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60. FINAL FANTASY IX (SquareSoft, 2000)
System: Sony Playstation
It's nice to see the Final Fantasy series return to its roots at least in medieval looks anyway. This game still plays a lot like Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation but at least now you can have four of your characters on screen at once and the graphics are even more detailed believe it or not. There is nothing too different when compared to past the Final Fantasies for the PSX but still buy it for the game's amazing story alone.

59. METROID (Nintendo, August, 1987)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Here is an awesome action gaming experience that stars Samus Aran, and lone bounty hunter on a mission to destroy the life sucking Metriods of planet Zebeth! One cool thing about Metriod is the ability to see slightly different endings depending on your performance plus if you're good enough, you can even play the game in a fun new costume. Metroid set the standard for how to do a high caliber science fiction video game right!

58. SONIC The HEDGEHOG (Sega, June 23, 1991)
System: Sega Genesis
Sonic was fast, he had a attitude, the game play was so easy to learn so anyone could master it, plus these graphics and sound still hold up even in this day and age. Although the game doesn't have the depth of a game like Super Mario Word, Sonic still superior level design and the secret bonus are actually worth playing because if you're good enough you can see a special ending. The award winning original here is still a great action game and it should be in everyone's gaming collection!

57. MARIO KART Super Circuit (Nintendo, August 2001)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
Even though the series has been around since 1993, the Mario Kart series is still the best there is in its category. The controls are right on, the graphics look amazing, the sound is there, the game has some tracks (which include some of the classic SNES tracks) and the multi player again rules! You won't regret picking this kart racer up unlike all the other copy cats out there. Mario Kart SC is almost the perfect GBA game even if you don't like racing games.

56. SUPER MARIO BROS. DELUXE (Nintendo, 1985, 1999)
System: Game boy Color
This GBC exclusive is a awesome remake of the original Super Mario Bros. from the NES and it comes with all new modes like time trials, the near complete game of Super Mario Bros. 2 (the Japanese game anyway), a VS. Mode and of course the classic game play we all know and love from 1985.
Super Mario Brothers itself is still a really fun game though that changed how we play video games. Super Mario Brothers DX is an excellent example on how to do a remake!

55. STRIDER (Sega/Capcom, 1990)
System: Sega Genesis/Sony Playstation
Strider is an absolutely amazing and action packed game (this was the first 8 Mega bit for the Sega Genesis by the way) with unbelievable anime style graphics and something new at every turn. You help a highly skilled ninja named Hiryu Strider try to save the world from an evil emperor who is hell bend on destroying civilization. The game only has 5 levels but its way better than any other Strider game out on any platform. This stylist game is a must own for the Genesis and Sony Playstation.

System: Super Nintendo
You don't see a game like this too often, uh? Here is an awesome two player adventure starring two wacky ninjas trying to rescue a princess. This great game not only has tons of side games like a quiz show, mini arcades, and even horse racing but the side scrolling action reminds me of the NES classic River City Ransom. This is a 'Goeman' game by the way for all the Japanese gamers out there.

53. STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 (Capcom, 2000)
System: Sega Dreamcast
Remember those annoying load times form the Playstation version? They're now gone here in the Dreamcast edition plus Evil Ryu and Guile are already available so you don't need to unlock them this time and the game has a three player mode as well. If all that wasn't enough the game has a huge list of 25 plus characters each with multiple fighting techniques and options. Alpha 3 is a must for any Street Fighter fan because of the huge list of features.

52. SONIC ADVENTURE (Sega, September 9, 1999)
System: Sega Dreamcast/Nintendo GameCube
Odd camera angles ruin a almost perfect game with loads of features like cool mini games, time trials tests, and six different characters each with own storyline and missions. This game has very fast game play with excellent 3D graphics and high quality music. You won't regret buying this cool action game especially if you love 3D platformers.

51. CARD FIGHTERS CLASH: Capcom Edition (SNK/Capcom, 2000)
System: Neo Geo Pocket Color
This Card game rules and I don't usually like these games! There are a possible 300 cards to win, find, and trade for across 7 different locations and each area is filled with players ready to take you on! The best part about Card Fighters here is going to battle with the top player's and finding the rare cards like the two AKUMA cards (both of which are quite formable), and the game also has a lot of secrets tricks and hidden areas too. This is a must for Neo Geo PC owners and it just may be the best Card based video game ever made!

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50. CASTLEVANIA: Aria Of Sorrow (Konami, May, 2003)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
"What the heck is this! THIS IS A CASTLEVANIA GAME, IN THE FUTURE!?" That's just what's going on in the third CastleVania for the Game boy Advance because the eternal battle to slay Count Dracula now takes place in the year 2035. When we usually think of a CastleVania game, we think 15th century
Europe and not some new age Japan setting. Don't get too worried though, this game still plays like the last two great GBA adventure games and they were already some of the best games on the system. The story was interesting, the sounds were impressive, and the list of items you can collect over this is simply outstanding.

49. REVENGE OF SHINOBI (Sega, 1990)
System: Sega Genesis
The Shinobi returns and he comes back in a big way. Revenge of Shinobi is a great 4 Meg sequel to the original Shinobi that really showed off the powers of the Genesis back in the 90's. Both the visuals and music are excellent and fits this game really well plus the game is really challenging too. The second Shinobi game is highly recommend if you haven't played it already.

System: Nintendo Virtual Boy
If the good graphics, spot on controls, and sound effects weren't enough but there is a save feature built in to record high scores for better replay value. I still recommend you take a break after a few minutes of playing as does Nintendo since this is a Virtual Boy game after all but I could still play the game for hours on end. Galactic Pinball is the best video pinball game I've ever played. PERIOD!

47. SATURN BOMBERMAN (Hudson Soft, 1997)
System: Sega Saturn
If you loved the Bomberman games on the TurboGrafx-16 and Super Nintendo then wait till you play this version. Saturn Bomberman has a crazy new storyline, a fun new test mode, and if you have a few multi-taps ready then why not try out the spectacular multi-player game that supports an amazing 10 players at once. Blowing up your friends can be a lot of fun!

46. SHINING FORCE II (Sega/Camelot, 1994)
System: Sega Genesis
It's simple, it's easy to play and it's very addictive too. "What more can you ask for in a game?" The second Shining Force is a great sequel to the original tactic/RPG because it has an even better story with even more playable characters. This game series is so underrated so be sure to buy it now if you can!

45. GRANDIA II (UBI Soft, December 2000)
System: Sega Dreamcast
I really didn't like the first Grandia for the Sony Playstation all that much but this sequel rocks! Your rough around the edges main character (Ryuko) is hired to guard a young woman in an unknown mission to a strange tower but things go horribly wrong. The graphics are quite smooth and the story really draws you in (it also has a more adult theme to it than the original Grandia). Grandia II is another outstanding RPG on the Sega Dreamcast.

44. GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 (Rockstar, October 2001)
System: Sony Playstation2/Microsoft Xbox
Now the GTA series goes into the true 3D virtual world like Nintendo's Super Mario 64, while keeping it's edgy game play that it's creators in so much trouble. Steal Cars, Taxi's, Trucks, Cop cars, and even giant Tanks to complete your various missions (usually you have to wrack somebody by chasing them downtown while avoiding the cops or something). Although not as smooth looking as say Gran Turismo 3, there is so much more you can do than that driving game that it blows the mind! This game lets you be a criminal for hire and not go to jail for it. One of the surprise hits of Playstation2 titles of the 2001 holiday season.

System: Sony Playstation2
Take one of the most technical fighting games on the planet and then add an intriguing quest mode that can let edit your characters in fun new ways then you have this spectacular one on one fighter. Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution gives you 15 fighters, hundreds of moves, multiple styles, retro secrets and a lot more all at a greatest hits price!

42. PHANTASY STAR IV: The end of the Millennium (Sega, 1994)
System: Sega Genesis
I really enjoyed playing this awesome game from beginning to end and I wanted more after the game was finally completed. The graphics were awesome, the music was still good, the battles were fun, the game was never too slow, and there were even cameos and info from past games of the series which was great for me because I played them all. Part 4 is a great edition to the legendary series.

System: Sony Playstation2
The Final Fantasy series now enters a new generation of consoles with their jump to ten. You must help a young man named Tidus with his new friends to unlock the mysteries surrounding their universe that's now in utter chaos thanks to a giant water beast called Sin. Sure, it's a bit more linear this time but it's still a great looking and addictive RPG that should keep out busy for weeks or even months!

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