hmmm.......... "You don't even want to know!"

The Cdi marked the return of Magnavox...... the company that create the first ever video game system (The ground breaking Odyssey) and I was curious what this 1992 machine was all about. So what the heck is this CDI thing anyway? It's a 16-bit CD-ROM system that looks a lot like a Panasonic 3Do (or at least my 250 model does anyways) and you can even play Digital movies on the thing (only if you have the Digital Video Card though). Some games also require the Digital Card to play them (like Zelda's Adventure) which is kind of a drag.

The controllers were some of the worse controllers in video game history. My old controller looks like a flat penis design (Yuck!), and the direction and side buttons are very unresponsive and stiff. Try and move your character around with awful thing, it's not too easy and it's not too fun, trust me!

Perhaps the most unique feature to this system is the fact there is some real licensed Nintendo games on here like Hotel Mario and even 3 rare Zelda games (sorry, no Metroid games folks). Too bad none of them are any really good at all, because none of these were made by Nintendo themselves and they are all very poorly designed.

Bottom line: This system is a very bad choice for the average gamer, VERY BAD! I don't even think this is a true video game system to be honest? The CD is perhaps the worse game system I ever played and I played a lot of these systems over the recent decades! It sold very poorly so it's not very common now of days, people just didn't take it seriously and neither should you.

Overall CDi rating: 9/100

Here is two reviews of two CDi games:

The Legend of Zelda LINK: the faces of evil
The disgrace of the Zelda series with butt ugly cinemas, weak story, and poor hit enemy detection. This game could have easily been named something else............. especially anything but the legendary Zelda games. This sorry game is only for the collector who wants it all, regardless of it's quality. 27/100
For 1 player only
graphics: 2
sound: 1
gameplay: 4

Here is a good looking game that's a little too quick to play. Sport games like this just plain suck! 19/100
For 1 or 2 players
graphics: 5
sound: 2
gameplay: 1