being able to master tough titles like R*TYPE, Blaster Master, Super Star Soldier and many others which gets me going because I can't put that on a job resume. "Games deserves more respect!" Some gamers may be shocked to find out I actually prefer the N64 to the PlayStation, despite its lack of RPG's. I also did a lot of the artwork for this site like the Natilee the Nintendo Girl and the good old timer Grandpa Jim, Some pieces are done in Photoshop 7.0 and some are just done in free hand.
You can also see my epinions area for other reviews both gaming and non-gaming related over at

Some of my personal favourites are (in no order):
Super Mario World for snes
Zelda for nes
Phantasy Star II for genesis
Nectaris for playstation
Wario Woods for snes
The Guardian Legend for nes
Final Fantasy 7 for playstation
Panzer Dragoon Saga for saturn
Galactic Pinball for vb
Frogger for colecovision

I recently had to reformat my computer; therefore all my ICQ contacts are gone. If you want to talk about games or you have any questions for Starsoldier and stuff then you can contact me here at my new number: 163785367.

Ni-CD: Sheldon Purkiss (Videogames 101's lead designer and programmer)
Meet my partner in crime! The Ni-Cd is the man who successfully designed this website and like me, he also lives in Ontario, Canada. His list of works includes,, and www.canada' just to name a few. He is also a serious game freak he doesn't only play games regularly on the PC but he still owns consoles like Virtual Boy, N64, Sega Dreamcast, NES, PS2, and more.

Sheldon also likes to draw but he believes that the PS is better than the N64 unlike StarSoldier, "weird eh?" Ni-CD is also responsible for the advance look of this site thanks to his vast knowledge in HTML and computers in general. This Ni-CD guy is so smart it's almost evil.

The GameMaster196: Robby

He sure knows his stuff. GameMaster196 is 16 and lives in Brooklyn, New York and he has the video game systems nes/snes/n64/psx/sega master system/ sega 32x/sega cd/sega genesis/ sega dreamcast/ and an Atari jaguar coming on its way. He has already written info for the Amiga 32CD, Bandai Pippin, and the CDtv. You can also see his Second Opinion on Kasumi Ninja in the Jaguar Reviews. His personal TOP 10 GAMES EVER MADE are:
#1 shenmue for dc
#2 zelda for nes
#3 a vs p for jaguar
#4 Beneath a Steel Sky for cd32
#5 gundam tactics for pippin
#6 adventure for 2600
#7 mario bros for 7800
#8 shinobi for master system
#9 battle sphere for jaguar
#10 zombies ate my nabories for gensis
#11 i had to do it yoshi's island for snes

Email us if u want to comment on the site, give any useful info, or if u just want to say go @*#$ yourself. Please! We are very low profile right now and we're Canadian too, is totally crushing us, man despite that new Insider junk you going to pay for! Thanks to everyone that has mailed in already over the years, and thanks for your support.