Here's the RCA Studio II, like the Fairchild Channel F this is another interchangeable cartridge system that helped to pioneer the video game industry. Before you dive right in and buy this system, here is what the Studio II has to offer. Instead of the standard joysticks that come with most game machines, the Studio II uses built in key pads that were built into the system itself and if you're a person used to colour in their games, the graphics here were only available in black and white unfortunately. It was the 70's after all.

Some of games released for this system are TV Arcade I II and III, TV Casino, TV Mystic, TV Schoolhouse, and more. These games range from your basic Pong-like stand byes and your common Space War shoot em ups so don't expect anything fancy of course.

Although the system was one of the earlier game machine's of it's day (yes, even before the Atari 2600) with all the negatives going for it like no colour, boring games, and odd keypad only set up, the system just could not get its feet off the ground and it died quietly. The RCA Studio II ended up being a very forgettable game system, which is why RCA is no longer in the game business I guess.

Rare scale: 7/10 it's so rare that game collectors don't even want it.