The forgotten 32-bit CD Rom system

The Pippin is a virtually unknown 32-bit game/computer machine with a PowerPC 603 processor and a impressive 5 MB of RAM. A 4x speed CD-ROM (fast for it's time), Stereo CD sound, NTSC and PAL compatible. VGA output with printer and modem connections. It has expansion capabilities like for a Keyboard and drawing tablet. Combination remote / boomarang controller..... Whoa! The Pippen was meant to be a mature version of the Playstation thanks to its PC-like accessories but they didn't stop there.

You also got @World Browser, @World introduction CD for internet access, plus some pack in titles too. Manuals, power cord, and phone cord round out the complete Pippin deal. Sadly the Pippen got crushed by Sony, Sega, and Nintendo's 32/64-bit gaming war and the poor system never even got to battle. The high $600US price tag was also great gamer repellent too. The Pippen had a little bit more success in Japan (a.k.a. Atmark) and some of the games like Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Tactics are fairly rare now of days if your curious at all.

CPU: 32bit RISC
Memory Ram: 5 MB
CD-ROM: 4x Speed
CPU: 32bit RISC/Dual 32-bit
Memory Ram: 1 MB/2 MB
CD-ROM: 2x Speed Max

Pippin Rating: NA sorry, not yet.

Rare Scale: 9/10 collectors be alert about the Pippin!
-by Gamemaster196 and StarSoldier