(Nintendo, June 1986)

I hear a lot of complaining from current players saying that newer stuff can be very tough to play. For example: those huge controllers just have too many buttons, the games are either too fast and too confusing so newbies get beaten down too easily, and fighting games like Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter have too many moves that are too hard to learn. Maybe a simpler fighting game and that's on good old machine like the popular Nintendo Entertainment System would be a lot more fun, eh? Not if it's this game here!

Urban Champion is nothing more but a really super bad one on one fighting game that's too repetitive for it's own good. It's your job here to fight the local tough guy on the city streets to earn the respect of a cute girl and the guy that knocks the other off the screen is the winner. The only problem with that cool and rather unNintendo-like story line is after you beat this green opponent, you simply fight him again and again and again. Does the girl even kiss you if you win? Nope, she just stays up in her room and throws some cheap confetti at you while you do a even cheaper 2 frame animation victory dance. Man, this sucks!

You want to know the worse part about beating up this guy here is that he is no challenge at all. A few B shots to the gut and he's done for, the game just continues to loop over and over again till you just turn the power in disgust or you if literally go insane after winning for the 100th time. If you're looking for a deep game with multiple fighting styles where you can do cool moves like wicked flying roundhouse kicks, brutal life sucking Gracie-like submissions, or killer reserve bone crunching throws you definitely won't find it here. In fact there is no score, no endings, no power ups, and there is barely any real game play here at all either.

Urban Champion has the usual simple graphics you would find in most early NES games from 1985 and 1986. The two characters here look the same but are different colours and the backgrounds are pretty generic as well but that are still fairly easy to make out at least. Sadly since more early Nintendo games don't use a lot of memory you should be ready to see the same boring city streets over and over again. The music isn't much better since there are only two backgrounds tracks that are nothing more then a bunch of boring looping beeps. The sound effects for the cop car and the falling plants are solid but I'm really reaching here you know.

Urban Champion is a game that provides instant boredom for action seekers and thankfully this wasn't a big hit for Nintendo. Maybe it could be considered more as a huge colossal failure where people got fired maybe? It is a two player game so up to two of you can suffer here together or the two of you should only play it just to get an excellent example of terrible programming at its finest so you can tell the game company you want to work for that you're not going to make a title like this. You are better off getting in a real fight over a real girl so you may get a chance for some real action instead of playing Urban Champion.



*Available in the 5 screw cart

overall rating: 22/100

For 1 or 2 players
Rated (E) for Everyone
graphics: 3/10
sound: 3/10
gameplay: 1/10
replay: 2/10

(Ryan Genno) 2007

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