Total Recall Dud of the Month!

(Namco, 1990)

Introduction and Story:

Super heroes and video games should go hand and hand (like Spiderman and Super Mario for example) don't ya think? So with that being said a game like Namco's Bravoman should be a stand out title on the Turbografx-16. The idea of the game is cool enough; you can use your long limbs to beat up losers and save the world from some goof with a funky bomb style hair cut. It sounds good in theory but there are definitely a few things holding it back from greatness or even averageness. In this game the evil mastermind Dr. Bomb is trying to take over the world and as Bravoman you have to stop him and his evil gang of minions and that's pretty much it for the story line here.

The game play and bottomline: Video:
So what we have here is a straight up typical action platformer where your control this stupid dork with the dumbest super hero get up since my last low budget cosplay event. This guy not only looks like he got off the short bus with his giant white gloves and boots here but what's the deal with that stupid yellow mask on his head? Sure, all this costume crap doesn't break the game but the stiff and slow controls definitely do. Unless you study the game like a madman you'll die a lot from the game's many cheap enemies like sumo wrestlers and poorly animated dancers that throw knifes.

Because of this the game is a little on the hard side to say the least especially since there are 22 long and grueling levels and there are no password or Save features either. Also why there is only one life per every continue here?

If all this garbage wasn't enough Bravoman also has some of the worst voice simples ever in a video game and I still don't understand half the spoken dialogue after all these years. This alone may drive a lot gamers away so lets put this sucker out of it's misery. Bravoman is not only a cookie cutter hero with a stupid name but his game is just chunky and horrible too.
Here is my weird 10 minute video review of Bravoman too!



*600 points on the Nintendo Wii

overall rating: 32/100
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For 1 player only
Rated (E) for Everyone

graphics: 5/10
sound: 2/10
gameplay: 4/10
replay: 4/10

(Ryan Genno) 2008

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