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Welcome to my special page where I like to show off some of my various high scores. That's the whole reason we play games to begin with; to get so good that you wonder if it may be the best score to the world or your friends. I'm definitely not the best player in the world or anything so I know a lot of my scores are beatable but I know for a fact that no one has beaten my world record of Air Zonk (which I have listed here of couse) yet. I can also post other high scores from others too so look away and see if you match or beat these here?


I love Advance Wars and here are my best scores for the big sequel. Sadly I been playing the game so much that I actually now have all perfect scores in the War Room game. A perfect score of 300 points on all the maps so my score are unbeatable. Can you beat my Days though?
War Room high scores:
Spann Island: 300, Day 9, Sturm
Moji Island: 300, Day 12, Sturm
Duo Falls: 300, Day 14, Sturm
Sole Harbor: 300, Day 16, Sturm
Pivot Isle: 300, Day 15, Sturm
Land's End: 300, Day 14, Sami
Kita Straight: 300, Day 23, Sturm
Point Stormy: 300, Day 15, Andy
Ridge Island: 300, Day 11, Sturm
Mial's Hope: 300, Day 20, Sturm
Bounty River: 300, Day 27, Grit
Toil Ferry: 300, Day 20, Sturm
Twin Isle: 300, Day 18, Sturm
Dire Range: 300, Day 27, Sturm
Egg Islands: 300, Day 28, Sturm
Terra Maw: 300, Day 30, Sturm
Stamp Islands: 300, Day 14, Sami
Rivers Four: 300, Day 20, Sturm
Ring Islands: 300, Day 24, Sami
Last Mission: 300, Day 19, Sami
Pay Dirt: 300, Day 19, Sturm
Long Road: 300, Day 21, Sturm
Nest Egg: 300, Day 21, Andy
The Trident: 300, Day 18, Sturm
Banker Hills: 300, Day 16, Sturm
Missile Plains: 300, Day 10, Sturm
Lost Basin: 300, Day 23, Sturm
Risky Vale: 300, Day 23, Sturm
The Ring: 300, Day 19, Sturm
Strong Land: 300, Day 15, Sturm

Click here to see my world record of 30, 332, 430pts in EGM magazine.


I may not be able to beat many of the songs on Heavy mode yet but I was able to score this Rare Perfect score of AAA once. It was awesome and I even got a secret song (Max 300 Remix) because of it.


Records for the Regular Mission Mode:

This is the records for the 2 minutes Time Trial Mode:


5 Minute high score:

Tetris DX
My high score: 1433023

Although my score was good, take a look at this score! This was done by 69 year old Dave Nelson who lives in the Luton, Bedfordshire UK.

Best times in Time Trials: