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Artist touch: Not bad, we get introduced to all of the games wacky main characters here but that's it. Cover art rating: 6/10

(Nintendo, May, 2003)

Month it won: March 2007

Special note: This was the first game to feature multiple second long games in one package. The series is a strong franchise now for Nintendo.

Introduction and Story:

Are you someone who is quickly bored with playing the same game over and over again? Would you like to play one game and than quickly move to the next one? Nintendo has a weird new idea where you can play over 200 mini games in one title that's starring the evil Wario. See why Wario Ware Inc. is like no other video game I ever played before!

If you don't know who this Wario guy is, he is the evil alter ego of Super Mario. He's fatter, he's meaner, and of course he's much greedier. Wario was just sitting around at home; picking his nose and watching TV when he saw a ad saying how video games sales are through the roof. He then gets the bright idea of making his own game to get rich in a hurry. The problem is that Wario is still quite lazy and he decides to get his friends in Diamond city involved to see what they can come up with. Pretty weird story line, uh?

Controls and Game Play:

The goal of Wario Ware here is simple; Wario and his friends must survive several very short and second long games to move along the story. Sure, it sounds easy but as you are playing one game, it end and BOOM! a new game quickly pops up on the screen and then you only have a few second until to the next one appears. You only have a few seconds to figure what to do for each game and as you play more, the game play speeds up and everything gets tougher. You must play all these mini games until you beaten the boss stage which is usually a lot longer that the other micro ones. These mini games range from everything like playing games of catch, guessing games, and even quick scenes from older Nintendo games.

The more of these missions you complete, the more bonus features that you can unlock. These secrets features range from more missions to hidden Vs. and full only player games. You can even find a full version of an slightly altered version of Dr. Mario (renamed Dr. Wario of course) if you are good enough.

Graphics and Sounds:  

Jumping over a potato isn't as easy as I thought.
The graphics in Wario Ware are fantasticly simple because things are constantly changing. Some mini game even include digital images to remind you that this is a 32-bit system after all. Even the mini Nintendo games like Metroid Legend of Zelda,and F Zero are so spot on that it makes me wish that the game were longer. The music also changes on a regular basis and each of Wario's friends as their own theme. The sound effects also stand out well and you'll know when you success or fail just by sound only.
The Bottomline:  

Leave it for Nintendo to come out of with something that different and unique. Even though a lot of these second long mini games are very familiar in design after a while, Nintendo still did a great job of mixing things up so things never get too boring. It's a weird concept true and the whole game isn't very long but it's still very crazy and intense fun that's has a fair bit of replay value. Wario Ware Inc. is great for players of all skill levels, now quickly read my other reviews, eh?

You have to love a game with cameo from other Nintendo games, eh?



*Battery back up game

overall rating: 85/100

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For 1 or 2 players
Rated (E) for Everyone

graphics: 6/10
sound: 6/10
gameplay: 9/10
replay: 8/10

(Ryan Genno) 2007