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Although the CDTV is really a computer and not a real console like the other systems here, it should be noted that the CDTV is the world's first ever CD Rom based computer though. The Commodore CDTV is a 16-bit CD-Rom system with a Motorola MC68000, clocked at 7 Megahertz chip ram= 512kb .Later versions of the CDTV shipped with a improved 1Mb of Ram, the same Ram as the Sony Playstation.

It also has Amiga DOS version KickStart 1.3 Additional ROMs for CD-ROM support interfaces Standard Serial, Parallel, Disk Drive Ports Infra-red port for CDTV controller or mouse. There are mostly educational programs and informations CD on the systems but there are fun games like Sim City available too. The CDTV should not be over looked especially if you can find it cheap.

-by Gamemaster196