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VideoGames101 Controversies
Sex, money, violence, greed, and lawsuits! We all read about it in the rags but it all happens in the billion dollar video game industry too. Here are some just of the greatest scandals and stories to ever come out of the very competitive sales of video games.

Adult games released for the Atari 2600!?

All your base are belong to Zero Wing!?

The first ever Adults Only video game!

Germen dictator Adolf Hilter makes a cameo appearance in a NES game!?

Joe Lieberman wants to give a Fatality to Mortal Kombat!?

Same sex video game?

Sega's censors Nude girls from a third party company game!

Square and Nintendo: The break up!

The Great Video Game Market Crash of 1983-1984!

The outlawed NES Tetris Nintendo doesn't want you to have!