(Hudson, 1993)

The Bomberman series has been around for a while (first starting out on the old Nintendo Entertainment System) and this ancient but highly acclaimed action game finally comes to the Super Nintendo (or SNES) for the first time in the intense Super Bomberman Party Pak.

If you are new to the Bomberman series the game is overhead 2D action where you control one of these dorky but deadly little dudes who can plant dangerous explosives to destroy certain walls and enemies that get in the way. Controlling your Bomberman in four directions is a piece of cake and laying down bombs is simple enough but the blast can kill you as well so you still have to be careful to get out of the way before it goes off.

What's new to the SNES edition of Bomberman here is the once boring single player campaign is now pretty fun to play. Your Bomberman can easily find more power ups in one stage then ever before so the game play is far less tedious plus a friend can join in on the action as well. The only problems with the campaign mode is that there isn't much of a story here and it also pretty easy to finish in one sitting.

Fortunately you and your friends can always play the Battle Mode instead. Once you get a few more controllers and some friends over then you have a instant party going. In this awesome mode it's a fight for power ups in a last man standing bomb war for up to four players. All the 10 maps are enclosed on one screen and the hidden power ups range from being able to drop more bombs at once to the new Punch attack that launches a bomb over barriers. Like any good Multi-player game a lot of the options can be changed ahead of time so you can fight computer opponents with low or high intelligence. It great for practicing your skills so you don't become one of those newbies that kill themselves in a corner with their own bomb.

Super Bomberman still had the familiar overhead looks of the past games and lets face it; they all looked horrible and ugly at best but to soften the blow the graphic artists now upgraded all the characters have more colour and detail to take advantage of the power of the SNES. The game also has several cute but impressive sound effects and backgrounds tracks and the most important thing is BOMBERMAN DOESN'T TALK LIKE A 8 YEAR OLD GIRL HERE unlike the unlistenable Bomberman Jetters for the Game Cube. The sounds are good but like the graphics they aren't great.

If you are a video game collector like me you should know that this game originally came in a special package. If you buy Super Bomberman complete then it should come with not only have the usually game and instructions but it should also come with a over sized SNES box (much like Nintendo's giant Earth Bound) and a bonus Multi-tap. The game isn't the rarest SNES out there but the box sure looks good on the shelf, eh?

Super Bomberman is a great game that's both easy to control and learn but it isn't without a few problems. The graphics may be a nice improvement over the previous editions but it still doesn't compare well to other SNES titles, it's nice that the game can be played up to 4 people but it's a shame isn't a full 5 player game like the Turbo Grafx-16 versions were, and the story mode was way too easy and short. The positives out weight the negatives and the multi-player games are always fun no matter what system it's played on. If you still have SNES and you are looking for some multi-player action you should definitely get your hands on the crazy Super Bomberman Party Pak.

overall rating: 82/100

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For 1 to 4 players
graphics: 6/10
sound: 6/10
gameplay: 8/10
replay: 9/10


(Ryan Genno) 2007

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