(Nintendo/H2O, September 1997)

Ever wonder what Tetris would look like in 3D? Although its been done before, in Tetrisphere it been finally done right! Believe it or not Tetrisphere was originally suppose to be an Atari Jaguar game but it got canceled when Atari started to fall apart in 1994. Besides, how many people actually own a Jaguar, eh? Tetrisphere was then introduced has a new Nintendo64 title in 1996 but despite all of the games unique features like it's awesome light sourcing graphics, cool techno music, and addictive game play, the game didn't really get a lot of hype or press because of the lack of popularity of puzzle games at the time. "I'm here to right this wrong!"

In the game you get to choose from 7 different robot character, each with their own speed and power and then select a mode to play like Rescue, Puzzle, or Versus. In the Rescue mode you have to free your friends trap inside the Tetrisphere by dropping various pieces to break up and reduce the size of the sphere, but if you waste too much time to the sphere will grow. Fortunately if you break enough pieces or you even score a combo then maybe you'll get a weapon to help destroy the some of the blocks in the way. If the sphere grows too large than you'll lose a life (you only get three lives) and your game is over.

In the puzzle game you only have so many moves to complete the level and only so much time. Some of the later levels can get really difficult. The Versus lets you fight your friend in a split screen game has you try and beat one another to the center of the sphere. There is even a training mode to learn this new form of Tetris which is a good idea for first timers.

Tetrisphere's graphics are absolutely stunning! When you try rescue a friend inside the sphere, a blight light will emit from the middle creating a very cool effect. Let's not forget about the unique 3D graphics and the rendered backgrounds and robots either. Easily one of the best looking puzzle games for any system.

The game's music is a fix between new age and techno which works great for the game's futuristic look. There are ten different soundtracks to listen to and the sound effects are also well done, so when when something important happens you'll hear it. "The graphics and music are some of the best if not the best in any Tetris game ever!"

Tetrisphere is a very additive 3D puzzle game with tons of options and well over 200 levels to master. Even if you manage to complete all the levels in the game then you could always go for the high score again giving Tetrisphere a lot of replay value then most N64 games out there. Some people may be disappointed by the fact that this game plays nothing like the original Tetris and that you can't even play the original game at all but Tetrisphere is so great on its own that you don't even need the older game here. This game is truly the Tetris of the future.



*Battery back up game

overall rating: 87/100
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For 1 or 2 players
graphics: 9/10
sound: 8/10
gameplay: 8/10
replay: 8/10

(Ryan Genno) 2008