The Total Recall


Artist touch: This is terrible! I know this is a cartoon and all but the characters here are just bad. Cover art rating: 2/10
Month it won: July 2006

(Sega, 1991)
Special note: This game was reviewed in the popular US Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine even though it wasn't released in there.
Introduction and Story:
Although the Sega Master System had some success in the USA (I heard Sega sold over hundred systems there alone), here in Canada we got even more games (like Ultima IV, Gauntlet, World Cup Italia 90, and many more for example) released over because we loved our Sega! "Can I get an Oh Canada!" Just one of these exclusive Canadian-only (it was also released in Europe as well) SMS games was the strange Dynamite Dux. This is a cute fighting game where you control a duck that can pick up several different weapons and beat up sumo wrestlers and dog heads with no bodies. I'm a proud Canadian and all so I like the idea of getting a chance to play more Master System titles but honestly Sega you can have this game back!

The game starts off with this blonde haired dorky guy and his overly excited but still hot looking female friend dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit just hanging out in a boring grassy field. Before you can even make a move on her for some sweet loving you are turned into duck and she gets adducted by some dude known as Achacha the Great. Now you gotta save her and that's pretty much it right there. If you think the story sucks wait till you play the game.
Controls and Game Play:
Dynamite Dux is just your basic roaming around fighting game much like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Battletoads, Streets of Rage and tons of other games better then this. Bad guys appears, you beat them up, you move on. It's a great concept but the problem you are playing as a wimpy little duck here. This dumb Dux's primary attack is a punch that only goes 2 inches in front of him so if it misses (which happens often) you'll be taking a lot of cheap hits especially from the game's grueling bosses.

The game is tough but you can pick up weapons like rocks, bombs, and even a machine gun for extra help. It's too bad the game doesn't tell you on screen how much ammo you have left so all of a sudden the item just magically disappears and your back to old weak self again. Sadly this is a one player only game as well so you're stuck fighting here all alone (although to be fair no friend of yours would want to play this anyway).
Graphics and Sounds:  

What the heck is that dead Kentury Fried Chicken guy doing here?
Dynamite Dux starts off OK with your kind of underdressed (unfortunately I think she's underage too) girl jumping up and down a lot and the game is overall pretty colourful but like the other parts of the game everything else just sucks! The environments for example just consist of your basic streets and boring dirt roads with poorly animated enemies everywhere. I guess one of the reasons this isn't a two player game is because of all the annoying slowdown here. Even for a one player only game there are a lot moments were everything just suddenly moves at a snail's pace.

The cute music and sound effects may fit the overall crappy feel of the game here but it certainly doesn't get me in the mood to fight and go further into this mess.
The Bottomline:  
If you are dying to play another fighting game and you just have a Sega Master System (who needs the Xbox 360, heh heh) then I guess you can punish yourself and play Dynamite Dux for a bit. You'll only need a few minutes (or even seconds) to realize this is a substandard game with boring presentation, limited weapons, and a very wimpy main character. I just have one thing to say to the programmers of this trash: Dux you! To get the bad taste out of mouth after playing this I recommend you play Duck Hunt on the NES so you can not only play a better game but you can also get even on the duck population!

You mean I have to be saved by a duck? Can't I just stay here?
overall rating: 19/100
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For 1 player only
graphics: 3/10
sound: 2/10
gameplay: 4/10
replay: 1/10

(Ryan Genno) 2006

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