Joe Lieberman wants to give a Fatality to Mortal Kombat!?

Midway's Mortal Kombat was one of the few video games that dared to go head to head with the then current champ Street Fighter II in 1992. Mortal Kombat was a solid it for Midway and it enjoyed great success and why wouldn't it, uh? It had great looking digital graphics, realistic sounds, and it had more excessive blood and violence than any other game out there at the time. Remember how cool it was when you learned about those finishing moves for the first time? It was possible to do stuff like rip the head and spine off your opponent's body, burn your enemy to a chard skeleton, and other cool things. Although gamers were cheering at the fact that you could dismember and watch violence in games like Mortal Kombat, Night Trap, John Madden 93 (yeah, some people actually think this is violent because of the tackles), and more of them but as video games were getting more and more realistic this was not looking too well to some people in political office.

Here's one of my drawing of Mortal Kombat and I just had to draw some good old blood too with the work!

Senators Joe Lieberman and Herbert Kohl were getting sick of the whole thing and they wanted to ban all violent video games altogether in 1993 if something wasn't done about it. Fearing lawsuits, the video game industry as a whole (Sega, Nintendo, and everybody else) agreed and decided to adopt a video game rating system. Besides a all out ban so Mortal Kombat could come to the home markets but there would be small rating at the bottom of the case to warn the buyers of it's violence. Senator Joe Lieberman is still a mission to clean up the industry and it's a scary thought to think that this guy was almost Vice President for the US.

Sadly, United States Senators were not the only ones who were concerned about Mortal Kombat's .... well, realism. Nintendo was fairly strict about their products so therefore a game of theirs could not contain blood (Street Fighter II had orange blood), religious stuff (Super CastleVania IV had the Christian crosses missing..... that's harsh), Nazis symbols (Wolfinstien 3D had none of those four way death signs here for the SNES game) and some other things that were just too controversial. This meant that the Super Nintendo and Gameboy versions of Mortal Kombat would have to be censored. The Super Nintendo had the red blood taken out and replaced with sweat and you could still perform Fatalities but you can forget about any decapitations because guys like Sub Zero and Johnny Cage have their death moves altered. The Sega versions were censored in a way but thanks to a special code player could access the arcade like gore easily and it the Sega games greatly outsold the Nintendo MK's by a wide margin.

A year later Nintendo would learn it's lesson and the even more popular sequel, Mortal Kombat II, was completely uncensored this time and so was the Sega Genesis (no codes needed) game. The rating system actually helped to make more violent games more available thanks to the new categories. Now we can almost have any type of games we want without the worry of heavy censorship so blood is now welcome for video gaming! "God bless

Here's the Genesis blood code: ABACABB at opening code screen.

Liu Kang fatality
Spinning double kick
can be done from any distance
360 degree spin (can use the Block to stop from jumping)

Johnny Cage fatality
Uppercut the head off there body
Close distance
Forward, Forward, Forward, and High Punch

Kano fatality
Rip out the heart
Back, Back, and Low Punch

Raiden fatality
Lightning destroys head
Close distance
Forward, Back, Back, Back, and High Punch

Scorpion fatality
Your fired!
Stand about sweeping distance
hold Block then press Up, Up

Sub-Zero fatality
Pull out the head and spine
Close distance
Forward, Down, Forward, and High Punch

Sonya fatality
Kiss of death
Far away
Forward, Forward, Back, Back, and Block

Conclusion: Find it:

We're all Winners! F,F,F, LK

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