Bad the grammar it on this video game!

"All your base are belong to us." "All Your Base Are Belong To Us!" "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!" OK, maybe you noticed that sentence doesn't make too much scent, eh? This text was found from the old 1992 Mega Drive (the Sega Genesis in Europe) game called Zero Wing, an standard shooter by the legendary game makers Toaplan (makers of Twin Cobra, Truxton, and many others). Although the real arcade game didn't have any type of story to it, the Sega game had a weird intro that starts off with some odd ball story line that features some of the worse Japanese to English translation ever in any video game.

The real story involves a space pirate named Cats who has taking over all of the military bases of Milky Way Federation. The Federation Captain launches the ZIG-01 star ship as a last resort to combat Cats evil forces. The Anime cut scenes look OK and all but when the characters talk text, most of the sentences are broken up pretty badly. You see very unusual sentences like "Somebody set us up the bomb." (translation: Somebody set us up, there's a bomb!), "What you say!" (translation: What are you saying!?), and "For great justice" (translation........... sorry, I can't figure that one out, folks?).

Maybe you heard this now infamous statement before, uh? It's on web sites, it's in music videos, and I even saw it in the WWF pay per view WrestleMania X7 from a fan's sign. IT'S EVERYWHERE NOW! What was once a very forgettable game from the early 90's is now one of most sought after games in Mega Drive history, thanks to it's confusing wording structure. Even though the game was only released in Europe, my copy of Zero Wing was still able to work on my Sega CDX, so there is a pretty good chance that this European game will work on most North American units. Zero Wing your should belong buy get to you. Badd Grommer rulzz!

Conclusion: Find it:

This is what the game looks like if you decide to look for it?

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