Reviews by Ryan Genno
The Starsoldier

Certain video games have come and gone but some of these titles should definitely not be forgetten with time. Each month the Star Soldier picks out some of his personal favourite videogames of all time and gives them the honour of Videogames101's Game of the Month!

2009 Inductees:
Victory Run (Tg-16)

Power Golf (Tg-16)

Final Lap Twin (Tg-16)

2008 inductees:
2007 inductees:

Sonic & Knuckles (Gen)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Dc)

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix (Xb)

Donkey Kong Jr. Math (Nes)

Ikaruga (Gc)

Super Air Zonk (Duo)

Twin Cobra (Nes)

Spiderman 2 (Xb, Gc, Ps2)

Pokemon (Gb)

Wario Ware (Gba)

Mario Kart 64 (N64)

Centipede (5200)

2006 inductees:
2005 inductees:

Advance Wars Dual Strike (Ds)

Missile Command (5200)

Mortal Kombat (Gen)

Pac Man (Arcade)

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Ps2, Xbox)

WWE Raw 2 (Xbox)

Virtua Fighter (32x)

The Empire Strikes Back (Snes)

Ninja Gaiden (Lynx)

Resident Evil 4 (Gc)

Burnout 3: Takedown (Xbox/Ps2)

Super Mario 64 (N64)

2004 inductees:
2003 inductees:

Super Mario Bros. (Nes)

Halo (Xbox)

Demon's Crest (Snes)

Dragonball GT The Final Bout (Ps)

Metal Slug 2nd Mission (Ngpc)

Frogger (Cv)

Dance Dance Revolution Max 2 (Ps2)

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Gba)

Legendary Wings (Nes)

Gunstar Heroes (Gen) + Video

Arcade Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Ps, Saturn)

Soul Calibur II (Gc, Ps2, Xbox)

Metroid (Nes) + Video

Blazing Lazers (Tg-16) + Video

Final Fantasy VII (Ps)

Pong (Arcade)

Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gc)

Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox)

Dragon Warrior IV (Nes)

Moon Patrol (2600)

WWF No Mercy (N64)

Samurai Shodown (3DO)

Secret of Mana (Snes)

Xop (PC)

2002 inductees:
2001 inductees:

Metroid Prime (Gc)

Grand Theft Auto Vice City (Ps2)

Galactic Pinball (Vb)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Gen)

Space Invaders (2600)

Chrono Trigger (Snes) + Video

Y's book I & II (Tg-16 CD) + Video

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)

Tetris DX (Gbc)

Revenge of Shinobi (Gen)

The Guardian Legend (Nes) + Video

Splatter House (Tg-16) + Video

Tempest 2000 (Jag)

CastleVania: Symphony Of The Night (Ps)

Air Zonk (Tg-16)

Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn)

R * TYPE (Arcade)

Ms. Pac Man (Arcade) + Video

Mega Man (Nes)

Wario's Woods (Snes/Nes)

Gradius III & IV (Ps2)

Phantasy Star (Sms)

2000 inductees:

Nectaris: Military Madness (Ps)

Star Soldier Series

If you have a good idea for the Game of the Month then please send it in and I'll see what I can do. Remember though that games like Final Fantasy 8, SwordQuest, ECW Hardcore Revolution, and Hey You Pikachu WON'T be winning time soon.