(THQ/Anchor, February 2002)

Whoa! It was one of my first X Box reviews and I couldn't think of a better place to start then with the WWF's first wrestling game for the green machine (A machine that the Rock himself personally endorsed). The very delayed and much hyped wrestling game for X box is fairly good for wrestling fans however in my opinion it's still nowhere near as complete as the N64/Aki games. Even though WWF Raw for the Xbox looks absolutely incredible, there are some issues that keep it away from greatness.

Get the 'F' up!

The first thing wrong here was the slow game play which is very noticeable when you're trying to get up to fight after being knock down. The game's controls are fine but it still doesn't need to be this slow. Even the quick K-Kwik is pretty slow here. Secondly you can forget about special matches like Hell in a Cell, Ladder matches, Table matches, and other crazy stuff the WWF is known for because they are not here. You just get the basics like Hardcore, Tag, Royal Rumble, Create a Wrestler, nothing we haven't seen before. Lastly the most unforgivable element to WWF RAW is the fact that superstars like Booker T, Lance Storm, DDP, RVD, Hurricane Helms, Tommy Dreamer, and more are NOT in the game despite making their appearance in the Summer of 2001, talk about a out dated roster, eh? I did like that there was guys like K-Kwik and Haku still in the line up despite the fact that K-Kwik (Ron Killings) no longer works for the WWE and he's actually the NWA/TNA World Heavyweight champion at the moment as for the other guy (Haku/Meng), he is a big 300 pound man with a giant afro. He hasn't been seen in a year and his family is worried.

Just Incredible!?

Raw for X Box is easily one of the best looking wrestling game ever made so far and that includes the newer (and also very disappointing) WWE WrestleMania X8 for the Game Cube. The intros themselves are done really well and even characters like the Hardyz and Lita have their trademark full motion video's and bouncy intro animations, some may even mistake it for live TV even?  It can look that good!  K-Kwik even does his cool dance and rapping routine before he gets to the ring. It's not all perfect though because some the animations are a little off. For example; most of the characters like Triple H and the Rock walk as though they have to go to the bathroom. The game also has some sloppy camera work too; sometimes a fan's sign may even block your view of the action as an example.

It not only looks great but Raw also has the all the 30 plus wrestler's have their complete theme sounds or tracks. Like I said before with the K-Kwickster, he actually sings his 'Rowdy' track to the ring. Even some of the sound effects are good. You have to love the booing that poor old' X-Pac gets!

"Raw or Rotten?"

Although this game has above average graphics and great music complete with the real intros, Raw is not up there with older wrestling game like WWF No Mercy for the N64.... or is that WWE now? WWF No Mercy won so many rave reviews because it features some of the WWF's 1999-2000 storylines (Raw has none), speciality matches, and well over 1,000 moves in the Create a Wrestler game. WWF Raw does deserve a rental first before you drop the fifty bucks and if you like what you played then dive right in, but be careful because the better playing N64 games still go much cheaper at $5-10 a pop. "Get Rowdy!"



overall rating: 50/100

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For 1 or 4 players
Rated (T) for Teen
graphics: 8/10
sound: 8/10
gameplay: 6/10
replay: 5/10

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