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(Agetec/Irem, 1999)

R Type Delta marks the return of the popular home and arcade shoot em up that's now over 10 years old. This all new game features the choice of three different ships (plus a secret ship as well), brand new 3D style graphics on a fixed traditional 2D plane, and you have to master 7 new challenging levels. You can also now fire a powerful new Delta attack if you take enough hits on the Pod unit. Is R Type Delta worth looking into or not, please read on shooter fans?

The story is about how the Bydo empire gets revenge on Earth, after being nearly destroyed by a lone R 9fighter, by taking control most of the world's self defence systems through a silent assault of meteorites. Now Bydo has complete control of earth's most powerful weapon systems and the cities are in total choas. You are part of the secret R 9 Delta project, a prototype project then when undetected by Bydo's forces. The Delta project is now Earth's only hope for survival.

If you're not familiar with the R Type games then here is what the games so special. Each ship can fire shots in a rapid motion or a single charged beam by holding down the button for a few seconds to do more damage at once. R Type games are also known for Force Pod power up that can protect your ship from almost all attacks from behind or from the front, the Force Pod can fire three different weapons in three different colors: red, blue, and yellow. Your Force Pod can also absorb enemy fire and with enough energy you can use your ship's special Delta attack that's so powerful that it could clear the screen of most enemies. A cool new feature!

Each one of the three ships is different. The R9 Delta is the old school type of ship with all the old weapons available like the blue Reflective Laser and the powerful red Ring Laser plus you also get the traditional Force Pod too. The RX ship has tentacles type Force Pad with weapons that advantage of the twin gun set up. The R 13 is the black star ship of the bunch with a Anchor-like Force Pod with some really powerful weapons like the Shade Laser. It's fun to try them all and believe me, you'll get the chance!

If you know the R Type series well than you should also know that the games were never easy because not only can one hit kill you instantly and boom you have to start at the beginning of the level or the check point area. R Type Delta is no exception and maybe the toughest of the series (which is saying a lot) because you only get so many continues and then the game is over. Each stage is filled with new traps and surprises to keep gamers on their toes like the garbage level (Level 5) with older stages from the original R Type now in ruins, and the Giant Walker (Level 3) that's the whole level where it can be easy to be crushed in.

The graphics are completely 3D this time although it still scrolls just like a traditional side shooter. As you move up and down you'll see the backgrounds move up and down too which is quite impressive. Even some of the weapons leave a cool mist effect and your Delta attacks look fairly spectacular too. R Type Delta looks great overall but the enemies in the game really help steal like the snake-like mini boss of the first stage that really gets in the way to the giant fish of the second stage that scream at you before they strike.

Speaking of the sound of the second stage of this game, you'll hear a new soundtrack in the same stage if you go underwater which is rare for a Playstation game because of the CD based medium. Although I loved the music of the second level, the rest of the music is pretty standard stuff. The sound effects are definitely above average.

Bottom line: R Type Delta is so challenging that it's easily one of the toughest games on the Playstation but like most shooters the controls are not an issue, you just need to master the game over time. Although it's a great 2D/3D shooter, it's overall not too different from the Super Nintendo game R Type III from a few years ago and I don't think everybody will be impressed by classic feel in today's standard. There is no two player mode or other modes of play for variety. Being a hardcore R Type fan I enjoyed the game but it's a good idea to rent it first you're unsure.



overall Rating: 73/100

For 1 player only
graphics: 8
sound: 7
gameplay: 7

(Ryan Genno) 2005