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TOP 20
These should be no surprises, I hope

20. SUPER MARIO WORLD (Nintendo, September 1991)
System: Super Nintendo
There's so much to see and do; it's definitely going to take awhile to get the infamous full 96%. You must help Mario and Luigi free
Dinosaur Island from King Bowser's evil rule. You don't have to do it alone because now you can get some help from your new friend; Yoshi. The game as tons of secrets just waiting to be discovered and these secrets can open new paths which will create a more non linear quest. SMW is so big and so complex that it makes the game a must play! Not bad for the first ever Super Nintendo title, eh?

19. PANZER DRAGOON SAGA (Sega, April 1998)
System: Sega Saturn
Out of all the games in the Top 101, Panzer Dragoon Saga may be the rarest? Sega expands its popular Panzer Dragoon shooting series with this amazing and very rare Role Playing adventure. You play the role of a young boy named Edge and his mysterious dragon friend which finds him after all his team of workers were killed after discovering a girl in suspended animation. Can you get your revenge and who is this strange girl that the Imperial army is fighting for? What sets PDS apart from other Role Playing Games is that you can circle around your opponent which may or may not affect your damage. Panzer Dragoon Saga is a great 4 disc set that's has takes you to a whole new world.

18. SUPER SMASH BROS. Melee (Nintendo/Hal, December 2001)
System: Nintendo GameCube
This is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Nintendo 64 action fighter: Super Smash Brothers. It's still the fun and crazy fighter that most of us all know and love, but now the GameCube game version is packed with even more fighters, more one player interesting games, even more multi-player options, and tons of cool bonus stuff too. Don't forget the graphical and sound improvement thanks to the power of the Nintendo GameCube itself. If you liked the first Smash Bros. then you're going to love the Gamecube version here! SSBM has almost unlimited replay value thanks to the loads of secrets like those 290 trophies, hidden battle stages, and more. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a must for any one with a GC and especially anybody who's a diehard Nintendo fan. "You got it all right here!"

17. TETRIS DX (Nintendo, September 1999)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance

One of the coolest mind testing video games ever gets the improvements it needed on the small screen! Tetris DX is now even more competitive than ever thanks in part to the new save option that records your top three scores for every speed and level right to the game pak. The various new modes also help to add to the replay value too here. If you love Tetris then this is ONE to get and this is highly recommend for any Game boy owner.

16. DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2 (Nintendo/Rare, December 1995)
System: Super Nintendo
My favourite of the popular DKC games because it has both
Dixie and Diddy Kong in it and there are the best ones of the Kong's family in my opinion. Help Diddy Kong rescue the kidnapped Donkey Kong from the rotten King Drool (who is dressed up like a pirate) and prove to the old Cranky Kong that he can become a real hero. What makes this big sequel so appealing is the ability to find all the secret things like bonus stages, DK tokens, Kerm coins. Can you get the hidden ending here? Donkey Kong Country 2 has all of the key ingredients to make an excellent video game.

15. SOUL CALIBUR II (Namco, August 26 2003)
System: Microsoft Xbox/Nintendo GameCube
This medieval fighter is a one on one hack and slash adventure to find the legendary Soul Edge, a sinister sword that is filled scary powers. Joining the SC II crew is the warriors Raphael, Talim, Yunsung, and Cassandra. Although this game isn't a huge leap over the awesome Dreamcast adventure, this is still a must have title because of all the new multiple weapons, secret characters, and incredible depth.

14. LEGEND OF ZELDA: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest (Nintendo, November 24 1998, February 2003)
System: Nintendo GameCube
The original Nintendo 64 classic sold millions of copies around the world and everything but did many of you get a chance to play this special GameCube release? This limited edition disc not only includes the Ocarina of Time but it also has the slightly altered Master Quest game that changes a few things in the first title. Although the changes in the new Zelda here are minor both games are very addictive adventures across two different time periods. This little disc is an excellent example on how to do a remake.

13. ANIMAL CROSSING (Nintendo, summer 2002)
System: Nintendo GameCube
So what's AC main draw here? You basically get the chance to live in your own in your virtual town with its own virtual citizens, plus if that wasn't enough the game even plays in real time so your actions or inactions will effect what goes on in the game. This game also comes packed with about 20 real NES classics and the game will even save your high scores to a memory card (remember that this game comes with a free memory card too). AC is such a very interesting simulation game with lots to do and discover.

GRAND THEFT AUTO Vice City (Rockstar games, October 2002)
System: Sony Playstation2
"Hey, remember the eighties!?" This is a lot like Rockstar's earlier Grand Theft Auto III but now you're fighting for life in the 1980's. The game has over 100 vehicles, over 50 sound tracks, over 70 missions, and so much more. Grand Theft Auto VC is one of the biggest video games I ever played.

11. CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY (Nintendo/Rare ware, March 6, 2001)
System: Nintendo 64
Conker's Bad Fur Day was originally suppose to be a super ultra cute adventure that's not too different from a Super Mario 64 or a Banjo Kazooie but fortunately for us, Rare had a change of heart and the game was released as a foul-mouthed, beer drinking, gun shooting, adults-only oriented game. Conker's BFD had a killer multi-player game with all sorts of themes and who could forget the fun one player game where you can put out your fire enemies with your own..........you know.


Here are the final ten and why they are my favourites. All I can say now is let the hate mail begin!

10. Y'S BOOK I & II (Hudson Soft/Falcom, 1990)
System: TurboGrafx-16 CD
Why is it here: Although most Role Playing sequels take place a hundred or so years after the events in the last game, here in this Turbo CD adventure however, both stories flow into one other so well it feels like you're getting one grand RPG in one huge package. This game has above average anime style graphics, absolutely incredible music, and easy to learn play mechanics. Y's book I & II is an awesome tale about a lost land and its history enclosed in 6 mysterious books.

PHANTASY STAR (Sega, 1988)
System: Sega Master System
Why is it here: I still can't believe a role playing game this amazing was created way back in 1988! This Sega Master System classic has 3 dimensional dungeons, a unique cast of characters, and a very challenging quest across 3 different planets. The game even has graphics that still hold their own in a polygon world. Phantasy Star is engaging 50+ hour quest for revenge and it’s definitely a must for Role Playing fans!

8. CASTLEVANIA: Symphony Of The Night (Konami, June 1997)
System: Sony Playstation
Why is it here: At first this Castlevania starts off fairly normally as you control a Belmont warrior who is out to kill Dracula but as you see the Dark Lord get defeated by Richter Belmont, the game then advances 4 years where Dracula's castle suddenly appears once again but Richter is no where to be found this time. Instead of playing like the older Castlevania games from the NES era, Symphony of the Night has some all new Role Playing features because instead of playing the role of a traditional Belmont, you play the role of Alucard: Dracula's very own rebellious son. The game is loaded with secrets, weapons, relics, sidekicks, and it even has multiple endings. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night should keep action/adventure/rpg fans very happy.

7. WWF NO MERCY (THQ/Asmik/Aki, November 15, 2000)
System: Nintendo 64
Why is it here: I usually don't like sports video games but there is one exception to the rule for me. Since I'm a wrestling fan, I played many of these types of games over the years. WWF No Mercy isn't only the best wrestling I ever played thanks to the excellent story modes and dead on control but it also a killer multi-player title as well. WWF No Mercy may just the perfect wrestling game and even though it was released late 2000 it still has yet to be topped!

6. Super Mario Advance 4 SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 (Nintendo, February 1990, October 2003)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System/Game boy Advance
Why is it here: How do you improve on great games like Super Mario Brothers and 2? Just add more stuff!" Part 3 has cool new power ups that lets you fly, turn into stone, and you can throw hammer like some of your rival Koppas can. If all that wasn't enough Mario 3 is a huge 8 level game that's also a fun two player game. In the 2003 Game boy release you can now add more levels to the quest via E-reader or play a Mario Brothers multi-player. Super Mario Brothers 3 is simply jammed packed!

5. SONIC & KNUCKLES (Sega, October 18, 1994)
System: Sega Genesis
Why Sonic and Knuckles? Although this Sega game had to go head to head with Rare's Donkey Kong Country in the fall of 1994 and got beat up pretty bad, this Sonic title still had something very unique about it especially for a console video game. Sonic and Knuckles is one of the few games that's compatible with other games thanks to its very innovative 'Lock On technology' feature, if you finish the main S & K game then why not place another Sonic on the top there to increase the replay value? You can do all sort of cool things like play as the sneaky Knuckles in Sonic 2, play a huge combined adventure with Sonic 3, plus you can even play some secret bonus stages if you find the right cartridge. This is a very cool idea by Sega and I wish more companies would do this sort of thing. Sonic & Knuckles can be combined with either Sonic 2 or 3 to create the ultimate high-octane Hedgehog experience and how many other games can say that?

4. LEGEND OF ZELDA (Nintendo, 1987)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Why is it here: The very first Zelda adventure sure may not look like much but as Zelda games go, the first is still the best because once you complete the amazing main quest, you can then try the harder second quest where some the important locations are now in different areas. I was very disappointed when Nintendo took out the idea of the 'second quest' in the other Zelda sequels because once you fully a Zelda game on the N64 for example: all you can do is hit reset after the credits are finished. The original Legend of Zelda is a quest that has brilliant level design, smooth controls, plus the adventure here is so well balanced that it will test anyone. This is a Legend without question!

3. The GUARDIAN LEGEND (Borderbond/Irem/Compile, April 1989)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Why Guardian Legend? I was very weary of the game myself when I first saw the strange and generic cover art plus what's the deal with the odd name? The moment I first played it, however, The Guardian Legend captivated me from beginning to end. This action game has it all because not only is the game great as a adventure/quest that will test your mind thanks to the multiple puzzles but the Guardian Legend is also a very intense shoot em up that's filled our desire to kill anything that moves. Why are there not more impressive and intense titles like The Guardian Legend out there? Truly a one of a kind!

2. FINAL FANTASY VII (Square, September 9, 1997)
System: Sony Playstation
Why Final Fantasy 7? All the previous and future Final Fantasies were great Role Playing Games but it was part 7 that changed the way we look at video games forever. Sure the game had some incredible graphics thanks to the over the top CGI, awesome art, and excellent design but FF7 also has very deep game play thanks to the advance Materia magic system and don't forget that superior story line which backed it up. That's not all for game features because there several other bonus extras that put this title over like all the racing contests (on a snowboard, funny looking bird, or even a motorbike), the 50 plus soundtracks, and who could forget the fun and sometimes weird dating simulation with the some of game's characters like Aeris or Tifa. Final Fantasy VII is an epic like no other!

1. WARIO'S WOODS (Nintendo, 1994)
System: Super Nintendo
WHAT THE HECK!!? Wario's Woods!? Don't knock it till you try it that's all I'll say because this relatively unheard of video game may be odd, weird, low budget, and all of that stuff but the game here also combines the elements from both an action platformer and a puzzler to create something truly incredible and clever. Once you learn how to play this game, Wario's Woods is perhaps the most addictive video game in existence thanks to the game's handy time trial and 2 player modes. Can anyone beat my best time of
1:21 for the difficulty of Hard 2R? How far can you get in the One Player Round Table quest? Are you quick enough to earn all three of the Gold awards? Wario's Woods can test you so many ways. Since the replay value is off the charts here and that's good enough for me to name it my favourite video game of all time!

There you have it, 101 video games that rocked my own sick little world! Sadly when I created this big project here, there were a lot of great games that could not even make the list. Here are just a few games that deserve a Honourable Mention:
Actraiser, Bust a Move 99, Demon's Crest, Dragon Warrior IV, Goldeneye, River City Ransom, Thunder Force III, Gran Turismo 3, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Streets of Rage, Super Star Soldier, Tempest 2000, Ogre Battle 64, Popfulmail, Rayman 2, The Simpsons: Hit and Run, Sonic R, Wario World.

There are so many other great video games still out there that I wished I had more time to play but you know how it is, eh? It sucks how life can get in the way some times because even with all the amount of money and time I have invested in video games, I still haven't had the chance to really play some of the bigger hits like Chrono Cross, Herzog Zwei, Final Fantasy X-2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Tempest 3000, and so many more. Maybe I'll do another Top 101 video games a few years from now but until then I hope you enjoyed this edition to celebrate my 4 year anniversary.

It's not over yet! Here's more popular Top Ten lists.

TOP 10 gaming systems
There are so many game machines out there; here are some my favourites in case you were wondering.

10. Xbox
This newcomer here is a great party system with impressive online capibilities.
9. Neo Geo Pocket Color
This system is not only a great organizer but you can play several great games on it too.
8. Turbo Duo
The Duo is a TurboGrafx-16, Turbo CD, and Super CD system all in one!
7. PSone Combo
With this great deal you get the mega popular Playstation and a 5 inch LCD screen which acts as a TV.
6. N64
Here is another Nintendo legend that re-introduced the Analog controller and some would argue the party game as well.
5. Game boy SP
Currently this tiny little thing is the ultimate portable gaming thanks to its easy to see screen and unique battery power.
4. Super Nintendo
Nintendo's sequel to the popular NES features its own list of ground breaking titles plus this system helped to get the 3D revolution off and running thanks to games like Star Fox.
3. Sega CDX
This rare little beauty plays Sega Genesis games, Sega CD games, and it will even play CD's on the go. This is a great package for gamers.
2. Playstation 2
How do you improve on a great system like the Playstation? Add something called the emotion engine and give us a free DVD drive too! This also plays almost of the original Playstation One games too so buying a PS2 is a safe bet for the hardcore video game player.
1. NES2
This system had a very difficult task if it wanted to be successful in the then dead video game market of 1985 but thanks to its superior design and great games, the NES was able to breed a whole new video game age to a new generation of players from around the world. The NES era really set of standard for great games and the NES 2 is even better then the original because this top loader baby works on the fly.

TOP 10 gaming soundtracks
Video games have come a long way and many great games have produced some of the best music I ever heard. Here is just of the best soundtracks you'll hear in the gaming world in my point of view.

Tekken 3 (PSone)
Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PSone)
Secret of Mana (SNES)
Super Star Soldier (TG-16)
Revenge of Shinobi (Gen)
Y's Book I & II (TG-16 CD)
Tempest 2000 or X3 (multiple)
Star Fox (SNES)
Grand Theft Auto III (multiple)
Final Fantasy VII (PSone)
All of the other FF games had great musical scores, but it was FF7 that had the best music in my humble opinion.

TOP 10 worst games of all time
Here are ten of the biggest losers I ever had the misfortunate of playing.

Sword Quest Fire World (Atari, 2600)
Stretch Panic (Treasure, PS2)
Double Dragon (Activision, 2600)
Silent Service (Ultra, NES)
Barn Storming (Activision, 2600)
Pro Cast Sports Fishing (Capcom, Xbox)
Mario's Early Years: Fun with letter (Nintendo, SNES)
Electronic Table Soccer (Odyssey2)
Final Approach (2600)
Urban Champion-E (Nintendo, Ereader)
No score, no challenge, no two player mode, no point to continue playing! Who knew that my least favourite game would be a Nintendo game, eh?

TOP 10 biggest disappointments
Although many of these games are pretty bad just like the top 10 worse list, these games however were expected to be big hits after all their original hype and major press. Needless to say there have been a few nasty train wrecks in this industry.

Shaq Fu (EA, SNES)
EA actually took out 5 characters in the Sega Genesis version to ensure this would be extra crappy. Why EA, WHY!?
Blaster Master 2 (Sunsoft, Sega Genesis)
The new overhead levels suck! You owe me one Sunsoft!
Pit Fighter (THQ, SNES)
THQ really left a sour taste in my mouth after delivering this ugly fighting game. Who was the moron that ported this one?
Sword Quest Earth World (Atari, 2600)
Anyone expecting the next Atari Adventure were very disappointed in this mess of a game.
Double Dragon 3 (Acclaim, Game boy)
Who doesn't love beating up thugs in the streets? Sadly, this series nearly dies off after horrible translations like this.
Super Pitfall (Activision, NES)
We all loved the Atari 2600 edition but this game was nothing more then a second rate Super Mario clone. This is bad video game sequel 101, baby!
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (Core, Sony Playstation2)
Lara Croft's chest may finally be on the PS2 but it's too bad they forgot about the game play. This sloppy game is as fake as Lara's boobs.
E.T. (Atari, 2600)
Take one of the biggest movies of all time and then make one of the tedious video games ever. It didn't sell nearly as well as Atari had hoped but it did become one of the biggest disasters of all time so congratulations are in order.
Total Recall (Acclaim, NES)
You have a big movie license with a huge star (so famous he would be California Governor) in what should make for a great NES action game, what could go wrong? EVERYTHING!
Pac Man (Atari, 2600)
Atari wanted to sell over 20 million of these cartridges but nobody wanted to play or pay for this rushed project. That goes to do show you that the business side Atari in the 1982 knew nothing about video games. I loved the original Pac Man but this was nothing like it.

-StarSoldier1 (Ryan Genno)
December 2003