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"So you want to know who I am, uh?" My name is Ryan W. Genno (a.k.a.
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So why video games you ask? Every since I was a young pre-schooler I loved being able to control the action on a Television set, whether it was Space Invaders for the 2600 back then or Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360 today. Because of that, video games have proved to me to be the ultimate medium in my opinion. Better that TV, better that DVD, and way better that VHS. Now that I'm a little older, I have become a game collector as well as a player. I played almost everything that is out there and the StarSoldier especially loves the older game systems! I still want a Nintendo Wii though.

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Some people may have been wondering if I play Emulated games on the PC or the Dreamcast and do I base any of my reviews or opinions. I have played emulated games before but I never base any of my opinions on any elumation games at all. "I actually hate emulated games!" Most of the retro games I play on Emulated Roms are either way too slow (or too fast) and the sound usually just awful (or there is usually no sound at all). I'm the Star Soldier and I'm an avid Game Collector! Emulation is good for testing out a game or for playing imports that were never released here by some dumba$$ company (*cough* Gradius Gaiden *cough*) but nothing beats the real thing on a real game system, with a real controller, man! Anybody that says that Emulation it's just like the real thing has either a really game Rom set up or has never played the original games and is lying through their teeth. That's why I don't have that kinda stuff to download from my site at this time, but I still might in the future if I find one one that doesn't really blow big time.
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WRESTLEMANIA I to XX DVD Anthology Box Set (2005)

Wrestling fans usually love their WWF or WWE action (unless they are Ring of Honor fans of course) and the biggest wrestling events from 1985 to 2005 have been easily something called Wrestlemania. Now the WWE has released a huge box set of Wrestlemania 1 to 20 all on the DVD format. This is great news for some because previously Wrestlemania 1 to 14 were not on DVD that is until now. Is it worth picking up though?

The Box Set may be a lot of cash (250 Canadian here alone) but remember you are getting 20 massive Pay Per View events seen by millions and each event here range from about 2 to 4 hours long. The Box itself is actually pretty cool with the sets of DVD's divided into 4 cases with 5 WM discs for each. The 4 cases have all the different matches listed and there is a little piece film there for some reason too.

Sadly, if you are looking for a bunch of exclusive features like bonus commentaries, special documentaries, BIOS on wrestlers both living and dead, and more goodies you expect from DVD's you're in for a huge disappointment. All these 20 discs are just straight ports of the previous VHS-only and DVD's of the past. A lot of the previous DVD Wrestlemanias even have missing content here as well. There are added blurs and cut outs to cover some old WWF logos and spoken words (they don't own the rights to the name anymore) but it's sad that those are the only real noticeable changes. All the DVD's have is match selection in the main menu and that's it.

Here is a closer look at the Wrestlemanias and their main events here:

Volume I set (1985 - 1989) - 1 to 5:
This is possible the most sought after Wrestlemania 5 disc set since it has the original five WM events here. The original Wrestlemanias were even tough to find on VHS so getting them here on DVD is definitely welcome. Is it worth getting or is it just too old for it's own good?

Seeing the original WM on DVD is perhaps the main reason someone would buy this set but after seeing again here I don't know what the big deal is? There are a lot of celebrities here like Mohammed Ali and Cyndi Lauper but the matches themselves were not that great. The main event was Hulk Hogan and Mr. T vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper and Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff and there is no world title on the line either. Thumbs down.

Wrestlemania II
The main event here is Champion Hulk Hogan vs. the 400 pound big man King Kong Bundy in a steel cage and the match was pretty good too. I also like the 20 man battle royal with both wrestlers and pro football players but the rest of the under card was silly and boring. Thumbs in the middle.

Wrestlemania III
This WM had the largest attendance record with over 92,000 people packed in massive stadium waiting to see the huge main event between long time champion Hulk Hogan (at 6,8ft and 300 plus pounds) vs. his former friend Andre the Giant (at 7'5ft and 500 plus pounds). Although the match was cool because of all the well built drama between the unstoppable force and the unmoveable object, you can't forget about the absolutely amazing Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat bout for the Intercontinental belt. Thumbs up.

Wrestlemania IV
For a change this WM doesn't have Hulk Hogan has the WWF Champion, in fact there is no heavyweight champion here. There is a 14 man tournament here to find a new champion which was a great idea. Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase deserve a lot of credit for wrestling multiple matches here. Thumbs up.

Wrestlemania V
There is nothing too special about this event to be honest. The main event is WWF Champion Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan. I don't care. Thumbs down.

Volume II set (1990 - 1994) - 6 to 10:
The second Anthology set is pretty unique here. Each WM (upset 7) here as a good list of matches and it was great seeing a early Ric Flair and first ever Ladder match in this set. Wrestlemania X is also the first WM not to feature Hulk Hogan which was perfect for fans getting sick of the whole Hulkamania stuff. OK, it still sucks there is no bonus info but if you want to see some of these cool events again this is your best bet (because VHS suck).

Wrestlemania VI
This is a special Wrestlemania for me because not only was it the first WM to be outside the United States but it was right here in Ontario Canada. If all that wasn't enough it also had the huge main event where it's champion vs. champion: WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior. The match was pretty good too. Thumbs up.

Wrestlemania VII
This lame WM was trying to build on the whole Iraq/US war attention but having the once proud American and World Heavyweight Champion Sgt. Slaughter turn into an Iraq dude while he fights all American Hulk Hogan. This is stupid. Thumb down.

Wrestlemania VIII
The main event here is the weak Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice match. The much better WWF world title match between Ric Flair and Randy Savage should have been the main event instead or even that Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Bret Hart bout for the IC title. Thumbs in the middle.

Wrestlemania IX
This WM has a whole Roman theme here and there are a lot shirtless dudes and nearly naked girls besides the actual wrestlers. Despite the weird concept here the Steiners really had some cool moves in their younger days against the Head Shrinkers (with a young Rikishi) and the Doink character was different but most of the matches weren't too exciting. The main event here was the 500 pound sumo wrestler Yukozuna vs. WWF Champion Bret Hart. Thumbs in the middle.

Wrestlemania X
There are several great matches here. One of the first bouts on here is an excellent fight between brothers Bret and the late Owen Hart plus this WM also has the first ever Ladder match (Shawn Michaels vs. Razor) for the two IC titles. In the main event Bret Hart also challenges the giant WWF champion Yukozuna in a rematch from last year. Thumbs up.

Volume III set (1995 - 1999) - 11 to 15:
Although I know a few people out there like WM 12 and WM 14, out of the four different Anthology Volumes though this is easily the worst. I'm a big fan of Bret and Owen Hart and it pains me to see what the WWE did to slowly try to destroy their careers over each WM here and Diesel's rain as the WWF champion was just horrible as well. Unless you really want to see only a hand full of good matches here you're wasting your money here.

Wrestlemania XI
This is the first time I ever seen WM 11 and it looks like I wasn't missing much. The main event here is just some strange NFL vs. WWF cross promotion match where WWF guy Bam Bam Bigelow fights a football guy named LT. Yikes, that's a pretty sad main event, eh? Also WWF Champion Diesel (Kevin Nash) is defending his world title against Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels did a few cool but wait till you see the horrible power bomb Diesel does to him here. There are audio problems all over the place (it took place in 1995, why weren't these fixed?) and the under cards (upset for Hart vs. Backlund) are uninteresting. Thumbs way down!

Wrestlemania XII
The WM has a smaller under card to make way for the 60 minute long Iron Match between champion Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels (these two men actually don't like one another in real life either believe it or not). Despite all the hype I actually thought the Iron Man match was kind of boring compared to other ones of this type (like HHH vs. the Rock at Judgment Day 2000 and Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar at a Smackdown show) since there were a lot of lame time wasting head locks and neither wrestler actually scored a pin during the whole thing. Thumbs down.

Wrestlemania XIII
With a lot heavy competition from rival companies like ECW and WCW, this WM has a lot more active swearing and more use of blood then past events to boost up ratings so this WM isn't as family friendly. Sadly, tougher and edger doesn't make it better. The main event here is a very boring Psycho Sid (champion) vs. Undertaker match for the WWF world title. There was an awesome Hart vs. Stone Cold match in a I Quit Match but rest were very forgettable. Thumbs down.

Wrestlemania XIV
The main event here is Shawn Michaels (champ) vs. Stone Cold with former Heavyweight Boxing champion Mike Tyson as the special referee. This also has a cool Light Heavyweight title (Taka vs. Essa Rios) match too which is a first for a WM. Thumbs up.

Wrestlemania XV
The main event here is The Rock vs. Stone Cold and surprisingly it was the best match on the disc. I also liked the Big Show and Mankind match but the rest sucks here and wait till you see that awful Undertaker vs. Bossman Hell in the Cell match. Talk about a waste of a 16 foot high enclosed steel cage. Thumbs down.

Volume IV set (2000 - 2004) - 16 to 20:
This Volume set is perhaps the least desirable Anthology WM 5 disc pack because these Wrestlemanias here were already on the DVD format before. If that wasn't bad enough all these WM events here are now on no frills single discs with no cover art (mainly because some of them have content on both sides because some Wrestlemanias run over 3 hours) and all the bonus DVD features are completely gone as well. Still, unlike the other Anthology packs all the Wrestlemanias here are pretty damn good and since they are the most recent ones in this 20 piece Anthology set some fans may be able to relate more with this collection. If you are are not spoiled by the other WM DVD's out there then maybe you should consider this 5 disc set instead.

Wrestlemania XVI (a.k.a. WM 2000)
The main event here is a four way elimination World Title match between HHH (champion) vs. formers champs the Big Show, Mick Foley, and The Rock. Both the Godfather and D'lo vs. Bossman and Bull plus T&A vs. Head Cheese tag team matches were very poorly booked and deserved more hype before they were added to the final card. Fortunately, the violent triple Ladder match for the Tag Team titles was incredible and the Hardcore 13 man melee was fun to watch too. This WM also has baseball legend Pete Rose get beat up by Kane and then get a nasty stink face (a move where someone rubs his butt in the opponent's face) by the 400 plus pound Rikishi. Although the show begun and then ended on a negative note, almost everything in between was amazing. Thumbs up.

*DVD extras
This is 2 disc set so one disc has WM 16 itself and Disc 2 has a special WM 1 to 15 retrospective. where you get to see various clips of these past events. This is a good watch if want to see just what the fuss was about.

The double European and Intercontential Championship Match has bonus commentery from all three separate wrestlers (Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Chris Benoit) believe it or not. Although Benoit sounds kind of dry and straight forward, both Angle and Jericho stay in character and can be pretty funny sometimes.

Wrestlemania XVII
Highly regarded as one of the best WM ever made and it's easy to see why. Again the main event here is the exciting rematch with WWF champion The Rock vs. Stone Cold and there is another great Tag Team title match between the Dudleys, Egde and Christian, and The Hardys but only in a full tables, ladders and chairs contest this time. Even seeing the Grimmack Battle Royale was great because although it was short, it was also cool to see these legends return especially on a big event like WM here. Thumbs way up!

Wrestlemania XVIII
Here is another WM in Toronto, Ontario with a promising list of fights on the card but do they live up to the hype? In the main event in 18 Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho puts it all on the line against the returning HHH. This match though was over shadowed by The Rock and the returning Hollywood Hulk Hogan of the short lived WWE's take on the NWO here. The rest of the under card didn't impress me too much either. Thumbs in the middle.

Wrestlemania XIX (I'm really starting to hate these Romanian numerals here)
The main event here is the technical bout between WWE Champion Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. This also includes the third WM contest between The Rock and Stone Cold. Although the Tag Team matches were not too good and the Miller Lite girl segments were predictable and pointless, the other single under card matches were pretty solid. Thumbs up.

Wrestlemania XX
This special WM here returns to Madison Square Gardens once again (the home of Wrestlemanias 1 and 10) to delivery another big night of action (well, hopefully). The big main event here in the final WM disc is for the World Heavyweight Champion (formally the WCW World Title) as Triple H defends it against the two number 1 contenders Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels in a fatal three way match. The show starts off with crowd favourite John Cena doing a funny rap on his opponent the Unites States Champion The Big Show. The match was so bad the WWE had to censor a lot of the crowd cants because they sure let them know just how bad it was. Of course a lot of the New York are smart wrestling fans and already knew both men would be done with the company after the match as well so why not boo them. This event also has the WWE World Heavyweight title on the line as Eddie Guerrero tries to defend it from 1996 gold metalist Kurt Angle in another great match. Only a few of the matches here sucked. The Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar for example was a huge letdown with a bunch of stalling and very little actual wrestling. Despite that super crappy match, there is still more good then bad here. This is still one of the best DVD's in the set. Thumbs up.

The Wrap Up!
It was great to see all the amazing matches, guest celebrities, and special moments like Chris Benoit and the late great Eddie Guerrero holding up both World Heavyweight Championships all over again. Unfortunately, some Wrestlemanias don't age very well, some wrestlers even come out to different music, and some of these older matches can really drag on. Some exclusive DVD bonus features would have helped to sweeten the deal but you can forget about that and even Wrestlemanias 15 to 20 don't have any of the fun extras in their past DVD releases either. Still if you want to see those old Wrestlemania's again and you don't want to dust off that VCR then this Wrestlemania Anthology Box Set may be your answer.

-StarSoldier1 2006
(Ryan Genno)

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