The Total Recall


Artist touch: I know the game is crap but this impactful comicbook style art is pretty cool here. Cover art rating: 9/10
Month it won: November 2006

(Sega, 1991)
Special note: This was one of the final releases for the Sega Master System in 1991.
Introduction and Story:
Like my other Game of the Month for November 2006 (the rather fun shooting game Gangster Town) I wanted to stick with the whole cool classic Gangster theme here for the Dud. The problem is the other game I could think of that had the same theme was Sega's game adaptation of the popular Dick Tracy franchise. Good thing for me though it really sucks! This game here was based on none other then the famous movie starring the once popular Warren Beaty and media whore Madonna from the 1990's where you play as a private detective dressed is a goofy yellow coat that must a bunch of odd looking mobsters. The story may work in a movie but like most licensed video games (E.T., Back to the Future, WWF Wrestlemania, Home Alone, Friday the 13th, Alf, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beetlejuice, Total Recall, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Last Action Hero, Ghostbusters Nes or Sms, and basically anything from those jerks at Ljn) this totally blows.
Controls and Game Play:
The game play is the same as the Sega Genesis version and it sounds pretty cool in theory. The special feature in the game is you have both enemies in the fore and background and to kill them you get to shoot them with either a standard gun or the cooler Tommy gun. This gives the game a unique 3D feel to the standard 2D platforming junk out there at least.

Sadly, just trying to switch between two different weapons on the fly all the time is very annoying because background enemies can only be killed by the machine gun while you can only kill the others on your plane with a just a mere hand gun. I don't get why he can't just use the machine gun for everyone here; is Dick Tracy really that stupid?
Also the aim on the Tommy gun isn't the quickest so it can take a few of extra seconds to reach a mobster which can definitely lead to your death. This edition has even worse controls as well because you only have two buttons to work with here instead of the three on the better Genesis version and I hate the slight but still frustrating delay there is every time you switch over. Some levels even take the guns away from you while the enemies can throw bombs at you in yet another dumb move in game design.
Graphics and Sounds:  

What do you mean I can't shot him here?!
I know the game sounds really bad at this point (and it is) but if there is anything positive I could say about the game is that has some decent visuals here and there. The game looks colourful with a wide range of characters and different environments here to break up repetition. I also like the cool 3D bonus stages where you get to shoot a pair of targets that may or may not be mobsters. I don't like how I lose point if I shoot the Milkman though. What if the milk is sour, eh? Anyway it doesn't look perfect though because the side scrolling stages do lack detail overall. The game also doesn't have much for music or effects either but at least it sounds kind of like very low budget gangster stuff and that's about it.
The Bottomline:  
The game had potential to be a good shooting title thanks to the cool story about a stylist detective fighting a strange bunch of nut cases and you have to admire Sega's attempt to try something new with the semi 3D feel as well here. In the end though the highly demanding game play, unresponsive controls, lousy graphics and weak sounds ruins any fun you would have here in this rather substandard action game. You should only consider Dick Tracy if you are a collector of Master System games because it is one of the rarer titles, even if it is at the bottom of the heap for game play. Oh well, at least I was able to draw another shameless half naked drawing of my Sega girl over there for fun here.

Insert Dick Tracy joke here...... Please?
*Uncommon Sms game

overall rating: 25/100
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For 1 player only
graphics: 5/10
sound: 5/10
gameplay: 5/10
replay: 1/10

(Ryan Genno) 2006

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