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Fall of Man

Artist touch: . Cover art rating: 8/10

(Insomniac, November 17, 2006)

Month it won: 2007

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Introduction and Story:
Thanks to all the positive reviews this launch Playstation 3 game was getting (well, it kind of was the only one getting really good reviews anyway) and since Devil May Cry 4 didn't show up in 2006 I just had to make Resistance my first game for the powerful Blu-Ray console here. Is this first person shooter from the creators of the Ratchet and Clank franchise really that good though, let's see.

In this game you play in the era 1951 where World War II never occurred but that doesn't mean the you can rest easy. In story mode you play as American soldier named Nathan Hale who was stationed in Europe. He quickly discovers he's strangely immune to a huge virus that has nearly wiped half the earth's population. Because of this unique ability you are the last hope to save the world from a well organized race of creatures know as the Chimera. So are these strange mutants here aliens trying to conquer Earth or is this some man made disaster that got out of hand? You'll have to play through the 30 chapters to find out in single player or split screen co-op play.
Controls and Game Play:

Resistance plays just like your typical FPS like Halo or Quake where you try to survive in several ravaged war-like areas and all that junk but what separates this game from the pack is the wide range of cool weapons available. Although you still get the standard hand guns and rifles seen in millions of other shooters, there are also some odd stuff like bombs that actually create protective shields that may reflect enemy bullets back at them, guns that can shoot through walls, and tons more goodies that makes any NRA member jealous. Some of these guns can even be dual wielded here so there are lots of opportunities to go nuts.

Of course you're going to need all the Soldier and Chimera weapons you can get here because these suckers fight back. The human-like Chimera will not only use cover once their under attack but they like to charge at you in groups. These Chimera freaks also come in several different forms from tiny bugs that races across the ground to giant crabs so be prepared to have some weird stuff trying to kill you. The game even uses the PS3's motion sensitive controller feature if an enemy tries to grab you. Just shake the controller like crazy to get one of these Chimera a-holes off you before they rip you apart. It isn't much but helps to built some tension at least.

If you can't beat em you can always join em. In the game's huge multi-player you play as either the Chimera or Human and each side has their unique advantages and disadvantages for the intense gun fighting. You still get the standard deathmatch, capture the flag, and other ranking goodies to keep you playing and these battles can get very intense especially when you get the maximum 40 players at once going at it. Oh, the online service is free too unlike the Xbox stuff which is good because I'm pretty much bloke after getting the PS3.

Graphics and Sounds:
Now that we spend all this cash on this bulky machine and our bruises are just starting to heal from all the fighting in the line up (the funny and sad thing about that is the PS3 seems to be pretty easy to get now), there better be some good visuals, eh? The graphics don't disappoint because almost everything is very detailed especially in the stunning background environments and another cool thing about the game is the action constantly fast and very intense as well with no signs of slow down. There are times when the certain characters don't look that impressive especially compared other shoot em ups like Gears of War but it still does a very good job overall. Another cool thing about the game is the full voice acting here and it isn't too cheesy or over emotional either like in most shooters. The background music kicks in when it needs to and realistic sound effect are also well done.
The Bottomline:

Other then a few cool weapons, up to 40 player online multi-player, and some fast action with PS3 visuals the game plays just like most first person shooters out there and that's really the only knock you can say against it. To be fair though it's still at the top of the heap in its category so if you love these games you'll be able to handle these smooth controls no problem. If you love shooters and you like blasting people online then Resistance: Fall of Man is definitely a must have for PS3 owners.

overall rating 90/100

For 1 to 40 players
Rated (M) for Mature
graphics: 8/10
sound: 9/10
gameplay: 9/10
replay: 10/10

(Ryan Genno) 2007

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