(September 1991-1998)
Another 16-bit system but now with more stuff


Although both NEC and Sega were able to get their 16-bit machines out before Nintendo in 1989, the Snes here still looked amazing enough to help it stand out from the crowd when it finally arrived in the Fall of 1991. Yeah, I'm angry for making me wait but see why Nintendo's 16-bit machine is still of one my favourite gaming system's of all time. This Snes system is loaded with all the features you would expect. The Snes has over 32,000 colours and improved screen resolution so everything looks cleaner compared to older 8-bit systems like the previous Nintendo Entertainment System. OK, then doesn't sound like a big deal but Nintendo didn't stop there.

Nintendo was once good friends with Sony believe it or not (before they became bitter rivals) and if you open the system itself you'll see Sony sound chips inside. Because of all this attention to the system's sound the music was really incredible in a lot of the great games like in Act Raiser and Super R Type for example and some it is almost as good as the stuff you'll hear on CD's. Also Nintendo added some 3D hardware to the Snes as well called Mode 7 (3D sprite scaling). An example of this would be that cool pixel fade in effect on Super Mario World, to the landscape scaling effects in Pilotwings. With all these features it was clear that the Super Nintendo was offering something different to the average game nut out there. If you are sick of the Snes games then why not play some older Gameboy games on the TV? The Super Nintendo also has a cool adapter called the Super Game Boy that's lets you do that. Although the Super Game boy won't let you play any of the newer "Color only and Advanced" games, you still have over 400 other GB games to pick from. Nintendo would also release special FX games with enhanced 3D graphics like in Star Fox and Yoshi's Island, you can look and see the bottom of cartridge for two extra side circuit panels to know if the game has a FX chip (like Stunt Race FX) or a C4 chip (like Mega Man X2).

If there's any downside it's the system's overall speed (Almost half less than the Sega Genesis and the TurboGrafx-16) which caused a lot of showdown effects in many top games plus who could forget the system's weak sports line-up compared to the Sega Genesis games (I'm not a game sports fan anyway so I don't care). Another weak thing about the Snes was that stupid Super Scope 6 light gun thing and all the crappy games that worked for it (like Battle Clash).

If this system is remembered for one thing it's that the SNES paved the way for the Role Playing games to be more widespread. For example: RPG games like Final Fantasy III, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, and Chrono Trigger were not really huge hits on the Snes but did receive a good cult following and are unfortunately quite uncommon now of days because of this. Heck, even with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy II (or 4) being re-released on Playstation, the Snes versions don't have those annoying load times found on the CD format. Sadly these games are well known to be quite pricey as well especially when they become more vintage. Nintendo also released a more compact and much lighter Super Nintendo in 1996 (nick named the Snes 2 of course). Othen then being smoother and sexier it's really the same as the old one but now there no pointless serial ports and no eject button either (also kind of pointless). The system is more collectable and the plastic rarely yellows like the many original Snes units.

Even though this system died a long time ago in 1998 (Frogger being the final game released) and it didn't survive as long as the Genesis, this system is still one of my all time favourites with over a massive 700 games available like the awesome Wario's Woods, Donkey Kong Country 2 and Final Fantasy III that always keeps me playing for hours on end. The Super Nintendo is highly recommend to any body ranging from casual to hardcore players looking for some the best games ever made. I was sold on this new Nintendo back then and it hasn't disappointed since.

Overall SNES Rating: 93/100
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Japanese name of Super Nintendo: Super Famicom
European name of Super Nintendo: Super Nintendo Pal Version

Rare Scale: 3/10
Even the SNES2 is fairly common still, well some what. The regular 1991 SNES is still highly available online.


Super Game Boy
This plays most of the older Game Boy titles but not the more newer DS, Game Boy Color only games, and 32-bit Advance games. The 4 shades of colour can be edited and the game borders and be altered too if you like. This is a nice item to have around for sure.

SNES Controller
The SNES Controller fits well in the hand and the 8 buttons are very useful. This is a great durable controller that doesn't hurt the hands after hours of playing.


CPU Processor

65816 (16-bit)


514 X 448

On Screen Colour


Max Colours

over 32,000

Sound Channels




Sprite size

64 X 64

Closest Rival

Sega Genesis

*Very large collection of games to pick from.
*Excellent sound capabilities that rivals CD's.
*The Super Gameboy lets you play the Gameboy games on the SNES!

*Still not that different from the Sega Genesis.
*Slow speed processor.

Below is a list of common and rarer SNES games and my personal top ten too (please don't be too mad?).

Common SNES games: Rarest SNES games: don't leave this in the discount bin! eBay!
Most sports games
Battle Clash
Donkey Kong Country
Final Fight
F Zero
Killer Instinct
Mortal Kombat
Sim City
Star Fox
Street Fighter II
Super Mario World
Super Scope 6
Aerobiz Super Sonic
Aero Fighters
Bazooka Blitzkrieg
Bronkie the Brachiosaurus
Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge
Dracula X (Konami, 1995)
Entertainment: Mountain Bike Rally/Speed Racer Combo
EVO (Enix)
Final Fight Guy (Capcom/BlockBuster, 1994)
Hagane (Hudson Soft, 1996)
Harvest Moon (Natsume, 1996)
Metal Warriors (Konami, 1994)
Ogre Battle (Enix, 1993)
Ren & Stimpy Fire Dogs (THQ, 1993)
SOS: Sink or Swim
Super Star Fox Weekend Cartridge (Nintendo, 1992)
Super Turrican 2
Wild Guns

Most Disappointing:
NHL 95
Runner up: Pit Fighter

The Worst:
Runner up: Pit Fighter

Most Underrated:
Runner up: Mystical Ninja

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