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Artist touch: I know this isn't Pokemon Red but I'm working on it. Enjoy this stock art of Sexy Parodius instead. Cover art rating: 8/10

(Nintendo/Game Freak, 1998)

Month it won: 2007

Special note: Pokemon was originally introduced in two forms (Red and Blue).

Introduction and Story:
Here is the first ever Pokemon game I ever got and hearing that name will either make do two things: jump for joy or vomit in disgust. Before you dismiss this freaky Pokemon franchise as some kiddy fad though, this game is a great new spin on the standard Role Playing Game out there and even experienced gamers like me can have fun here. If you you are new to the series instead of fighting monsters all the time while you try to gain experience, why not just collect them as pets and get them to fight?! You adults should consider stealing it from your kid's room when their at school or just ground them and take their Gameboy for not being as good as your favourite because it is really that good.

In the game you play as a kid named Ash (or whatever you want to name him) and you start the game in a small town and you have been given a special gift from Pokemon expert Professor Oak. He gives you the option to select from one of three unique monsters encased in small pocket sized balls. After you pick one you then begin your long adventure to find all these different cute monsters around this huge virtual universe.
Controls and Game Play:

Your pocket monsters are not just cute little pets that like to pee on your car wheels (at least my pets do), these little buggers can fight. The more they fight, the more experience you can get and maybe they can get a few new moves as well. You can carry up to 6 pocket monsters at once but you can also find other monsters and store them in a Pokemon data base so you can help Oak get some info on these wild creatures. Finding certain pocket monsters is easier said then done though.

Some Pokemon are pretty common and you'll be fighting them a lot in grassy areas but some of these other rarer little critters can only be found in oddest places and better hope you have the right Poke Ball to capture it. You also have to worry about how much health is left on the Pokemon you want so it won't break your balls (I hate broken balls).

To unlock these new areas and towns you need to gain new abilities, beat the right kids and their Pokemon, and by getting special Badges by the fighting Pokemon masters first. If you wish to find them all. Amazingly there are 150 Pokemon here altogether so it's going to take awhile so this is no short game. Sadly, you also need to trade between both versions if you to get them all which made you talk your friend into getting the other version (you hear that, that is Nintendo laughing all the way to the bank).

Graphics and Sounds:
Like many 8-bit RPG's on the old Gameboy the graphics are pretty bad. A lot of the different creatures here look cool and that Misty chick does fine in that bikini, eh? Sadly, there is usually little to no animation in the battle scenes so getting into these constant animal fights can get dull. The graphics had some good points but overall they are just average. The same goes for the music and sound effects here. The different wracks and smacks help add dramatic effect to the fights and the background music usually fits in the situation your in too but chances are these low budget beeps won't make you want to buy the CD or download the MP3.
The Bottomline:

Versions Blue and Red are the original two games that started this whole Pocket Monster craze in the first place (so you want to blame something blame this). Really the only difference between the two games is that they have a few exclusive Pokemon in each cart and the cart itself is a different colour and yeah that's pretty much it. All the stages, bosses, and locations are exactly the same which sucks. Sure, its a little commercial and the graphics and sound are not too impressive either but when it's all said and done there is no denying that monster collecting game play is a cool idea. You not only have 150 wacky monsters to find here that are powerful enough to hurt the children they're target market is, but the game lets you almost Save the game anywhere and the replay value is pretty too because since you can trade with your friends. It is easy to see why it took the public by the nuts in a tight vice grip, eh? Although the other games in the series haven't deferred too much from the first ones here, it just goes to show you how good the originals actually were so don't expect the next one to feature anything cool like porn stars, bloody zombies, or rocket launchers.

*Battery back up game

overall rating: 86/100
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For 1 to 2 players
Rated (E) for Everyone
graphics: 5/10
sound: 5/10
gameplay: 9/10
replay: 9/10

(Ryan Genno) 2007

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