StarSoldier1's TOP 101 video games

If websites like the OPCFG and the Flying Omelette can do it then why can't I? Introducing StarSoldier1's personal Top 101 list of the greatest and best video games of all time! This was a fun way for me to look back at the video games that I played over my 25 year history and maybe you'll agree with the picks, maybe you won't. This Top 101 list is for North American console video games only so PC titles and imports are excluded, sorry. I will aloud some complications here but only with in reason. If the complication has something new and unique to package instead of just the old games on a cheap ROM then I'll include it here. Always remember that my taste may differ from yours so if you feel differently about my line up then just email me. Let's begin the rundown, folks!

101. LUNAR 2: ETERNAL BLUE Complete (Working Designs/Game Arts, December 2000)
System: Sony Playstation
It's not everyday that we get a Role Playing game this good over here in Canada so to mark the big release the publisher of the game, Working Designs celebrated with a very special package that contains a cloth map, a music CD, a full length pendent, character stands, a making of CD, and so much more. Lunar 2 is a brilliant old school RPG with a lot effort shown in its superior design and I wish more game companies would do these special packages.

100. SAN FRANCISCO RUSH 2049 (Midway/Atari Games, 2000)
System: Nintendo 64/Sega Dreamcast
Atari Games added something totally fresh to the routine and very tired arcade racer. Instead of racing to the finish line in the shortest time possible, here in the Rush series you can find some clever short cuts, discover secret items, and who could forget about the wild jumps across the huge
US state. This third Rush gives the gamer a fun multi-player with better controls especially in shunt contests plus the new age graphics were a nice touch as well. The Dreamcast version may be better looking than the Nintendo version but it's still a great game if you have the N64.

99. LIFE FORCE (Konami, 1988)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Gradius was one of the most innovative shooters of the 80's but as good as it was Konami's Life Force here was even better. Life Force gives us new two player action, better graphics that push the NES to its limits and even the music was impressive for a game this old. Life Force sets the standard on what a good shoot em up should be.

System: Neo Geo Pocket Color
This cute but frantic game is loaded with 18 fighters (plus some hidden) from both the Capcom and SNK universes plus this Neo Geo edition as tons of simple but fun mini games not found in the others. SNK vs. Capcom MOTM on the NGPC is easily one of the best fighters you can find on a portable system.

97. KIRBY SUPER STAR (Nintendo/Hal, 1995)
System: Super Nintendo
Kirby makes his big return to the adventure scene after venturing with mini golf and puzzles. Super Star has no less then eight (some are locked at first plus there is a hidden bonus game here too) selectable games and each game has something different about it. The games involve adventure missions, 2 player tests, survival games, and a quest to find secret relic from the Nintendo universe. Kirby SS is packed with all kinds of goodies!

96. BONK'S REVENGE (Hudson Soft/Red, 1991)
System: TurboGrafx-16
The game is simple, help Bonk get revenge on the evil King Drool who still has half the moon under his control. What is Bonk's weapon? His own HEAD! Although Bonk's Adventure was a very good game, its sequel had more power ups, more secrets, and most importantly more challenge. Bonk's Revenge is an excellent action/adventure game.

95. HALO (Bungie, November 15, 2001)
System: Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft knew they had a winner when they made this a premier launch title for their Xbox and it didn't disappoint. This graphically impressive first person shooter has a unique story, tons of action, and it even supports up to 16 players for maximum carnage. If you love FPS games then Halo is a must play.

94. SPACE MEGA FORCE (Toho/Compile, 1992)
System: Super Nintendo
Imagine a shooter like Blazing Lazers on the Turbo Grafx-16 but with even better visuals, crisper sounds, and wait till you see all the weapon configurations here too. There isn't much of a story here, just blast thousands of enemies out of the sky with all the guns you could find. Space Mega Force does it all!

93. MEGA MAN II (Capcom, 1989)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Mega Man was one of the surprise hits for the NES and what better way to improve on a great game then to add more enemies, sharper looks, and even more weapons to find then ever before. Mega Man II is an excellent action game featuring everyone's favourite blue bomber and the game play is so excessable that makes it easy for anyone to get into it.

System: Neo Geo
This excellent action game features a young wizard with unique powers who challenges over 10 stages filled with deadly monsters and deadly traps. Magician Lord is not only challenging but it also has some fantastic fantasy graphics and killer sounds. Magician Lord not only has the presentation but it’s also a fun and easy to learn action game to have for the Neo Geo.

91. Star Wars ROGUE LEADER: Rogue Squadron II (Lucas Arts/Factor5,
November 18, 2001)
System: Nintendo GameCube
The sequel to the nice looking but kind of unfair Nintendo 64 game looks just like the scenes were taking out of the first three movies complete with their actual storylines. This game also has a more balanced difficulty than the first game and it helped to get the Game Cube noticed during the system's launch.

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90. WAVE RACE 64 (Nintendo, October 1996)
System: Nintendo 64
Although many gamers did not get a lot of games on the Nintendo 64 games back in 1996, there are two games that sure helped to sell the system. Nintendo's Wave Race 64 was one of them! One of the better reasons why it sold so well was that this special gem gave us unbelievable water effects that shocked the world back then. Wave Race 64's ground breaking effects can also back up the challenging game play here as well.

89. PARAPPA THE RAPPER (Sony, 1997)
System: Sony Playstation
This oddly named game may seem too weird for some gamers but if you stick with it you'll discover that it is a very original and funny rapping game with a challenging 6 levels of wacky characters and addictive game play. Parapper the Rapper also comes with some catchy music and name any other game where you have to rap your way to go the bathroom?

88. ACTIVISION ANTHOLOGY (Activision, December 2002)
System: Sony Playstation2
Here is a huge collection of 48 games from the early eighties in one huge disc! Activision not only gives us most of the games they create for the then popular Atari 2600 but they were kind enough to include all the game's instruction booklets, some real 80's rock tunes, and you can even unlock various goodies like the older TV commercials, those cool Activision patches, and more so you can see some awesome video game history! Activision Anthology makes a great buy for retro fanatics that are still out there.

87. WARIO WARE Inc. (Nintendo, May 2003)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
Wario Ware here is like no other game I ever played even though a lot of these second long mini games are very familiar. The goal is simple because you must survive several but very short mini games to earn various unlockable goodies. Wario Ware is a weird game yes, but it's still very crazy fun that's great for players of all ages.

86. CASTLEVANIA: Harmony Of Dissonance (Konami, September 2002)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
Out of the entire Game boy CastleVanias so far, this game plays and looks the most like its critical acclaimed Playstation cousin: Symphony of the Night. Harmony of Dissonance has great new controls, improved graphics over Circle of the Moon, and a huge quest across two realities. It's fun to be a CastleVania fan, eh?

85. RAIDEN PROJECT (Sony/Seibu Kaihatsu, September 9, 1995)
System: Sony Playstation
A Playstation launch title where you get two hit arcade games that are very addictive shooters with tons of carnage. Raiden II here really shows off the 2D effects of the Playstation and even though there is loads of enemies and bullets on the screen there is absolutely no slow down. This rare Playstation collection includes a wealth of options that let you edit the screen sizes so you flip the TV, you can switch between Arcade and Remixed soundtracks, and don't forget these intense games are absolutely arcade perfect so the two players are even included. The Raiden Project comes highly recommend by the Star Soldier!

System: Sony Playstation
Here is an underrated puzzle game starring super deformed Street Fighting and Dark Stalker characters! The game is simple: match up different jewels and break them at the right moment to score big combos then watch the fighters beat the heck out of one another if you do well. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo comes very recommend for puzzle freaks!

83. R TYPE (IREM, 1987, 1989)
System: Sony Playstation/TurboGrafx-16
Although this is one tough as nails video game, it's also one of the best shooters ever made as well. Each stage is totally different from one another and this is first game I know of to have used the Charge Beam weapon by holding down the fire button, a cool idea! Unlike the PC engine counterparts, this game has all 8 stages in it and is a game. R Type is a very well crafted game.

82. MARIO KART 64 (Nintendo, 1997)
System: Nintendo 64
How do you improve on a great title like Super Mario Kart? Just improve the graphics, sounds, and options to please the masses. The computer does cheat at times but it's still a pretty fun racing game much like the Super Nintendo original but now there is no split screen graphics in the one player games which I like. The game is especially fun in the addictive
2 to 4 multi-player modes where gamers have a lot to pick from. Mario Kart 64 makes a fantastic party game.

81. BIONIC COMMANDO (Capcom, November 1989)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Kill Hilter, save fellow soldier Super Joe, and use a cool bionic arm behind enemy lines. BC is very unique because you can't jump in this action/shooter platformer like in other games, as Rad Spencer you HAVE to use the bionic arm to get where you’re going in the game. This game also has an awesome ending that you have to see to believe. Bionic Commando is a must play for any NES fan!

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