If you never liked this game before than you probably thought it was too hard.  I can help, it's can be a lot more fun to play if you know what to do, right?

General Advice:
This game has auto-fire so you can just hold down the B button and not worry. You can also hold down the A button but remember if you lose all your chips you'll lose most of your power. Right below is a list.
0-99chips: basic and weak single shots
100-199chips: a improved triple shot.
200-1999chips: a wider and more powerful triple shot.
2000-4000chips: the ultimate B button attack with 4 shots at once.

Use the Plasma Cannon (the one shaped like a little fireball) for the secondary weapon (A button) ,it's the best weapon for beating the game.

If you are low on health use a wide range cannon or a EE bomb to destroy enemies quicker and reveal more power ups by destroying enemy fire.  Save most of your EE bombs for the Alien world though. You can get a maximum of 255bombs and each time you collect the EE bombs you get 20bombs.

Getting up closer to some enemy means you can get rid of them faster especially with the right fire power!

AREA 0: the beginning!

Area 0  Here you attacked by several asteroids but you're biggest worry is the crystal and circle enemies that do way more damage. Gate Boss:  1.  Destroy the mini side cannons first, they shoot three bullets at a time but they're easier to kill.  Move from side to side to avoid the all the bullets, plus don't be afraid to grab power ups, if a power up lands on the boss it will discolour a little but it's still collectable.  Finish off the middle pieces last, just sit and shoot in the center.

Main Map

Now the game switches
from a shooter game to a ZELDA-like adventure game. Each BLUE area needs a certain key to gain access. Not only that, each new area has 2 LAND MASTER BOSSES and hold some important power ups. The first thing you should do is collect all the ground power ups and defeat the two Land Masters. After that you go to Corridor 1 to the left.

Green Tracker Boss:  Stand back and just shoot it.  Way too easy!
Red Slime Maker Boss:  Just stand beside and blast it when it reappears. Use the laser sword to finish it faster when it pops out.

Destroy seal #1 by shooting your normal weapon at the center gate for about 10-20seconds.

Area 1  Strange green sunfish that appear from the sides will attack when you are right across from them.  Try to move up instead staying at the bottom to avoid being trapped by these groups of fishes.  Blue FLEEPA Whale BOSS:  This ugly creature will try to crush you by diving right into you.  Stay to the side into it's goes back up again then get some hits in.  Destroy some homing missiles to get some power ups. You get the MOON key after the match and three levels will now appear on the map.

Sea Dungeon Levels:
Here the enemies to more damage than before and the Land Masters are tougher too.
Green Crab: When it appears and stop stand right beside it and the bullets will fly right over you. You win the very cool PLASMA CANNON!
Blue Tracker: Much tougher than before because of its speed. Try to out run it by running on around the edges and shoot some plasma shots when far enough. You earn more RED CHIPS after you win.

NOTE: CORRIDORS 11 trou 20 are optional levels that are not needed to complete the game.
Area 11  Green Eye OPTOMON BOSS:  Avoid the lower corners to not get trapped by those pesky lasers.  The lasers do the most damage.

Blue Tracker: this thing wants another shot.
Blue Crab: not too different from the green one. Collect power ups before the fight and use the light sabre.

Area 12  Red FLEEPA Whale BOSS:  This time it's shoots out more missiles but you got the plasma cannon this time.  Use the same pattern as before.

Destroy seal #2 by walking on the 4 side panels by the gate.

Area 2  CRAWDADDY Lobster:  Too easy!  Just stay at the bottom/center of the screen and use both the normal gun and the plasma cannon, this will stop it from moving to the sides.  Watch your energy though.  The 'backward question mark key' is yours.

Forest Dungeon Levels:
  You need the 'BackwardsQUESTION MARK key' for the South-West and the 'Three ELECTRIC lines key' for the North-East Stages.

GREEN SUN: this tough little guy will just chase you into you're dead. Fight it with full health and stay close to a wall use the laser sword to do some major damage to it.
Red Slime Maker: this thing returns, but it's still too easy.

Area 13  Things are getting more and more intense. Blue BOMBARDER Missile Carrier:  When this boss is just about to reappear use a plasma cannon shot to destroy the missiles right away.

Destroy seal #3 by waiting by the seal for about 30seconds. 
Area 3  Blue OPTOMON Boss:  Very difficult!  Try staying in the center again and beware of some quick lasers.  I recommend you collect as many power ups as possibly before fighting this guy.  You get the 'Three electric lines key' after the fight.

Blue Sun: even harder to kill than the last one. Collect as many power ups as you can before the fight and use the light sabre again.
Blue tracker: not him again!! Remember to out run him and shoot.

Area 14  Blue CLAWBOT Ship:  Stay to the sides of the ship to avoid the laser, while you continue to blast the main piece when it closes.  Move up close so your right under it to the left side to destroy it faster after the hatches are released.

To destroy seal #4 you need the help of the blue shop creature just across from the seal door.  Just enter and re-enter about 4 times.  "This guy must like the attention.
Area 4  TERAMUTE FireDragon:  Just stay under it's mouth and shoot.  Super Easy!  You've earned the 'Square key'.

Crystal Dungeon Levels:  After you get the SQUARE key, you now have the choice of going to North-East or just East.  I recommend you go East because it has the upgrade to the Plasma Cannon to the far right.
Blue Tracker: he's back!
Strange Flower: a new enemy that's shoots annoying homing missiles. If you got the upgrade to the Plasma Cannon you can destroy the bullets and kill this thing easily.
Red Crab: If you stand close to him this time you'll may get hit. Try going behind or under him to beat him easier.

Area 15  Some new crystal shaped enemies will appear on this level and try to ram right into you.  Lure them away and then destroy them in a group with a plasma shot.  Green CLAWBOT Ship:  Easier than the blue model.  Stay close but watch out for the laser.

Destroy seal #5 by walking on the seal and firing a weapon.
Area 5  ZibZub:  Not too difficult, just stay in the center of the screen so some of the missiles fly right under you while you hit it with everything you got..

Area 16  Red OPTOMON Boss:  Even harder than before, but if you got the upgrade to the plasma shot in the adventure mode then you can destroy the giant lasers it shoots at you. This time you go to the corners and do some damage.

Destroy seal #6 by shooting a secondary weapon (A button) at the seal.
Area 6  A VERY DIFFICULT LEVEL! be sure to destroy the all the volcanoes as soon as they appear on the screen or you're dead meat.  Shielded Metal Ship:  You can only attack it when it opens to attack you, but it shouldn't take long to kill if you're up close using the light sabre.  The 'Cross pad' key is yours now.

Alien Dungeon Levels:
  You need the CROSS PAD key to enter.  


Blue Slime Master: too easy!
Red Crab: It wants revenge, just use the rolling fireball or laser sword again to kill it easily.

Area 17  A new and bothersome enemy appears in this level, it looks like a liitle green insect and it block all your attacks.  Destroy the little buggers by ram'n your ship into them and don't worry, no health will be lost.  Multi Eye Gate Boss:  Use plasma shots to destroy the eye bullets and the different enemies. A very easy boss.

Destroy seal # 7 by entering and re-entering the room about four times.
Area 7  Multi Eye Gate Boss 2:  Use the same strategy as before but kill all the small eyes first at the sides.

Red Tracker: faster and stronger, make sure that you have enough speed to out run it. Three speed power ups should be enough.
Red Sun: this guy is a major pain! Be sure your levels are high enough before the fight and get that laser sword ready. You get the important Red Lander Dude power up after the win.

Area 18  Blue GRIMGRIN:  A VERY tough and ugly boss, stay far away from this guy by avoiding its figure 8 like pattern.  Kill the eyes right away by using the trusty plasma cannon then focus on the center eye.  Remember the tip about using the EE bomb to reveal power ups?  This creature's final attack (it will turn orange) will fill the screen with bullets and eyes and to major damage to your shields.  Use the EE's to destroy all the on screen bullets and reveal some much needed power ups then switch back to the plasma cannon to finish it off.  WARNING:  Don't use up all the EE bombs, a even tougher boss awaits.

Destroy this one by setting you secondary weapon to NO USE and press A on the seal.
Area 8  Use the wide cannon for most of the stage to get around the annoying green insects and switch back to the Plasma Cannon when enemies pile up.  Red GRIMGRIN:  EVEN WORSE!!  This time the boss will take several hits before it uses its final orange attack.  This time use the wide cannon or the fire shield to destroy the shots to survive a bit longer.  Use the EE bombs just like before.

Desert Dungeon Levels:  You need the TRIANGLE key and the angled MINUS keys here for these tough levels.
Red Tracker: it's the last time you'll see these guys as bosses.
Green Slime Master: still easy but it's a little faster now.

Area 19  This stage has more enemies attacking from the background, watch out for small rocks, skulls and bones. Red BOMBARBER Missile Carrier:  Be careful of quicker missiles this time.  Just go nuts and blast everything when it reappears.

Stand on the gate to open it............. that's it!
Area 9  Blue EYEGORE:  Stay in the bottom center and blast it.  Collect as many power ups as you can before you fight it, because this is a survival match and you will get hit no matter what. You won the final key, MINUS.

Shielded Metal Ship: This is the same guy you fought with earlier in the crystal levels but now it's on the ground. Remember you can only hurt it if it's firing at a complete stop.
Giant Ghost Head Master: Normally this head would be easy to kill in the Death Valley shooting levels but here it's a different story. The head will shoot powerful homing missiles and the head itself will inflict heavy damage if your not careful to avoid it's figure 8-like pattern. Try and destroy the missiles by using the rolling fireball weapon and use your main gun on the head to keep a safe distance.

Area 20  Red CLAWBOT Ship:  This guy is even quicker that before and the laser is more of a menace.  Just stay to its sides like before and use the enhanced Plasma cannon.

Destroy seal #10 by just shooting the normal weapon for about 30secs.
Area 10  This stage moves very fast making it harder to collect power ups.  Watch out for the flash of the power ups and try to collect it before it fall too fast and gets away.  Red EYEGORE:  Same strategy as before but be careful of your health because of the smarter bullet attacks.  Some EE's wouldn't hurt. You now destroyed ALL 10 AREAS! now leave this planet by going to area 21 on the main map.

This desert level you have to fight six bosses, one after another.
Blue Fleepa Whale (super easy, just use the standard gun to kill it in seconds!)
ZibZub (also easy but it should take a few more hits)
Blue Clawbot Ship (that laser can do some mild damage)
Red Optomon (watch your health but this isn't a tough match)
Blue Grim Grin (the only boss to worry about, make sure it doesn't hit you with its body)
Red Bombarber Missile Carrier (a total wimp and the missiles can be destroyed for power ups!)

Area 21  MOTHER GUARDIAN BOSS:  This is it!  You got two strategies here:

1.  Stay safe at the sides of the beast and use the Darth Maul-like twin laser sword or the wide side cannons.  Use all the EE's you got when your health is low and when it uses it final attacks.  It will get madder as it changes its colour from green to orange to red (red means it's almost dead). 

2.  Stay in front of it and go crazy on its eye.  Use the faithful plasma cannon and then stay in between its arms just in front of his mouth and just blast away staying close to it.  Escape when your health is too low and get power ups from the missiles if needed. Use all the EEbombs you have left.