(Hudson Soft/Alfa Systems/Capcom, 1987, 1989)
*TurboGrafx-16 CD game

Notice the Section Z cameo in spray paint? If only I was playing that instead.

If you're thinking about investing in this rare Turbo Grafx-16 CD-ROM title then maybe you're a curious Street Fighter fan who never played the original and exclusive 'One' or maybe you're a hardcore turbo fan who wants to own the first ever CD video game? That's right! The first ever North American CD console game is also Capcom's infamous Street Fighter '1' but with the words reversed for whatever reason. Who doesn't want to play the first ever Street Fighter especially since Street Fighter II was such a massive in the early 90's, uh? Be warned however,
Fighting Street may sound like a cool fighting game at first but wait till you play it.

Some fighter's from
Fighting Street have appeared in other Capcom games but not all of them. Anyone remember Geki?

The story is about Ryu and or Ken's journey to fight the best warriors in order to become the world's top fighter. One of them must defeat 10 different men from five different countries and it won't be easy because you must fight tough guys like the giant 6.5ft Birdie (who is a white guy here by the way even though he's a black guy in the Street Fighter Alpha series), Mike a deadly US boxer, Adon the lightning quick sentry of the champion, and many more odd ball character from around the world. Some of these guys even carry weapons like ninja stars and sticks to their fights! You must defeat them all if you wish to become the Street Fighter champion, but current top seed Sagat will not go down easy.

Here Ryu helps Birdie work on his tan.

If you want to be successful on your fights here, it's the best of 2 out of 3 falls and once you beat all eight unique fighters in China, United States, Japan, and England, you then take you the final trip to Thailand where you compete against your last two tough opponents. Sounds like an interesting fighter's story so far, uh? It is, but Fighting Street falls apart after that.

The main problem with this FS here is the very unresponsive controls. I don't really mind the two button control set up here if it is done right (which it isn't) but I do mind the very awkward jumping system and the long delay before a move is actually performed. Fighting Street has one of the worst fighting engines for a one on one beat them up that I ever played. You can still do Ryu and Ken's trade mark special moves: the Fireball, the Dragon Punch, and the Hurricane Kick but the programmers did such a lousy done here too that it makes difficult execute any of the three. Just try to do a fireball when you want to, it's nearly impossible on the standard Turbo pad.

There are two different bonus rounds types here.

In the screen shots the game didn't look too bad, eh? You have many scenic but static backgrounds like
Mount Rushmore, the Great Wall, and many others from all five of the beautiful countries here. If only the animation was has good. Fighting Street may have been the first CD video game and you would think the sound quality would be vastly superior to the regular card games for the second rate Turbo Grafx-16 sound chips. Unfortunately for a game on a compact disc there are some REALLY bad voice samples for some reason. It's so bad that I swear all the characters voices were all done by the same guy and if that wasn't but enough the dialogue is super cheesy as well. Want an example; you'll hear lame victory statements like: "He he I'm strong", "Go to heaven", or "I'm No. 1."

The graphics and sounds are even more important for a something like this since FS was suppose to be the first ever launch game that sells the system. The Turbo Grafx-16 CD was targeted to be a Trojan horse that would give NEC a much needed edge over the competition. The Turbo CD add on boasted back up memory storage, over 4,000 megs of power, plus don't forget about that CD quality sound of course. Imagine a player's disappointment if they buy a super expensive and the only game you can find for it is this lousy Fighting Street game? You need to have a strong game that would show off the new powers of the pricey Turbo CD and with these low quality looks and sounds no one was rushing to the store to get it because there was nothing special about the game. Bottomline: Fighting Street could have easily been a regular card instead. It wasn't till Y's book I & II came on the Turbo CD in the fall of 1990 where people finally started to notice the CD add on but by that time is was too late.

He's saying: "What Strength! But don't forget there are many guys like you all over the world." Sadly, most of them say this poorly voiced statement after you beat them.

Not only is this game not much to look at but it's also very difficult to control and therefore it's very difficult to pick up a win. It only takes a few hits for a match to end and the computer will use their super powerful special moves at will while you struggle with your moves like a Hurricane Kick. There is a little tactic that can really help you though. If you a Turbo controller with a Slow Motion feature, use it and the enemies will barely ever attack you. How lame is that? Normally I would not mention a cheat in a review but this game is so cheap and poorly made that I thought I would point that out so you can breeze through this awful game quickly.

The saddest thing about Fighting Street CD isn't that's it's the only Street Fighting One released on a home console but it's an absolutely horrible translation of a rather average arcade fighting game. This is the only edition of the legendary Street Fighter 1 we have here at the moment and all we get is this lousy game with poor hit detection, weak sound effects, and ugly animation. OK, maybe the arcade game wasn't all that great either but all the Street Fighter fans around the globe deserve better then this and we NEED Capcom themselves to do it right! If the game does have any good qualities besides its rarity is that that Fighting Street does have some decent background music but that alone can't save this game from mediocrity. Fighting Street is for serious game collectors only.



*Save option available
*Uncommon TGCD game

Fighting Street
overall rating: 37/100

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For 1 or 2 players
graphics: 4/10
sound: 4/10
gameplay: 5/10
replay: 3/10

(Ryan Genno) 2003

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