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Artist touch: I really hate a lot of these Master System box art here and this is no different. This isn't art, it's just a cheesy public school logo. Cover art rating: 4/10
Month it won:
September 2006

(Sega, 1988)
Special note: This is a Two Mega bit game and that means Sega was able to put more content into the game then most of their early titles.
Introduction and Story:
Yu Suzuki is one of the most famous game developers in the world with a wide collection of intense and innovative action titles spanning several decades. The problem was these advance arcade games (even the ones in the 1980's) were too ahead of there time for the mere 8-bit Master System. Although other Yu Suzuki arcade games on the Master System pretty much sucked (Space Harrier, Hang On, and After Burner), the popular classic Out Run actually turned out pretty well here. The original Out Run won rave reviews for its unique unlinear race routes, its then amazing 3D graphics and who could forget the intense sense of speed either? In the 1980's I was always jealous of my friend having an old Sega Master System because he had a home version of this awesome racer while I was stuck with Rad Racer on the NES (which sucks). Now I'm telling why this was such a amazing game and why it deserves the StarSoldier Game of the Month.
Controls and Game Play:
Like many other arcade-like racers available you have only a limited amount of time to drive across several scenic locations like sunny beaches, busy cities, and dangerous rocky mountains. You only get to continue racing though if you hit all the check points in time which is easier said then done. Fortunately, the game has great controls so you get a lot speed (you can go over 200 miles in less then 20 seconds) and try to manage around tough turns with right amount of braking and precise driving.

Unlike all these other games though at the end of each stage you get to decide if you want to pick the easy path (the right side) or go for the harder one (the left side) if you are looking for more challenge. There are 15 stages here altogether but you only need to complete five to fully finish a race which adds something different to each game you decide to play. That doesn't hurt the replay value, eh? Out Run also has you riding on a sexy Ferrari and there is even a beautiful blonde women that rides around with you too so the game scores even more style points.
Graphics and Sounds:  

Why doesn't my car look like that?
That brings me to what this game has for graphics and sounds. Out Run wasn't your typical Pole Position clone like most racing games of the mid 80's, this game features more wider or even bumpy roads for example to help diverse the levels more. The game also came with better background visuals to remind you what stage you are actually on here. There is some detail loss and a weaker frame rate on the Master System but it is still one of the best looking racing games you'll find on a 8-bit system (way better then that bland Rad Racer or even worst Super Monaco GP).

Out Run's music was also pretty cool for its day. Although the game soundtracks maybe too cherry pop for some people, at least you can pick out your favourite out of three ones. This was one first games that actually let you do this too.
The Bottomline:  
Yeah, sure Out Run for the Master System is just a graphical downgrade of the popular racing arcade game and I do miss that huge car cabinet with the force feedback but it's plays pretty much the same as the exciting original and that's the most important thing. You still get the intense unlinear racing game with its cool visual style, multiple endings, and selectable music here plus you don't have to constantly put in 50 cents just to play it either. Sure, this is your typical racing game here but it's a good one so it's a very smart buy for Master System owners

I usually can't out run my Master especially in high heels and this steel ball on.
overall rating: 74/100
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For 1 player only
graphics: 7/10
sound: 7/10
gameplay: 6/10
replay: 8/10

(Ryan Genno) 2006

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