SECRET CITY: Nintendo 64

1080 Snowboarding
Panda Boarder: Beat the Time Attack, Contest and Trick Attack and completely get rid of any EAD scores (it doesn't matter what initials you put in but there should be no EAD records left). Now on the character selection screen highlight Rob. Press C-right and then A (you should be on the screen that shows character technique, speed, balance, power and jump). If you've done it correctly you will see Rob's picture replaced with the Panda Boarder at the track selection screen.

Aero Gauge
Extra Vehicles At the title screen, when it says "Push Start", simultaneously press Up, C, L, R, and Z three times on controller 2. Then press start on Controller One. You will then have the choice of five new vehicles, including a N64 control Pad.
All Tracks & Vehicles To do this trick, you will need two (2) controllers plugged into your system. Press start on controller 1 until you get to the Title Screen. On controller 2 press Up + C + R Button + L Button + Z at the same time and release them. Press the Start button on controller 1 to enter the Grand Prix Mode. All cars and tracks will be available in all modes.

Enter the following as Passwords:
PLVRZM All weapons
WMNRSMRTR Enable Storm Ravens
FRGZ Frog Mode
MSTSRVV Invincible tanks
CRSTLCLR Invisible tanks
HVRL Spinning screen
CNCTHRTM Trippy mode
LTSFBLLTS Unlimited Ammo
LVFRVR Infinite Lives TDZ Toad Mode Better Weapons: To get better weapons in multi-player, collect 15 or more of a weapon and press A+B at the same time. You will fire a modified blast of the weapon. Note: this code doesn't work with grenades.
To blow up your tank press and hold all four C-buttons. This can be helpful if you want a different tank in Deathmatch. Area 51 Warp: In the multiplayer Area 51 level, shoot the two UFO's. You can now warp between the two points where they once were.
Free Camera Mode:
In Annihilation Mode (must be unlocked), start a two player game and have two computers enabled. You can be on whatever team, whatever clan, etc. Play the game normaly but have someone die very quickly (lose whole team) and the other person stay alive. When it says "LOSER" on your screen it should be still, not circling like usual. If you move your analog stick, you can either take a tour of the streets, follow the other player and be a lookout, or just watch the action as it develops!
Level Passwords:

Bomberman 64
Sound Test: To access a sound test option, beat the game in Adventure mode at normal difficulty.

Castlevania 64
Hard Mode:
You must collect the first level green gem for this to work. Complete the game and wait until the credits end. Save your game, then restart to get the Hard difficulty level.
Alternate Costumes:
you must collect the special purple gems found on the 'Execution Tower' (on the 3 floor) and the 'Sorerey Tower' (close to the exit) on a floating platform, there's an invisible walk way which leads to another gem. Beat the game, and save it. Start over and press Up to select a new costume for that character.
Fight Renon: If you spend over 30,000 buying stuff from Renon, he'll attack you before the fight with Dracula.

Only Cornell is playable at the beginning but here's how you unlock the others.
Finish Cornell's game and Henry will be selectable.
In Henry's game find only two kids to unlock Carrie and Reinhardt.  Finding other kids will unlock different consumes and a hard mode.
Save your 'Werewolf power' on the bosses. Bosses don't stand a chance with you're increased strengh and increased defense, but make sure you have enough crystals.
The best weapon used to be the 'boomerang' in the classic Castlevania's, but if you get a powered up 'Axe' it will be way stronger thanks to its powerful thunder strikes. A great weapon for all four characters.
In Henry's game, child one is half way though the 'Forest of Silence' just at the end of the hidden tunnel.
Child two is in the left door of the 'Castle Wall', she is on the center pillar right across from the four 'Green' rotating floors. There's a invisable platfrom between 2 and 3 of the floor tiles.
Child three is in the Maze right beside the caged Rose Garden.
The next three kids are beyond the coffin of the end of stage 3. YOU NEED TO COLLECT THE KIDS IN THIS ORDER!
Use a Mooncard before you enter the coffin and you will go to the OUTER WALL level. A child is hidden on the second floor. Look up on the far pillars by floor enterance.
Child 5 is in the TUNNEL level who is in the far part of bottom level in a Moon door.
The last kid is in the UNDERGROUND level. To go there by using the Suncard before you enter the coffin. He is the place where the waterfall used to be after you climb a set of stairs.
If you spend over 30,000dollars, Renon will fight you near the end of the game.  The battle isn't too hard though, so I wouldn't worry about it. Don't use your werewolf power or you won't have any left for Dracula.
Fighting enemies is easier during the day by the way.

Crusi'n the USA
Three New Vehicles:
On the car selection screen, highlight a car (any car besides the Ferrari will work) and hold the upper left side of the directional pad and the bottom C Button. Your vehicle should change into a different one. You now have a choice of three new vehicles, a jeep, a police car, and a school bus.

Cruis'n the World
Change Paint Job:
In one or two player mode, when you select your car, use L and R to change the color of the car's body. Power Boost While racing press AA quickly to do a wheelie and speed up.
Race on the Moon:
To race on the Moon you have to beat the WHOLE game (including Florida). Beat Florida and you will see your car get picked up by a helicopter and dropped into a rocket. Then it will show the rocket liftoff into space. You'll land on the Moon and here a man say, "We're cruisn' now!" Wait for the credits to end. When they are finished, you will see a tiny box that say "Moon expert".
Ride on Two Wheels:
Accelerate to a high speed and tap the brakes, then quickly push the control stick to the left while pressing the gas. You will be on two wheels for about 4 to 6 seconds.

Deadly Arts
unlock Gouraki the 2nd last boss
enter the 'Konami Code' at the title screen: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.
unlock Reiji the end boss
enter this code at the title screen: A, B, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Start.

Donkey Kong 64
If you play the original Donkey Kong in Level 3 and beat it, you'll have a chance to win the Nintendo Coin by playing it again and paying 2 banana coins. If you win the Nintendo Coin you can play Donkey Kong anytime by selecting Bonus before you start a game. You need at least 6 banana faiares though.

Find all 201 gold bananas and you will get a special ending.

Doom 64
Special Cheat Menu: open the Cheat Menu, go the Password Option and enter ?TJL BDFWBFGV JVVB. At the first level of the game, press pause and you will see the new "Features" option on the menu.

Extreme-G 2
Venom bike: 68QCMH3H9HT
Wasp bike: 55HZ1MH3H9H1
All Bikes:3GP8ZKW76ZMW
Enter "Extreme Contest" mode and type the following as a name at the bike selection screen: SPIRAL Spiraling screen
SPYEYE Overhead view
MISPLACE Misplace mode
XCHARGE Infinite shields and primary weapon
MISTAKE Infinite weapons
NITROID Infinite turbos
2064 Wipeout mode
XXX Turbo mode
FLICK Magnification mode
LINEAR Wireframe graphics
PIXIE Remove Fog
JUGGLE Juggle Mode

All Cars, Tracks, and Difficulties: At the mode select screen press L, Z, R, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Start. You'll hear a sound to confirm.
Change Car Colors: To change your car's colors, simply press the R-Button during the car customization screen. Note that there are only a few colors to select for each vehicle.
Joker Cup:
To get the Joker Cup and six additional tracks beat the Jack, Queen, and King Cup on Standard difficulty.
Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups under the "Expert" difficulty level. The X-Cup is a group of six tracks that are randomly generated.
Master difficulty level:
Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups under all three difficulty levels.
Rotate Cars on Customization Screen:
At the customization screen press the C-Buttons to rotate the car in all directions.
Smaller Cars:
At the car select screen press and hold the L and R buttons. While holding those buttons press C-Left and C-Down to shrink the cars.
Staff Ghost:
To get a staff ghost, beat these courses on Time Attack by these times: Mute City 1:23:000 Silence 1:13:000 Sand Ocean 1:15:550 Devil's Forest 1:23:000 Big Blue 1:35:000 Port Town 1:36:000 Sector A 1:22:000 Red Canyon 1:19:000 Devil's Forest 2 1:24:200 Mute City 2 1:19:000 Big Blue 2 1:07:000 White Land 1:40:000 Fire Field 1:23:000 Silence 2 1:35:000 Sector B 1:45:000 Red Canyon 2 1:40:000 White Land 2 1:13:000 Mute City 3 1:46:000 Rainbow Road 2:11:000 Devil's Forest 3 1:20:000 Space Plant 2:04:000 Sand Ocean 1:35:000 Port Town 2 1:52:700 Big Hand 2:27:000

Fighters Destiny
To use these codes, you must have a star next to your name (after beating the game once).
Boro - To get Boro as a playable character all you have to do is beat the game on the easy setting.
Robert the Robot - To get him you must beat all of your opponents in the faster mode in under a minute.
The Joker - To get this character, you must beat all 100 fighters in survival mode.
The Master - To use the Master, you must go through Master Mode and win each and every battle.
Ushi the Cow - to get Ushi, you must go into 'Rodeo mode' and survive a battle with her for one minute without actually beating her.

Enter any of the cheats at the title screen when the words "Press Start" scroll by.
Gore Mode - Press Z, Down, C, C, C, C, C, C.
Psychedelic Mode - Press A, R, Left, Right, Down, C, C, C.
Unlimited Nitro Boosts - Press B, B, R, Up, Left, Down, C, C.
Wireframe Mode - Press L, L, R, Z, Left, Right, C, C.

GEX 64
99 lives and All Remotes: Enter the password m758fqrw3j58fqrw4!
Titanic Level: At the beginning of the game, go to the first main room and approach the arch. Climb the wall facing away from Gilligex Island and get to the top. Look for a floating square and jump on it to ride to the Titanic TV screen.

Goldeneye 007
Play as different Bonds: To do this trick, you must first have every one of the cheat options opened, but none of them activated. Now access the Aztec Stage and set the difficulty to 007. On the Special Options Screen, set the Enemy options as follows: Enemy Health - 200%, Enemy Damage - 100%, Enemy Accuracy - 100%, Enemy Reaction Speed - 100%. You must beat the Aztec stage in under nine minutes for this trick to work. Once you beat it, go back into the Cheat Options Menu and the last cheat: All Bonds (Multi) will be revealed. Turn this option to ON and go into Multiplayer form the Menu Screen. Pick the Characters option. Scroll past the question mark characters to reveal the four new Bonds from all the previous movies.

MACE: the Dark Ages
Hidden Characters:
War Mech & Ichiro
During the Legal Screen, press Down, Right, Up, Left. You will hear a swoosh, and they will now be selectable.
Pojo the Chicken
Do Taria's fatality, then go to Taria and hold Start.
Ned the Janitor
In the Select Screen hit Start on the following characters: Koyasha, Executioner, Lord Deimos. Go to Xiao and hit A or B.
Change Heads
In the select screen, press Start on the following characters: Al' Rashid, Takeshi, Mordos Kull, Xiao Long, Namira. The fighters heads will now be switched.
Bunny Slippers
In the Select Screen, press start on these characters: Ragnar, Dregan, Koyasha.
Fight on a Golf Course
Press start on Koyasha, Mordos, Takeshi.
Big Heads
Press start on Ragnar, Rashid, and Takeshi.
Fight on Boss Stage
Press start on Nimara, Koyasha, and Taria.
Change Character Order of Fights
Press Start on Hell Knight, Xiao Long, Dregan, Namira.

Madden NFL '99
Bonus Teams Enter one of the following names at the code entry screen.
NFC Pro Bowl BESTNFC AFC Pro Bowl AFCBEST All-Madden Team BOOM All-Time Stat Leaders IMTHEMAN 60s Greats PEACELOVE 70s Greats BELLBOTTOMS 80s Greats SPRBWLSHUFL 90s Greats HEREANDNOW All-Time Greats TURKEYLEG 75th Anniversary Team THROWBACK NFL Equipment Team GEARGUYS 1999 Cleveland Browns WELCOMEBACK EA Sports INTHEGAME Tiburon HAMMERHEAD Tiburon Stadium To access the Tiburon stadium, enter the name OURHOUSE at the code entry screen.

Mortal Kombat 4
Cheat Menu
Access the Options menu from the Main Menu. Highlight the "Continues 3" option. Hold the Block & Run buttons for around 10 seconds, or until the secret menu option appears. Extra Characters On the fighter select screen, select the "Hidden" button on the bottom of the screen. Move up three times and left once to Shinnok. Press Run & Block at the same time and you can play as Goro. To play as Noob Saibot again select "Hidden". Move up two times and Left once to Reiko. Press Run & Block at the same time.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy
All Question Marks Enter the following button sequence during the story screen: Block, High Kick, Low Kick, Run, Low Punch, High Punch, High Punch, High Punch, Low Punch, Low Punch. You have to do it very quickly in order for the code to work. Fight Khameleon On the Star Bridge stage in a two-player game, perform an uppercut to make the "toasty" man in the lower right corner appear. When he does, the player performing the uppercut must press Down and Start at the same time. If you do it correctly, the words "Prepare Yourself" will appear, and you will be taken to fight Khameleon.

NBA Jam '99
Pause the game and enter the following codes. You'll hear a sound to confirm:
Giant Players: L, L, C-Right, L, L, C-Right, L, L, C-Right, Z.
Tiny Players: L, L, C-Left, L, L, C-Left, L, L, C-Left, Z.
Long Range Dunks: L, L, C-Down, L, L, C-Down, L, L, C-Down, Z.
Make the Shot: L, L, C-Up, L, L, C-Up, L, L, C-Up, Z.
Stronger pushes: L, L, Up, L, L, Up, L, L, Up, Z.
Tie up the score: L, L, Down, L, L, Down, L, L, Down, Z.
Whole team on fire: L, L, Right, L, L, Right, L, L, Right, Z.
Turn off all cheats: L, L, Left, L, L, Left, L, L, Left, Z.
Change free throw shooter: If you want to get a better shooter on the line, go to the Team Settings screen and use the "Player Match-up" option to change the shooter.

NFL Quarterback Club '99
Enter these cheats at the 'Cheat' menu: You'll hear a noise to confirm proper entry... HSPTL Injury Prone Players MRSHMLLW Fat Players TTHPCK Skinny Players BTTRFNGRS Fumbles on contact XTRTMS Extra teams TRBMN Infinite Turbo PWRKCKR Power Kicks HSNFR Ball smokes while in the air BGMNY Big coin at kickoff FLBBR Flubber ball SHUTOUT Start out with 12 points RLSTN Opponent always has zero RCQTBLL Racqetball Mode PNBLL Pinball Mode SCLLYMLDR Enable Alien stadium FRRSTGMP Play in Slow-Motion DBLDWNS 8 downs STCKYBLL No fumbles PWRPYLNS Cones on the field PPCRNRTRNS Landmines BCHBLL Super size football XTRVLTG Electric football mode RGBY Rugby mode SLPNSLD Slippery field

Quake 64
Debug Mode: Go to the Password screen and enter QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ. It will then say 'Invaild password.' Exit and go to the Options screen and there will be a Debug Mode.

Robotron 64
Enter these codes at the Main Screen
50 Extra Lives - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right.
Level Select - Down, Up, C-Left, Down, C-Left, C-Right, Down, C-Right.
Enter these codes while the game is paused.
Flame Thrower - Down, Right, Down, Right, C-Right.
4 Way Fire - Down, Down, Up, C-Right
Radiation Spray - Up, Down, C-Right, C-Left
Shield - Down, Left, C-Left, C-Right
Speed Up - Left, Left, Right, Right, C-Up
Three Way Fire - Right, Right, C-Left, C-Down
Two Way Fire - Up, C-Up, Up, C-Up

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA
Cheat Menu: To access the cheat menu, go to the Setup Screen and hold down L+R+Z. While still holding them press all four of the C-buttons. If done correctly, a 'Cheats' option should appear under 'Audio.' To access the codes in the cheat menu, simply put the cursor on the code you want to access and hold down L + R + Z. While holding those down press all four C buttons 2-5 times. Each code requires the C buttons to be pressed a different number of times. If this doesn't work for you, then try these...
Massive mass: Hold R+L and press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right.
Killer rats: Hold R+L and press Z, Z, Z, Z.
New York cabs: Press R, L, Z, C-up, C-down, C-up.
Resurrect in place: Hold Z + C-Left and press C-Right. Then, hold Z + C-Right and press C-Left.
Frame scale: Hold Z + C-Down and press C-Up. Then, hold Z + C-Up and press C-Down.
Tire scaling: Hold Z + C-Left and press C-Right. Then, hold Z + C-Right and press C-Left.
Auto abort: Press C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Up. Levitation: Hold L + R + Z and press C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Up.
Cone Mines: Hold Z and press L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R.
Stunt Level: Hold all four C-buttons and press A, R, Z, L, A, R, Z, L, R, A, Z, L.
Extreme Mirror mode: At the track selection screen, highlight the "Mirror" option. Then, hold all four C-buttons and press Left or Right to access an "Extreme" option.
Tag mode: During the countdown at the start of a Two-player race, press C-up to access Tag Mode. Second player will be "it.
Bonus cars: By collecting the game's hidden keys, you activate Rush 2's secret cars for each track. Every 3 keys you collect, you will activate one car. The vehicles include: 1st set of 3 keys: Taxi Cab 2nd set of 3 keys: Hot Rod 3rd set of 3 keys: Formula 1 Race Car 4th set of 3 keys: Ford GT90 Prototype Also, collect all 4 Mountain Dew cans and you'll unlock the Mountain Dew Racer.
Secret Midway Track and Rocket Car: To get the Rocket Car, place first overall in the Circuit Mode. In addition to the car, you will also find a secret track, letting you drive through Midway's gaming studios.

San Francisco Rush
Enter these codes at the Setup Screen: Alter Gravity From the Start up: Z-up, Z-down, Up, Down, Up, Down. Change Gravity Press and hold Z, then press Up, Down. Release Z and press Up, Down, Up, Down. A weight icon will appear.
Repeat the code to switch among four gravity choices.
Change Track Textures: Press and hold right C, then hold L. Release both buttons, then press Z. Press and hold right C, then press L. Release both buttons and press Z. A small palette pattern will appear underneath the menu. Repeat the code to switch among normal, psychedelic, or no textures.
Disable Car Collisions At Setup Screen press Left, Right, C-Rt, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, Z. Infinite Time: Press and hold Z, press and hold bottom C, then press and hold top C. Release the C buttons, but continue holding Z. Press and hold top C, then press and hold bottom C. A small clock that gives you infinite time will appear. Repeat the code to disable it.
Invert Track Flip the game up side down: At setup screen press Up, Right, Down, Left, Down,Right, Up, Left on control pad.

South Park
Mr. Mackey: cheatingisbad
Bar Brady: elvislives
Big Gay Al: outrage
Ned: hawking
Starvin Marvin: slapupmea
Phillip: phaert
Terrance: raf
Mr. Garrison: dorothysfriend
Chef: lovemachine
Wendy: checkataco
Pip: fishnchips
Ike: kickme
Mrs. Cartman: allwoman
Mephisto: goodscience
Jimbo: staringfrog
Alien: majestic Or, unlock them all at once: omgtkkyb
Various Codes Invincibility: assman
All Weapons: fatknacker
Unlimited Ammo: fatterknacker
Big Head Mode: meganoggin
Level Select: theearthmoved
Unlock All Cheats: bobbybird
Pen and Ink Mode: planearium
View the Credits: screwyouguys

Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth
Here's another cool shooter that can be tough at times, but I can drop a few hints so you can get you the high score.
If you want to finish the game easier, than just pick the Blue Ship, its lasers will kill bosses in seconds but........................
If you wanna get in the high score broad, pick the Red or the Green Ships.  Its easier for these ships to maintain the Combo Meter to get a higher hit bonuses especially in the Minute modes.
Don't forget the Evade Shield (R button)! Use it to get out of trouble spots like when enemies attack with too much with bullets, also use it to go thou your enemies.
Use the Frontal Bomb Attacks on the bosses (L button), they do way more damage then the usual full screen bombs. It also helps to get closer to a enemy to do more damage, remember you're invincible while firing your frontal weapons.
NEVER pause in the 2 or 5 minute mode! Your time will not stop, even when paused.
Secret levels:
To access SPECIAL MISSION 1:  DESTRUCTION, you need to be on level 2 and about half way though the level you'll come across five pods (four green, one red) that can be destroyed.  Kill the corner green ones first that the center red one last.  If done right you will change course and get a 1,000,000point bonus at the end of the level.
To access SPECIAL MISSION 2:  SCARS, you need to be on level 3 just before you enter the base (close to the beginning) seven ships will appear.  Kill ONLY the center red one and you won't enter the base but you will change course.  Use a frontal bomb attack after the green ones leave.
To access SPECIAL MISSION 3:  REMINISCENES, you need to be on level 4, about half way though the level, four green ships will appear.  DON'T KILL THEM, wait for them to leave and bomb the remaining red ships.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
ACE Makes the game harder
CHICKEN Bonus level where you play as an
AT-ST CREDITS View credits
DIRECTOR View intermission sequences (new option in Settings menu)
FARMBOY Fly Millenium Falcon
HARDROCK Changes Luke's face on title screen
IGIVEUP Unlimited Lives
MAESTRO Music Test
RADAR Enhances radar. Ships flying higher are brighter,ships flying lower are darker
TIEDUP Fly a Tie Interceptor (push up from Millenium Falcon)
TOUGHGUY All powerups Bonus Levels: Battle of Hoth Finish all levels with a GOLD medal Death Star Trench Run Finish all levels with a SILVER medal Beggar's Canyon Finish all levels with a BRONZE medal.

Super Mario 64
Make the enemies disappear Before you enter course 14, go up to the grandfather clock and wait until the hands are at 1:00. Precisely when they hit 1:00, enter the level. If you did it right, all the enemies and traps will be turned off.

Super Smash Bros.
Secret characters:
Beat the game with any player or any difficulty and JigglyPuffl fight you one on one. Beat her to unlock the pink pokemon.
In the Bonus Practice 1 area just complete all the stages for the 8 original characters and then Luigi will challenge you. Beat him to unlock Mario's Brother.
Captain Falcon:
Finish the one player game in under 20 minutes in any difficulty and Cap. Falcon will fight you after the credits are done. Beat him by easier by using quicker Abuttons moves to counter his attacks, once he's beat, he's playable. He's from F-Zero by the way.
Set the settings to NORMAL with only 3 lives and try and beat the game. If successful he'll fight you after the credits are done. Try do use more defensive moves like fireballs to keep him away from you and when the time is right just knock him out. The kid from the underrated Super Nintendo game, EarthBound, will now be available to fight.

Turok : Dinosaur Hunter
The following codes are to be entered at the Enter Cheat Code screen: (After entering the codes you must go to the Cheat Menu to turn each code on or off.) BLLTSRRFRND - Unlimited Ammo
DLKTDR - Pen and Ink Mode (wire frame)
DNCHN - Dana Mode (Tiny Mode)
FDTHMGS - Show Credits
GRGCHN - Greg Mode (Same as Robin's but no invincibility)
NSTHMNDNT - See All Enemies (Red arrows on map are enemies)
RBNSMTH - Robin Mode (Invincibility, all weapons, unlimited ammo, big head and credits)
SNFFRR - Disco Inferno Mode (disco lights and monsters dancing)
THBST - Gallery
THSSLKSCL - Spirit Mode

Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil
The following codes are to be entered at the Enter Cheat Code screen: (After entering the codes you must go to the Cheat Menu to turn each code on or off.)
Big Hands and Feet Mode
- STOMPEM Big Head Mode
- UBERNOODLE Blackout Mode
- LIGHTSOUT Gouraud Mode
- IGOTABFA Stick Men Mode
- HOLASTICKBOY Tiny Enemy Code

Wave Race 64
Ride a Dolphin First go to Dolphin Park in Stunt Mode. You will need to perform every single stunt your character is capable of. Make sure that you are also passing through the rings, not missing any one of them. If you do this right, you will hear a dolphin squeak as you pass the finish line. Exit out and go to the Machine Select screen. With your craft highlighted, hold Down on the 3D Stick and then select your vehicle and do the Options. Keep holding Down on the 3D Stick and when the race starts, you should be riding an dolphin.

WCW/NWO Revenge
Play As Managers:
Choose One-on-One Exhibition and pick at least one wrestler who is accompanied by a manager. When the match begins, press Z on controller 3 or 4 to take control of one of the managers standing ringside.

Hidden Characters
The late Curt Hennig - Win the U.S. Heavyweight Belt.
Rowdy Roddy Piper - Win the World Heavyweight Belt.
Kanyon - Win the TV Title Belt.
Kidman - Win the Cruiserweight Belt.
Meng & Barbarian - Win the Tag Team Belts.
NWO Belt - Beat the World Heavyweight competition with Hollywood Hulk Hogan.
Silver Belts - During the intro, press A when Hogan, Bischoff, and the Giant are speaking, and the Belts in the game will change from Gold to Silver.

Steal Opponent's Special - First, make sure your opponent is in the same weight class as you. Then, begin a match and allow your opponent's Spirit Meter to fill (flashing red). Now, grab your opponent with a Strong or weak Grapple and simultaneously press A and B. You just did their Special move!
Steal Opponent's Ground Moves - Simultaneously press A and B while your opponent is on the ground.
Steal Taunt - When the opposition or tag team partner uses a taunt, rotate the analog stick counter-clockwise to mimic them. This will work with other games too like the ones below:

WWF No Mercy

Secret Characters:
In the Survival mode, if you beat out around regular 10 wrestlers A character may come out that usually isn't in the WWF roster. Here's the order they may come in.
Jerry The King Lawyer (JR, Pat Patterison, Genald Prisco)
Shane McManon
Mae Young (Fablous Moolah)
Cratus Jack
Ken Shamrock
Shawn HBK Michaels
Vince McManon
Mick Foley
Andre the Giant (he will be the last survivor to come out if he isn't already unlocked)

If you see one of them coming to the ring to sure that it's you that throw them out of the ring or you won't unlock em.
Some of these characters can be also unlocked in the Championship modes, like Andre the Giant in a successful title defense for the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWF Wrestlemania 2000

Unlock Shawn Michaels:
In the road to wrestlemania mode, win the World Heavyweight Title and the Royal Rumble. HBK (Shawn Michaels) will fight you for the belt at Wrestlemania. He will be selectable win or lose after Wrestlemania 2000.