(Hudson Soft, 1989)

Introduction and Story:

Gauntlet? Oh my God, it's yet another version of Gauntlet here and if you know that cool arcade game you control a bunch of brave warriors from several different classes and instead of fighting characters up close or in turn based battles you all throw your weapons! It's a cool idea and Dungeon Explorer here is a very fun action/adventure game with lots of playable characters, tons of dangerous missions, and even full five player support. So there is this kingdom in major trouble here because there are tons of alien creatures that threaten their peaceful way of life 'n stuff. The king asks you and his aid Judas to return a mystical stone but good freakin' luck because you have to survive 14 greuling levels here.

The game play and bottomline:  
One thing that really stands out about DE is there are tons of characters to pick from like well balanced fighters, slutty witches, powerful dwarfs, pussy elves and you can even find secret characters like a princess and a hermit if you play long enough as well. Not only are there lots of different players here each with their own white and black spells but your friends can start the adventure with you too if you want some back up but be warned you all have to share five lives so don't bring someone the sucks like my friend Jason. Yeah, he sucks big time!

Unlike Jay's sucking the presentation in DE is pretty good. The graphics are nice and colourful and you can tell what the heroes are suppose to be and that's cool but the frame rate itself isn't very smooth since there are usually a lot of crap on screen at once so that's only real problem. The sound effects were nothing special but at least music was another high light with tons of memorable errie and rock soundtracks here. Although the game can get fairly difficult, the game is still loaded with goodies like the ability to turn on your friends in arena or will you go to complete the main objective and save your kingdom from the evil Natas? I like the choices the game gives even if Dungeon Explorer isn't the most original game out there. It's a good pick for action/role playing seekers.
Here is my 5 minute video review of Dungeon Explorer too!

*600 points to download on the Virtual Console

Dungeon Explorer
overall rating: 77/100

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For 1 to 5 players
Rated (E) for Everyone

graphics: 7/10
sound: 8/10
gameplay: 8/10
replay: 7/10

(Ryan Genno) 2008

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