George Foreman KO Boxing
(Acclaim/Beam Software, 1992)

Alright, this may be good, eh? George Foreman is easily one of biggest names in the sport and unlike the crazy raping and biting Mike Tyson, here's a man you can respect. His grills are awesome too, eh?! Since Nintendo didn't do a sequel to Punchout on the NES here's a game starring this boxing legend that could have been a really big hit. So what the hell went wrong?

Well, you can only play as George Foreman in the one player mode and that may not seem that bad at first. Unlike the rather wimpy looking Little Mac from Mike Tyson's Punchout big George here is a 6'4ft 251 pound giant with an amazing professional fight record of 71 - 3 (that was his record back then anyway) and multi-time World Heavyweight Champion. He's even bigger then his first opponent in the game which is this Luciano jobber guy at 5'11ft and has less impressive 25 - 16 record. Now you would think thee George Foreman could wup his backside no problem, eh?

WRONG! This Luciano goof has twice the power in his punches and his super attack takes away half of your life bar while your super barely does 25 percent if it even hits. He is insanely quick and very hard to beat and this is only the first guy. The game even openly mocks you in between rounds (presented by Doritos instead of a hot ring girl by the way) when you throw and land more hits yet you still do much less overall damage. OK, I like a challenging game every now and then but remember how easy the first guy was in Punchout (you know with wimps like Glass Joe or Gabby Jay)? Those great games gave you the chance to learn the controls and it helped you progressively become a better fighter. In this crapstorm you better be good right away. Basically the strategy is you have to hit and pray that you survive the upcoming onslaught because you can forget about any practicing here. In fact all the generic enemies here are tougher then George here and it's just insulting.

Overall: Video:
The sad thing about this game is could have been a really big hit especially with a big name like George Foreman behind it and with games like Mike Tyson's Punchout selling well into the millions for Nintendo. Sadly it looks like Acclaim got the big license, rushed it out, and decided to crap all over it again just like abysmal Total Recall. Yeah, the game is playable here if you master the timing of the opponent's punches but the point is I shouldn't have to rely on this memorization trick if I'm actually playing as Foreman himself: you know a real life pro boxer! The two player mode is useless too because it just becomes a lame button masher contest from an awkward third person perspective. The graphics are quite good and the controls are decent too but the whole game feels very unbalanced and it becomes a chore to play. Now lets never speak of this horrible game ever again.



*Uncommon NES game

George Foreman KO Boxing
overall review: 34/100

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For 1 or 2 players
graphics: 7/10
sound: 4/10
gameplay: 5/10
replay: 4/10

-StarSoldier1 2008
(Ryan Genno)

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