StarSoldier1's TOP 101 video games

If websites like the OPCFG and the Flying omelette can do it then why can't I? Introducing StarSoldier1's personal Top 101 list of the greatest video games of all time! This was a fun way for me to look back at the best video games that I played over my 25 year history and maybe you'll agree with the picks, maybe you won't. This Top 101 list is for North American console video games only so PC titles and imports are excluded, sorry. I will aloud some complications here but only with in reason. If the complication has something new and unique to package instead of just the old games on a cheap ROM then I'll include it here. Always remember that my taste may differ from yours so if you feel differently about my line up then just email me. Let's begin the rundown, folks!

101. LUNAR 2: ETERNAL BLUE Complete (Working Designs/Game Arts, December 2000)
System: Sony Playstation
It's not everyday that we get a Role Playing game this good over here in Canada so to mark the big release the publisher of the game, Working Designs celebrated with a very special package that contains a cloth map, a music CD, a full length pendent, character stands, a making of CD, and so much more. Lunar 2 is a brilliant old school RPG with a lot effort shown in its superior design and I wish more game companies would do these special packages.

100. SAN FRANCISCO RUSH 2049 (Midway/Atari Games, 2000)
System: Nintendo 64/Sega Dreamcast
Atari Games added something totally fresh to the routine and very tired arcade racer. Instead of racing to the finish line in the shortest time possible, here in the Rush series you can find some clever short cuts, discover secret items, and who could forget about the wild jumps across the huge
US state. This third Rush gives the gamer a fun multi-player with better controls especially in shunt contests plus the new age graphics were a nice touch as well. The Dreamcast version may be better looking than the Nintendo version but it's still a great game if you have the N64.

99. LIFE FORCE (Konami, 1988)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Gradius was one of the most innovative shooters of the 80's but as good as it was Konami's Life Force here was even better. Life Force gives us new two player action, better graphics that push the NES to its limits and even the music was impressive for a game this old. Life Force sets the standard on what a good shoot em up should be.

System: Neo Geo Pocket Color
This cute but frantic game is loaded with 18 fighters (plus some hidden) from both the Capcom and SNK universes plus this Neo Geo edition as tons of simple but fun mini games not found in the others. SNK vs. Capcom MOTM on the NGPC is easily one of the best fighters you can find on a portable system.

97. KIRBY SUPER STAR (Nintendo/Hal, 1995)
System: Super Nintendo
Kirby makes his big return to the adventure scene after venturing with mini golf and puzzles. Super Star has no less then eight (some are locked at first plus there is a hidden secret bonus game here too) selectable games and each game has something different about it. The games involve adventure missions, 2 player tests, survival games, and a quest to find secret relic from the Nintendo universe. Kirby SS is packed with all kinds of goodies!

96. BONK'S REVENGE (Hudson Soft/Red, 1991)
System: TurboGrafx-16
The game is simple, help Bonk get revenge on the evil King Drool who still has half the moon under his control. What is Bonk's weapon? His own HEAD! Although Bonk's Adventure was a very good game, its sequel had more power ups, more secrets, and most importantly more challenge. Bonk's Revenge is an excellent action/adventure game.

95. HALO (Bungie, November 15, 2001)
System: Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft knew they had a winner when they made this a premier launch title for their Xbox and it didn't disappoint. This graphically impressive first person shooter has a unique story, tons of action, and it even supports up to 16 players for maximum carnage. If you love FPS games then Halo is a must play.

94. SPACE MEGA FORCE (Toho/Compile, 1992)
System: Super Nintendo
Imagine a shooter like Blazing Lazers on the Turbo Grafx-16 but with even better visuals, crisper sounds, and wait till you see all the weapon configurations here too. There isn't much of a story here, just blast thousands of enemies out of the sky with all the guns you could find. Space Mega Force does it all!

93. MEGA MAN II (Capcom, 1989)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Mega Man was one of the surprise hits for the NES and what better way to improve on a great game then to add more enemies, sharper looks, and even more weapons to find then ever before. Mega Man II is an excellent action game that's easy to get into.

System: Neo Geo
This excellent action game features a young wizard with unique powers who challenges over 10 stages filled with deadly monsters and deadly traps. Magician Lord is not only challenging but it also has some fantastic fantasy graphics and killer sounds. Magician Lord not only has the presentation but it’s also a fun and easy to learn action game to have for the Neo Geo.

91. Star Wars ROGUE LEADER: Rogue Squadron II (Lucas Arts/Factor5,
November 18, 2001)
System: Nintendo GameCube
The sequel to the nice looking but kind of unfair Nintendo 64 game looks just like the scenes were taking out of the first three movies complete with their actual storylines. This game also has a more balanced difficulty than the first game and it helped to get the Game Cube noticed during the system's launch.

TOP 90

90. WAVE RACE 64 (Nintendo, October 1996)
System: Nintendo 64
Although many gamers did not a lot of games on the Nintendo 64 games back in 1996, there are two games that sure helped to sell the system. Nintendo's Wave Race 64 was one of them! One of the better reasons why it sold so well was that this special gem gave us unbelievable water effects that shocked the world back then. Wave Race 64's ground breaking effects can also back up the challenging game play here as well.

89. PARAPPA THE RAPPER (Sony, 1997)
System: Sony Playstation
This oddly named game may seem too weird for some gamers but if you stick with it you'll discover that it is a very original and funny rapping game with a challenging 6 levels of wacky characters and addictive game play. Parapper the Rapper also comes with some catchy music and name any other game where you have to rap your way to go the bathroom?

88. ACTIVISION ANTHOLOGY (Activision, December 2002)
System: Sony Playstation2
Here is a huge collection of 48 games from the early eighties in one huge disc! Activision not only gives us most of the games they create for the then popular Atari 2600 but they were kind enough to include all the game's instruction booklets, some real 80's rock tunes, and you can even unlock various goodies like the older TV commercials, those cool Activision patches, and more so you can see some awesome video game history! Activision Anthology makes a great buy for retro fanatics that are still out there.

87. WARIO WARE MICRO GAME$ (Nintendo, May 2003)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
Wario ware is like no other game I ever played even though a lot of these second long mini games are very familiar. The goal is simple because you must survive several but very short mini games to earn various unlockable goodies. Wario Ware is a weird game yes, but it's still very crazy fun that's great for players of all ages.

86. CASTLEVANIA: Harmony Of Dissonance (Konami, September, 2002)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
Out of all the Game boy CastleVanias, this game plays and looks the most like its critical acclaimed Playstation cousin: Symphony of the Night. Harmony of Dissonance has great new controls, improved graphics over Circle of the Moon, a huge quest across two realities. It's fun to be a CastleVania fan, eh?

85. RAIDEN PROJECT (Sony/Seibu Kaihatsu, September 9, 1995)
System: Sony Playstation
A Playstation launch title where you get two hit arcade games that are very additive shooters with tons of carnage. Raiden II really shows off the 2D effects of the Playstation and even though there is loads of enemies and bullets on the screen there is absolutely no slow down. This rare Playstation collection includes a wealth of options that let you edit the screen sizes so you flip the TV, you can switch between Arcade and Remixed soundtracks, and don't forget these intense games are absolutely arcade perfect so the two players are even included. The Raiden Project comes highly recommend by the Star Soldier!

System: Sony Playstation
Here is an underrated puzzle game starring super deformed Street Fighting and Dark Stalker characters! The game is simple: match up different jewels and break them at the right moment to score big combos then watch the fighters beat the heck out of one another if you do well. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo comes very recommend for puzzle freaks!

83. R TYPE (IREM, 1987, 1989)
System: Sony Playstation/TurboGrafx-16
Although this is one tough as nails video game, it's also one of the best shooters ever made as well. Each stage is totally different from one another and this is first game I know of to have used the Charge Beam weapon by holding down the fire button, a cool idea! Unlike the PC engine counterparts, this game has all 8 stages in it and is a game. R Type is a very well crafted game.

82. MARIO KART 64 (Nintendo, 1997)
System: Nintendo 64
How do you improve on a great title like Super Mario Kart? Just improve the graphics, sounds, options to please the masses. The computer does cheat at times but it's still a pretty fun racing game much like the Super Nintendo original but now there is no split screen graphics in the one player games which I like. The game is especially fun in the addictive
2 to 4 multi-player modes. Mario Kart 64 makes a fantastic party game.

81. BIONIC COMMANDO (Capcom, November 1989)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Kill Hilter and use a cool, new bionic arm behind enemy lines. BC is very unique because you can't jump in this action/shooter platformer like in other games, as Rad Spencer you HAVE to use the bionic arm to get where you’re going in the game. This game also has an awesome ending that you have to see to believe. Bionic Commando is a must play for any NES fan! Click here for a true story on this great game.

TOP 80

80. LEGEND OF ZELDA: The Wind Waker (Nintendo, March 26, 2003)
System: Nintendo GameCube
Zelda comes to a new generation of players and not only that but we also get another great quest that takes a lot of commitment to complete. With that being said, don't forget that this game may look cute but this is also a Zelda game too so those crazy puzzles are rampart here and the Wind Waker is not a very good game for the casual player. All other players who like deep adventure games should buy this new Zelda without hesitation.

79. POKEMON: RED OR BLUE (Nintendo/Game freak, 1998)
System: Nintendo Game boy
You can say all you want about the Pokemon franchise but there is no denying that training and finding 150 different pocket monsters was a great idea for a Role Playing Game. Each creature has their own abilities and they can even gain experience but fighting other monsters. The amount of depth in the Pokemon titles is impressive especially if you consider these titles were targeted to a younger audience.

78. METAL SLUG 2nd MISSION (SNK, 2000)
System: Neo Geo Pocket Color
Another great NGPC game with lots to do and lots to see (not to mention shoot). What makes this different then the first game is that now you have the option to pick from either a man or women this time and each character as a different set of weapons and story lines. This is the only platform shooter that dares challenges Contra's legacy and it has already beaten the Playstation Contras and that includes that over hyped PS2 game as well.

77. PROJECT GOTHAM RACING (Bizarre Creations, November 15, 2001)
System: Microsoft Xbox
This racing game adds something new to the tired old trend, instead of racing for the best times you race for something called Kudos points which grades you on your power slides. Project Gotham Racing is a very interesting racing game with some very realistic graphics!

76. WWE RAW 2 (THQ/Anchor, September 2003)
System: Microsoft Xbox
Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Stacy Keibler, and many other join the cast of the new and vastly improved Xbox Raw where you and your friends can battle it out in a cool new Season game. You can even use your own Music from your Xbox in a very innovative move. It's a great buy for video game wrestling freaks.

75. EARTHWORM JIM (Interplay, 1994)
System: Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis
The only game that dared to rival the well hyped Donkey Kong Country in the fall of 1994. This game may seem very unusual at first (you're a worm in a space suit) but this Earthworm Jim game also has incredible comic-like artwork in each level plus there is also a lot of funny material as well. I love fighting the Lawyers in the 'What the Heck' world. Earthworm Jim is a must have for anyone looking for a creative adventure!

74. MS. PAC MAN Maze Madness (Namco/Mass Media, November 2000)
System: Sony Playstation/Nintendo 64/Sega Dreamcast
"Whoa! This game surprisingly rocks!" Ms. Pac Man, the original queen of video games, makes her big return in this 3D puzzle/adventure style game plus if that wasn't enough this game also has the original Ms. Pac Man 1982 arcade game too, which is perfect for all the people looking one of the true legends from the past. Its Ms. Pac Man's mission here to search though several levels to find four crystals and rescue a stolen princess. What makes this game so accessible is that you just have to use the Cross Pad throughout the whole game and the other buttons are hardly touched, making for a easy to get into experience. Ms. Pac Man Maze Madness is a real winner for players of all ages.

73. BANJO KAZOOIE (Nintendo/Rare, July 1998)
System: Nintendo 64
Rare asks the question: can bears fly? They sure can fly in this wacky follow up to Nintendo's famous Super Mario 64. Although Nintendo wouldn't release a sequel to Mario 64, Rare was more then happy to create something very similar. Here is one of the better 3D adventure games for the N64 and it comes packed with some amazing graphics and fun tag team tactics. Banjo Kazooie is a great 128 Meg game that Super Mario 64 fans are going to love!

72. DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (Nintendo/Rare, November 1994)
System: Super Nintendo
It's the long awaited return of Donkey Kong after nearly a decade of nearly nothing. This awesome 32 meg update to the arcade classic uses computer rendered graphics and looks better than most 32-bit 3DO and 64-bit Atari Jaguar games. DKC plays similar to Nintendo's earlier Super Mario World but with more linear levels and much nicer graphics of course.

71. CASTLEVANIA: Legacy Of Darkness (Konami, December 1999)
System: Nintendo 64
I love to play the N64 CastleVanias and this game is actually in my N64 top ten! Although this CastleVania is a lot like the older one, Legacy of Darkness has a all new storyline, 4 playable characters, plus there are even more secrets to unlock this time then before. CastleVania LOD even lets you play as Reinhardt and Carrie so it’s like your getting the first CastleVania 64 for free and that alone really increases the replay value. "CastleVania LOD is an even deeper action game and a great choice for adventure seekers who have an N64!"

TOP 70

70. DIDDY KONG RACING (Nintendo/Rare, December 1997)
System: Nintendo 64
Although this may look like another Mario Kart 64 type of game this game features a cool new quest mode with different vehicles, a few secrets, and it even has hidden characters. DKR may have overly cute graphics but you should still give it a chance despite that plus this game marked the debut of the popular Rare character's Banjo and Conker. Diddy Kong Racing not only has a lot variety but the game also is also quite challenging.

69. CASTLEVANIA III Dracula's Curse (Komami, 1990)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Part III here plays a lot like the original Castlevania instead of the second NES game, but this features 4 different playable characters (including Alucard, Dracula's own son from CastleVania Symphony of the Night) and 17 huge levels to explore. Learn new abilities, fight new monsters, and take your own path to make your way to Dracula’s lair. CastleVania III DC is a great 3 Meg game with a lot of choices in the game play department.

68. STAR SOLDIER: Vanishing Earth (Electro Brain/Hudson, December 1998)
System: Nintendo 64
I just had to include a Star Soldier game in my Top 101 here. This is a classic 2D shooter update of the classic NES game where the score matters. I love the 2 and 5 minute modes in this game and the combo system was very unique as well. Star Soldier Vanishing Earth is a very addictive shooter that keeps me coming back for more.

67. SERECT OF MANA (Square, Summer 1993)
System: Super Nintendo
Here's an underrated game! Secret of Mana was quietly released by SquareSoft in the third year of the SNES and the North American market was still a little unsure about RPG's at that moment so it didn't get a lot of attention over here, unfortunately. I could not stop playing it till I see every new land, hear every rich sound track, got every 8 charging strikes, and learn the secret of mana. This is a very addictive quest and it's just a blast to play!

66. GUNSTAR HEROES (Sega/Treasure, 1994)
System: Sega Genesis
This cult favourite plays similar to Konami's Contra, but only better! The team of Red and Blue (all the character here are named after colours) must not only save their peaceful planet of Gunstar 9 from an aggressive invasion but they also have to stop the resurrection of Golden Silver, a powerful super weapon. What makes this action game so special is that you can combine weapons to make a new gun type, just match two together for near endless possibilities. If your guns don't work then you can just use your fist for close range fights. Gunstar Heroes is a wild game!

65. TETRISPHERE (Nintendo/H2O, September 1997)
System: Nintendo 64
Even if you manage to complete all the levels in this puzzle game then you could always go for the high score again giving Tetrisphere a lot of replay value then most N64 games out there. Some people may be disappointed by the fact that this game plays nothing like the original Tetris and that you can't even play the original game at all but Tetrisphere is so great on its own that you don't even need the older game here. This game is truly the Tetris of the future!

64. SONIC CD (Sega, 1993)
System: Sega Genesis CD
Here is another cool Sonic game that only appeared on the Sega CD. Not only is there 7 long levels to master but now there's also some time travelling involved too to add some extra depth to the aging Sonic engine. Sonic CD is a fully loaded game complete with fun new time trial modes and lots of secrets! The game is a must own for Sega CD gamers out there.

63. ZELDA: Link's Awakening DX (Nintendo, 1995)
System: Nintendo Game boy/Game boy Color
Zelda comes to the old Game boy and surprisingly it's another great edition to the series. This game takes place while Link was sailing on the high seas but things went horribly wrong when a big storm hits and he washes ashore to an uncharted island. The goal is simple; help Link escape a strange island with a strange familiar look. Link's Awakening has a lot of borrowed features from all the past Zelda’s before it plus it also has a lot of other cameos too.

62. TEKKEN 3 (Namco, 1998)
System: Sony Playstation
Tekken 3 takes place 20 years after the second tournament and sees the return of the original favourites Paul, Nina, Yoshimitsa, Lei and the 6 new fighters; Forest Law (the son of Marshall Law), Eddy Gordy, Hwonang, Xiayou a young Chinese chick with a new style of Kung Fu, Jin (Jun's and Kazuya'a son), and a new King under the tiger mask. Tekken 3 is still a cool 2 player game as always and now there are more fighting styles than ever before to make a excellent game.

61. PANZER DRAGOON ORTA (Sega/Smile bit, January 16, 2003)
System: Microsoft Xbox
What I like most about Panzer Dragoon Orta here is that the game is a fusion of the furious arcade action of the first two Panzer Dragoon games and the RPG cult favourite Panzer Dragoon Saga. There is also enough story text here to fill a novel, you get some wicked fantasy graphics, great sounds, and super crazy arcade action that people are just bound to love. Panzer Dragoon Orta can be finished quickly but there is still so much to do in the game like fighting for the high score and Pandora's Box mini games, the replay is definitely there! PDO is an awesome experience!

Top 60

60. FINAL FANTASY IX (SquareSoft, 2000)
System: Sony Playstation
It's nice to see the Final Fantasy series return to its roots............ at least in looks anyways. This game still plays a lot like Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation but at least now you can have four of your characters on screen at once. There is nothing too different when compared to past the Final Fantasies but still buy it for the amazing story alone.

59. METROID (Nintendo, August, 1987)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Here is an awesome action gaming experience that stars Samus Aran, and lone bounty hunter on a mission to destroy the life sucking Metriods of planet Zebeth! One cool thing about Metriod is the ability to see slightly different endings depending on your performance plus if you're good enough, you can even play the game in a fun new costume. Metroid set the standard for how to do a high caliber science fiction video game right!

58. SONIC The HEDGEHOG (Sega, June 23, 1991)
System: Sega Genesis
Sonic was fast, he had a attitude, the game play was so easy to learn so anyone could master it, plus graphics and sound that still hold up even in this day and age. The award winning original here is still a great game and it should be in everyone's gaming collection!

57. MARIO KART Super Circuit (Nintendo, August 2001)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
Even though the series is over ten years now the Mario Kart series is still the best there is in its category. The controls are right on, the graphics look amazing, the sound is there, the game has some tracks (which include some of the classic SNES tracks) and the multi player again rules! You won't regret picking this kart racer up unlike all the other copy cats out there. Mario Kart SC is almost the perfect GBA game even if you don't like racing games.

56. SUPER MARIO BROS. DELUXE (Nintendo, 1985, 1999)
System: Game boy Color
This GBC exclusive is a awesome remake of the original Super Mario Bros. from the NES comes with all new modes like time trials, the near complete game of Super Mario Bros. 2 (the Japanese game anyway), VS. Mode and of course the classic game play we all know and love from 1985.
Super Mario Brothers itself is still a really fun game though that changed how we play video games. Super Mario Brothers DX is an excellent example on how to do a remake!

55. STRIDER (Sega/Capcom, 1990)
System: Sega Genesis/Sony Playstation
Strider is an absolutely amazing and action packed 8 Meg game (the first big 8 Mega bit for the Sega Genesis) with unbelievable anime style graphics and something new at every turn. You help a highly skilled ninja named Hiryu try to save the world from an evil emperor who is hell bend on destroying civilization. The game only has 5 levels but its way better than any other Strider game out on any platform. This stylist game is a must own for the Genesis.

System: Super Nintendo
You don't see a game like this too often, uh? Here is an awesome two player adventure starring two wacky ninjas trying to rescue a princess. This great game not only has tons of side games like a quiz show, mini arcades, and even horse racing but the side scrolling action reminds me of the NES classic River City Ransom. This is a 'Goeman' game by the way for all the Japanese gamers out there.

53. STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 (Capcom, 2000)
System: Sega Dreamcast
Remember those annoying load times form the Playstation version? They're now gone here in the Dreamcast edition plus Evil Ryu and Guile are already available so you don't need to unlock them this time and the game has a three player mode as well. If all that wasn't enough the game has a huge list of 25 plus characters each with multiple fighting techniques and options. Alpha 3 is a must for any Street Fighter fan because of the huge list of features.

52. SONIC ADVENTURE (Sega, September 9, 1999)
System: Sega Dreamcast/Nintendo GameCube
Odd camera angles ruin a almost perfect game with loads of features like cool mini games, time trials tests, and six different characters each with own storyline and missions. This game has very fast game play with excellent 3D graphics and high quality music. You won't regret buying this cool action game especially if you love 3D platformers.

51. CARD FIGHTERS CLASH: Capcom Edition (SNK/Capcom, 2000)
System: Neo Geo Pocket Color
This Card game rules and I don't usually like these games! There are a possible 300 cards to win, find, and trade for across 7 different locations and each area is filled with players ready to take you on! The best part about Card Fighters here is going to the top player's and finding the rare cards like the two AKUMA cards (both of which are quite formable), and the game a lot of secrets tricks and hidden areas too. This is a must for Neo Geo PC owners and it just may be the best Card based video game ever made!

TOP 50

50. CASTLEVANIA: Aria Of Sorrow (Konami, May, 2003)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
"What the heck is this! THIS IS A CASTLEVANIA GAME, IN THE FUTURE!!??" That's just what's going on in the third CastleVania for the Game boy Advance because the eternal battle to slay Count Dracula now takes place in the year 2035. When we usually think of a CastleVania game, we think 15th century
Europe and not some new age Japan setting. Don't get too worried though, this game still plays like the last two great GBA adventure games and they were already some of the best games on the system. The story was interesting, the sounds were impressive, and the list of items you can collect over this is simply outstanding.

49. REVENGE OF SHINOBI (Sega, 1990)
System: Sega Genesis
The Shinobi returns and he comes back in a big way. Revenge of Shinobi is a great 4 Meg sequel to the original Shinobi that really showed off the powers of the Genesis back in the 90's. Both the visuals and music are excellent and fits this game really well plus the game is really challenging too. The second Shinobi game is highly recommend if you haven't played it already.

System: Nintendo Virtual Boy
If the good graphics and sound effects weren't enough but there is a save feature built in to record high scores for better replay value and the controls are right on. I still recommend you take a break after a few minutes of playing as does Nintendo but I could still play the game for hours on end. It's the best video pinball game I've ever played. PERIOD!!

47. SATURN BOMBERMAN (Hudson Soft, 1997)
System: Sega Saturn
If you loved the Bomberman games on the TurboGrafx-16 and Super Nintendo then wait till you play this version. Saturn Bomberman has a crazy new storyline, a fun new test mode, and if you have a few multi-taps ready then why not try out the spectacular multi-player game that supports an amazing 10 players at once. Blowing up your friends can be a lot of fun!

46. SHINING FORCE II (Sega/Camelot, 1994)
System: Sega Genesis
It's simple, it's easy to play and it's very addictive too. "What more can you ask for in a game?" The second Shining is a great sequel to the original tactic/RPG because it has an even better story with even more playable characters. This game series is so underrated so be sure to buy it now if you can!

45. GRANDIA II (UBI Soft, December 2000)
System: Sega Dreamcast
I really didn't like the first Grandia for the Sony Playstation all that much but this sequel rocks!! Your main character Ryuko is hired to guard a young woman in an unknown mission to a strange tower but things go horribly wrong. The graphics are quite smooth and the story really draws you in (it also has a more adult theme to it than the original Grandia). Grandia II is another outstanding RPG on the Sega Dreamcast.

44. GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 (Rockstar, October 2001)
System: Sony Playstation2/Microsoft Xbox
Now the GTA series goes into the true 3D virtual world like Nintendo's Super Mario 64, while keeping it's edgy game play that it's creators in so much trouble. Steal Cars, Taxi's, Trucks, Cop cars, and even giant Tanks to complete your various missions (usually you have to wrack somebody by chasing them downtown while avoiding the cops or something). Although not as smooth looking as say Gran Turismo 3, there is so much more you can do than that driving game that it blows the mind! This game lets you be a criminal for hire and not go to jail for it. One of the surprise hits of Playstation2 titles of the 2001 holiday season.

System: Sony Playstation2
Take one of the most technical fighting games on the planet and then add an intriguing quest mode that can let edit your characters in fun new ways then you have this spectacular one on one fighter. Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution gives you 15 fighters, hundreds of moves, multiple styles, retro secrets and a lot more all at a greatest hits price!

42. PHANTASY STAR IV: The end of the Millennium (Sega, 1994)
System: Sega Genesis
I really enjoyed playing this awesome game from beginning to end and I wanted more after the game was finally completed. The graphics were awesome, the music was still good, the battles were fun, the game was never too slow, and there were even cameos and info from past games of the series which was great for me because I played them all. Part 4 is a great edition to the legendary series.

System: Sony Playstation2
The Final Fantasy series now enters the new generation of consoles. You must help a young man named Tidus with his new friends unlock the mysteries surrounding their universe that's now in utter chaos thanks to Sin. Sure, it's a bit more linear this time but it's still a great looking and addictive RPG that should keep out busy for weeks or even months!

TOP 40
We are getting up there

ARCADIA (Sega, November 2000)
System: Sega Dreamcast/Nintendo GameCube
Another great RPG by the masters of Sega. In this big adventure you're a young Blue Rogue Pirate on a quest for big money but you and your new friends find more trouble than loot. This game reminds me of Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Sega Saturn which is also a great RPG. Skies of
Arcadia is a very addictive 2 disc set that gives you both a fun story line and deep game play too!

39. NECTARIS Military Madness (Jaleco/Hudson Soft, 1999)
System: Sony Playstation
When Nectaris was announced for the Playstation, I was very excited to play it because I was a huge of the original game for the TurboGrafx-16 which was one of my all time favourite’s games on the old system! If you lose this war then the earth will be destroyed by the Xenon moon army, simple as that. Guide your units well because in many of these battles your enemy will out number you so it’s important to use good strategy.  Nectaris is a very addictive game of war!

System: Neo Geo
Although Tam Tam is missing from the line up here, the sequel gets 4 new characters and the other 11 fighters have evolve in some kind of way so you're really getting a juiced up sequel here. Yuko is sick; Earthquake has a lot more moves, and Wan Fu even as a new weapon. SS2 is a very balanced weapon based fighter with tons of technique and cool extras.

System: Sony Playstation
Millions of quarters later we have one of the best collections of Atari games in this special collection right here. Missile Command, Asteroids, Centipede are just some of the million dollar legends on here plus the Playstation edition has some more obscure titles like Black Widow and Space Duel. The main reason I had to list this complication in the Top 101 here was because this game also includes a bonus interview of famous video game pioneer Nolan Bushnell and tons of written and visual Atari history. The Playstation version let's you save your score data unlike in the Dreamcast game so that one is the copy to get.

Dixie's Double Trouble (Nintendo/Rare, November 1996)
System: Super Nintendo
The final Donkey Kong Country game for the Super Nintendo is more of what I love, a grand 2D platformer with excellent CG rendered graphics with smooth animation and lots of levels. I love the new giant bosses and various bear shops. If you like the first two games than Donkey Kong Country 3 is an absolute must have as well.

35. SUPER PUNCH OUT!! (Nintendo, 1994)
System: Super Nintendo
A very addictive boxing game that has 16 tough and wacky boxers ready to try to knock you out. This game also comes with a save feature, and time trials too. Brutal and very funny with guys like Bald Bull, Super Macho Man returning and tons of new wacky comers too like Mad Clown and Masked Muscle. Way better than the older NES title without question!

34. SHINING FORCE III (Sega, June 1998)
System: Sega Saturn
The cult favourite of the Sega Genesis era arrives on the Saturn but sadly it saw a very limited release in 1998, the final year of the Sega Saturn. Many gamers that never got the chance to play Shining Force III missed a simple to learn RPG that's heavy on story, characters, and most importantly tactics. SF III is loaded with all the right stuff.

33. CASTLEVANIA: Circle Of the Moon (Konami, June 13, 2001)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance
One of the premiere launch games for the new Game boy Advance is this awesome action/RRG based on the long running CastleVania series. When Konami first previewed their new CastleVania game for the Game boy Advance I knew it would be something special! A great game for fans of the series because its not only a challenging, non linear game that will take weeks to finish but it also includes a little of everything from all of the past games. There are even secret codes you can enter once you finish the game to add to the game's replay value.

32. STAR FOX 64 (Nintendo, August 30, 1997)
System: Nintendo 64
It's the cool little bonuses too that sky rocket the replay value like timing your lock on shots to take out multiple enemies for bigger points or earning secret medals to unlock some more goodies for the VS games. You can't forget about the awesome multi-player games either that really shows off those 4 ports in front of your N64. "Star Fox 64 is truly a gaming marvel to behold!"

31. DONKEY KONG 64 (Nintendo/Rare, December 1999)
System: Nintendo 64
Here is a game that few people even knew existed before it was released during the big holiday season of 1999. Donkey Kong 64 was Nintendo's big surprise replacement since Nintendo/Rare's Goldeneye sequel Perfect Dark got delayed to spring 2000, something that displeased thousands of hardcore fans. Some people liked this big 3D action/adventure game and some people didn't.
There is a lot more stuff to do than Super Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie before it, so Donkey Kong 64 should keep you busy for a while, plus the original 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game is in here too, complete with all four levels. Its way too easy to get lost in this huge 256 Meg game though but you still shouldn't miss it.

TOP 30

30. METROID PRIME (Nintendo/Retro Studios, November 19, 2002)
System: Nintendo GameCube
New comer Retro Studios still did an absolutely fantastic job with their game here and if you don't fall in love with the liquid smooth graphics or heart pounding sounds, then maybe the addictive game play will leer you in. Like the past Metroids, I couldn't stop playing it until I did everything possible there is to try out and believe me it's going to take awhile to beat this one.

29. GRADIUS III (Konami, September 1991)

System: Super Nintendo
Gradius III is a superior port of the extremely difficult arcade shooter from 1989. This game can also be found on the PS2 but the game two games are actually quite different areas like the PS2 version is missing some the weapons in the Edit mode like the Mega Crush, R. Options, and the useful Twin Back missiles and some of those levels have been edited exclusively for the SNES as well to address some of the complaints of the arcade game. Gradius III is easily one of the most fully loaded shooters ever made with 11 exciting levels and over 50 different weapons and power ups here. You get decent graphics, and awesome soundtracks and I'm sure this is going cheap for about 1 to 3 bucks. This game was one of Konami's first Super Nintendo games and it's still one of their best too.

28. SUPER METROID (Nintendo, 1994)
System: Super Nintendo
This awesome 24 Meg (the first 24 Meg game for SNES) game plays a lot the original Metriod on NES, but with more weapons, moves, and far better looks. Help bounty hunter Samus Aran; capture back a baby Metriod from the dangerous planet Zebes. Super Metroid is an amazing action game with lots to see and do.

27. SOUL BLADE (Namco, 1997)
System: Sony Playstation
This game plays almost just as good as its sequel Soul Calibur on Dreamcast I believe. Each warrior can earn 10 different weapons each in the cool story Master Edge mode. Based on the not too successful arcade game Soul Edge, but it's even better than that average game. Soul Blade comes very recommend to all the fight freaks!

ZELDA: A link to the past (Nintendo, 1992)
System: Super Nintendo

A tough, but a very cool and very additive adventure game that returns the Zelda series to its roots, therefore it now plays a lot like the first Legend of Zelda with a return to overhead action. Link must now save Hyrule from a powerful spell before a strange wizard takes total control of the Triforce and the world.

25. PHANTASY STAR II (Sega, 1990)
System: Sega Genesis
One of the best RPG's ever for any system, and also one of the hardest. Two young warriors brave the many dangers to solve the mysteries of the worldwide monsters and disasters. Can you find the Mother Brain? A great storyline are just some of the highlights of a long 6 Meg quest.

24. CHRONO TRIGGER (Square, 1995)
System: Super Nintendo/Sony Playstation
An awesome time traveling RPG with excellent 32 Meg presentation plus 10 different endings. You are Crono, a young and skilled samurai in 1000 AD. Crono and his friends discover a plot to ruin the earth by a strange and powerful enemy. Save the world and stop the Day of Lavos from ever happening. Chrono Trigger features a unique Combo attack system to combine characters attacks in powerful single blows. Includes artwork by acclaimed DragonaballZ artist; Akira Toriyama. Chrono Trigger is a highly polished Role Playing Game.

23. LEGEND OF ZELDA: Majora's Mask (Nintendo, October 26 2000)
System: Nintendo 64
Although the 72 hour thing can get a little annoying especially when you're deep inside a dungeon and you want to continue exploring but you're almost out of time, there is nothing quite like Majora's Mask and you have to take the good with the bad, but fortunately the good definitely out weight the bad! It's a darker, sadder, and more stressful (but in a good way) game then the last one and it's another Legend of Zelda so you really can't go wrong here. "Majora's Mask is a very smart purchase for anybody looking for a great adventure!"

22. FINAL FASTASY 3 (Square, October 1994)
System: Super Nintendo/Sony Playstation
With 14 different and wacky characters, all with their own reason to fight: it's one of the best Final Fantasy's ever. Final Fantasy III (or FF VI to all you Playstation gamers) is an epic 32 Meg quest to over throw an evil empire, but unfortunately that's the least of your problems. The Esper magic system was a good idea and list of weapons and items is overwhelming! If you like Role Playing Games you'll absolutely love Final Fantasy III.

21. SUPER MARIO 64 (Nintendo, September 30, 1996)
System: Nintendo 64
Super Mario 64 is a long and challenging 64 Meg game in a fully interactive 3D universe. What's not to love here because there are 15 different worlds to explore and master plus there are secrets at really turn. Unlike Nintendo's launch GameCube game; Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 64 will take a good solid month to get everything and not just a couple of days. It's still a great game even today and if you never played it yet then you owe it to yourself to try it.

TOP 20
These should be no surprises, I hope

20. SUPER MARIO WORLD (Nintendo, September 1991)
System: Super Nintendo
There's so much to see and do; it's definitely going to take awhile to get the infamous full 96%. You must help Mario and Luigi free Dinosaur Island from King Bowser's evil rule. You don't have to do it alone because now you can get some help from your new friend; Yoshi. The game as tons of secrets just waiting to be discovered and these secrets can open new paths which will create a more non linear quest. SMW is so big and so complex that it makes the game a must play! Not bad for the first ever Super Nintendo title, eh?

19. PANZER DRAGOON SAGA (Sega, April 1998)
System: Sega Saturn
Out of all the games in the Top 101, Panzer Dragoon Saga may be the rarest? Sega expands its popular Panzer Dragoon shooting series with this amazing and very rare Role Playing adventure. You play the role of a young boy named Edge and his mysterious dragon friend which finds him after all his team of workers were killed after discovering a girl in suspended animation. Can you get your revenge and who is this strange girl that the Imperial army is fighting for? With sets PDS apart from other Role Playing Games is that you can circle around your opponent which may or may not effect your damage. Panzer Dragoon Saga is a great 4 disc set that's has takes you to a whole new world.

18. SUPER SMASH BROS. Melee (Nintendo/Hal, December 2001)
System: Nintendo GameCube
This is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Nintendo 64 action fighter Super Smash Brothers, it's still the fun and crazy fighter that most of us all know and love, but now the GameCube game version is packed with even more fighters, more one player games, more multi-player options, and tons of cool bonus stuff too. Don't forget the graphical and sound improvement thanks to the power of the Nintendo GameCube itself. If you liked the first Smash Bros. then you're going to love the Gamecube version here! SSBM has almost unlimited replay value thanks to the loads of secrets like those 290 trophies, hidden battle stages, and more. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a must for any one with a GC and especially anybody who's a diehard Nintendo fan. "You got it all right here!"

17. TETRIS DX (Nintendo, September 1999)
System: Nintendo Game boy Advance

One of the coolest games ever gets the improvements it needed on the small screen! Tetris DX is now even more competitive than ever thanks in part to the new save option that records your top three scores for every speed right to the game pak. The various new modes also help to add to the replay value too here. If you love Tetris then this is ONE to get and this is highly recommend for any Game boy owner.

16. DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2 (Nintendo/Rare, December 1995)
System: Super Nintendo
My favourite of the popular DKC games because it has both
Dixie and Diddy Kong in it and there are the best ones of the Kong's family in my opinion. Help Diddy Kong rescue the kidnapped Donkey Kong from the rotten King Drool (who is dressed up like a pirate) and prove to the old Cranky Kong that he can become a real hero. What makes this big sequel so appealing is the ability to find all the secret things like bonus stages, DK tokens, Kerm coins. Can you get the hidden ending here? Donkey Kong Country 2 has all of the key ingredients to make an excellent video game.

15. SOUL CALIBUR II (Namco, August 26 2003)
System: Microsoft Xbox/Nintendo GameCube
This medieval fighter is a one on one hack and slash adventure to find the legendary Soul Edge sword that is filled scary powers. Joining the SC II crew is the warriors Raphael, Talim, Yunsung, and Cassandra. Although this game isn't a huge leap over the last Dreamcast adventure, this is still a must have title because of all the new multiple weapons, secret characters, and depth.

14. LEGEND OF ZELDA: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest (Nintendo, November 24 1998, February 2003)
System: Nintendo GameCube
The original Nintendo 64 classic sold millions of copies around the world and everything but did many of you get a chance to play this special GameCube release? This limited edition disc not only includes the Ocarina of Time but it also has the slightly altered Master Quest game that changes a few things in the first title. Although the changes the new Zelda here are minor both games are very addictive adventures across two different time periods.

13. ANIMAL CROSSING (Nintendo, summer 2002)
System: Nintendo GameCube
So what's AC main draw here? You basically get the chance to live in your own in your virtual town with its own virtual citizens, plus if that wasn't enough the game even plays in real time so your actions or inactions will effect what goes on in the game. This game also comes packed with about 20 real NES classics and the game will even save your high scores to a memory card (remember that this game comes with a free memory card too). AC is such a very interesting simulation game with lots to do and discover.

GRAND THEFT AUTO Vice City (Rockstar games, October 2002)
System: Sony Playstation2
"Hey, remember the eighties!?" This is a lot like Rockstar's earlier Grand Theft Auto III but now you're fighting for life in the 1980's. The game has over 100 vehicles, over 50 sound tracks, over 70 missions, and so much more. Grand Theft Auto VC is one of the biggest video games I ever played.

11. CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY (Nintendo/Rare ware, March 6, 2001)
System: Nintendo 64
Conker's Bad Fur Day was originally suppose to be a super ultra cute adventure that's not too different from a Super Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie but fortunately for us, Rare had a chance of heart and the game was released as a foul-mouthed, beer drinking, gun shooting, adults-only oriented game. Conker's BFD had a killer multi-player game with all sorts of themes and who could forget the fun one player game where you can put out your fire enemies with your know.

TOP 10

Here are the final ten and why they are my favourites. All I can say now is let the hate mail begin!

10. Y'S BOOK I & II (Hudson Soft/Falcom, 1990)
System: TurboGrafx-16 CD
Why is it here: Although most Role Playing sequels take place a hundred or so years after the events in the last game, here in this Turbo CD adventure both stories flow into one other so well it feels like you're getting one grand RPG in one huge package. This game has above average anime style graphics, absolutely incredible music, and easy to learn play mechanics. Y's book I & II is an awesome tale about a lost land and its history enclosed in 6 mysterious books.

PHANTASY STAR (Sega, 1988)
System: Sega Master System
Why is it here: I still can't believe a game this amazing was created way back in 1988! This Sega Master System classic has 3 dimensional dungeons, a unique cast of characters, and a very challenging quest across 3 different planets. Phantasy Star is engaging quest for revenge and it’s definitely a must for Role Playing fans!

8. CASTLEVANIA: Symphony Of The Night (Konami, June 1997)
System: Sony Playstation
Why is it here: At first this Castlevania starts off normally as you control a Belmont warrior who is out to kill Dracula but as you see the Dark Lord get defeated by Richter Belmont, the game then advances 4 years where Dracula's castle suddenly appears once again but Richter is no where to be found this time. Instead of playing like the older Castlevania games from the NES era, Symphony of the Night has some all new Role Playing features because instead of playing the role of a traditional Belmont, you play the role of Alucard: Dracula's very own rebellious son. The game is loaded with secrets, weapons, relics, sidekicks, and it even has multiple endings. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night should keep action/adventure/rpg fans very happy.

7. WWF NO MERCY (THQ/Asmik/Aki, November 15, 2000)
System: Nintendo 64
Why is it here: I usually don't like sports video games but there is one exception to the rule for me. Since I'm a wrestling fan, I played many of these games over the years. WWF No Mercy isn't only the best wrestling I ever played thanks to the excellent story modes and dead on control but it also a killer multi-player as well. WWF No Mercy may just the perfect wrestling game and even though it was released late 2000 it still has yet to be topped!

6. Super Mario Advance 4 SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 (Nintendo, February 1990, October 2003)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System/Game boy Advance
Why is it here: How do you improve on great games like Super Mario Brothers and 2? Just add more stuff!" Part 3 has cool new power ups that let you fly, turn into stone, and you can throw hammer like some of your rival Koppas can. If all that wasn't enough Mario 3 is a huge 8 level game that's also a fun two player game. In the 2003 Gameboy release you can now add more levels to the quest via E-reader. Super Mario Brothers 3 is simply jammed packed!

5. SONIC & KNUCKLES (Sega, October 18, 1994)
System: Sega Genesis
Why Sonic and Knuckles you say? Although this Sega game had to go head to head with Rare's Donkey Kong Country in the fall of 1994 and got beat up pretty bad, this Sonic title still had something very unique about it especially for a console video game. Sonic and Knuckles is one of the few games that's compatible with other games thanks to its very innovative Lock On technology feature, if you finish the main S & K game then why not place another Sonic in there to increase the replay value. You can do all sort of cool things like play as the sneaky Knuckles in Sonic 2, play a huge combined adventure with Sonic 3, and you can even play some secret bonus stages if you find the right cartridge. This is a very cool idea by Sega. Sonic & Knuckles can be combined with either Sonic 2 or 3 to create the ultimate high-octane Hedgehog experience!

4. LEGEND OF ZELDA (Nintendo, 1987)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Why is it here: The very first Zelda sure may not look like much but as Zelda games go, however the first is still the best because once you complete the main adventure, you can then try the harder second quest where some the important locations are now in different areas. I was very disappointed when Nintendo took out the idea of the 'second quest' in the other Zelda sequels because once you fully a Zelda game on the N64 for example: all you can do is hit reset after the credits are finished. The original Legend of Zelda is a quest that has brilliant level design, smooth controls, plus the adventure here is so well balanced that it will test anyone one. This is a Legend without question!

3. The GUARDIAN LEGEND (Borderbond/Irem/Compile, April 1989)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Why Guardian Legend? I was very weary of the game myself when I first saw the strange and generic cover art and odd name myself but the moment I first played it, The Guardian Legend captivated me from beginning to end. This action game has it all because not only is the game great as a adventure/quest that will test your mind multiple puzzles but the Guardian Legend is also a very intense shoot em up that's filled our desire to kill anything that moves. Why are there not more impressive and intense titles like The Guardian Legend out there?

2. FINAL FANTASY VII (Square, September 9, 1997)
System: Sony Playstation
Why Final Fantasy 7? All the previous and future Final Fantasies were great Role Playing Games but it was part 7 that changed the way we look at video games forever. Sure the game had some incredible graphics thanks to the over the top CGI, awesome art, and excellent design but FF7 also has very deep game play thanks to the advance Materia system and don't forget it had the superior story line to back it up too. That's not all for game features because there other bonus extras that put this title over like all the racing contests (on a snowboard, funny looking bird, or even a motorbike), the 50 plus soundtracks, and who could forget the fun and sometimes weird dating simulation with the some of game's characters like Aeris or Tifa. Final Fantasy VII is an epic like no other!

1. WARIO'S WOODS (Nintendo, 1994)
System: Super Nintendo
WHAT THE HECK!!? Wario's Woods!? Don't knock it till you try it that's all I'll say because this relatively unheard of video game may be odd, weird, low budget, and all of that stuff but the game here also combines the elements from both a action platformer and a puzzler to create something truly incredible and clever. Once you learn how to play this game, Wario's Woods is perhaps the most addictive video game in existence thanks to the game's handy time trial and 2 player modes. Can anyone beat my best time of 1:21 for the difficulty of Hard 2R? How far can you get in the One Player Round Table quest? Can you earn all three of the Gold awards? Wario's Woods can test you so many ways. Since the replay value is off the charts here and that's good enough for me to name it my favourite video game of all time!

There you have it, 101 video games that rocked my own sick little world! Sadly when I created this big project here, there were a lot of great games that could not even make the list. Here are just a few games that deserve a Honourable Mention:
Actraiser, Bust a Move 99, Demon's Crest, Dragon Warrior IV, Goldeneye, River City Ransom, Thunder Force III, Gran Turismo 3, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Streets of Rage, Super Star Soldier, Tempest 2000, Ogre Battle 64, Rayman 2, The Simpsons: Hit and Run, Sonic R, Wario World.

There are so many other great video games still out there that I wished I had more time to play but you know how it is, eh? It sucks how life can get in the way some times because even with all the amount of money and time I have invested in video games, I still haven't had the chance to really play some of the bigger hits like Chrono Cross, Herzog Zwei, Final Fantasy X-2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Tempest 3000, and so many more. Maybe I'll do another Top 101 video games a few years from now but until then I hope you enjoyed this edition to celebrate my 4 year anniversary.

It's not over yet! Here's more popular Top Ten lists.

TOP 10 gaming systems
There are so many game machines out there; here are some my favourites in case you were wondering.

Neo Geo Pocket Color
Turbo Duo
PSone Combo
Game boy SP
Super Nintendo
Sega CDX
Playstation 2
This system had the most difficult task if it wanted to be successful in the than dead video game market but thanks to its superior design and great games, the NES was able to breed a whole new video game age to a new generation of players from around the world.

TOP 10 gaming soundtracks
Video games have come a long way and many great games have produced some of the best music I ever heard. Here is just of the best soundtracks you'll hear in the gaming world in my point of view.

Tekken 3
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Secret of Mana
Super Star Soldier
Revenge of Shinobi
Y's Book I & II
Tempest 2000 or X3
Star Fox
Grand Theft Auto III
Final Fantasy VII
All of the other FF games had great musical scores, but it was FF7 that had the best music in my humble opinion.

TOP 10 worst games of all time
Here are ten of the biggest losers I ever had the misfortunate of playing.

Sword Quest Fire World (Atari, 2600)
Stretch Panic (Treasure, PS2)
Double Dragon (Activision, 2600)
Silent Service (Ultra, NES)
Barn Storming (Activision, 2600)
Pro Cast Sports Fishing (Capcom, Xbox)
Mario's Early Years: Fun with letter (Nintendo, SNES)
Electronic Table Soccer (Odyssey2)
Final Approach (2600)
Urban Champion-E (Nintendo, Ereader)
No score, no challenge, no two player mode, no point to continue playing! Who knew that my least favourite game would be a Nintendo game, eh?

TOP 10 biggest disappointments
Although many of these games are pretty bad just like the top 10 worse list, these games however were expected to be big hits after all their original hype and major press. Needless to say there have been a few nasty train wrecks in this industry.

Shaq Fu (SNES)
Blaster Master 2 (Sega Genesis)
Pit Fighter (SNES)
Sword Quest Earth World (Atari 2600)
Double Dragon 3 (Game boy)
Super Pitfall (NES)
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (Sony Playstation2)
E.T. (Atari 2600)
Total Recall (NES)
You have a big movie license with a huge star (so famous he would be California Governor) in what should make for a great NES action game, what could go wrong? EVERYTHING!
Pac Man (2600)
Atari wanted to sell over 20 million of these cartridges but nobody wanted to play or pay for this rushed project. That goes to do show you that the business side Atari in the 1982 knew nothing about video games. I loved the original Pac Man but this was nothing like it.