Germen dictator Adolf Hilter makes a cameo appearence in a NES game!?

It's more than a great game! It's a history leason!

Adolf Hilter is easily one of history's most hated men, but I had no clue who guy was until I played a little game called Bionic Commando for the Nintendo Entertainment System! "Spoiler Alert!!" I was around 14 at the time and I was showing a friend how to beat Capcom's Bionic Commando, I was on level 12 (the final level) and I successfully passed all the dangers to meet with the head general who was just suddenly zapped and killed off by a man in suspended animation, naturally the man now wakes up to confront me. My friend then said: "It's Adolf Hilter!" and I said: "who?" I later then learned who this Hilter guy was in High school and sure enough the man in Bionic Commando (named Mr. D in the game) looked just like the German dictator.

Who said all NES games are too soft! Here Mr. D's head explodes in a great but still gruesome fashion in a unforgettable NES moment.

The leader of the sinister Nazis empire that fuelled World War II and killed over 10 million people in mass genocides was in a kid's video game......... hard to believe but true. In Japan, the game even had Hilter on the cover art and the enemies were called the Nazis. Although Nintendo of America didn't approve Capcom to use the Nazis references the US version of Bionic Commando only the names and minor graphic detail were removed. I should also note you have to see the ending to this game because you get the chance to kill Hilter himself! Yeah, I'm not lying! The game Bionic Commando itself is amazing. Moving to the game itself the hero, Rad Spencer, has a cool bionic claw to reach high places or to swing to different areas. The whole World War II look of the game here was just a added bonus. Bionic Commando is quickly more popular and is getting even harder to find in the NES discount bins, so don't miss it.

Conclusion: Find it:

You damn right old man!

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