Total Recall Dud of the Month!

(Victor Musicial Industries/Capcom, 1990)

Introduction and Story:

Whhhooooooo! Being a Turbografx-16 fan was and is still pretty damn cool because it featured tons of unique titles that are exclusive to the machine here (like Syd Mead's Terraforming and Legendary Axe) but it wasn't always easy because I loved my old Nintendo (or NES) and some of my favourite games were titles done by a company called Capcom. I could easily jack-off to several famous legends like Mega Man, Bionic Commando, Duck Tales and many more because most of them played so well. Sadly, Capcom wasn't really on board for the Turbografx-16 but a few games did get through and Tiger Road here is one of them. Before you get dust off the old Turbo there to play this one you should know that this game was forgotten and buried for a good reason.

In the story and a bunch evil jerks lead by the Dragon Master have totally owned your temple and kidnapped all the kids while you were out. You are badass and bald martial artist Lee Wong and it is your mission to brave 5 challenging levels to get those little buggers back.

The game play and bottomline:  
In this 2D platformer you have the choice of three different weapons: the axe, the nunch-chuck, and the mace but in all honesty the axe is really the only effective weapon here since it's quick and decent (but not great) hit detection where the other two just flat out suck. The game's big selling point here is suppose to be this all powerful Tiger technique where Wee Long can shoot strong blast of Tiger energy at his enemies but be ready for another disappointment. You can only use this special move after completing two annoying bonus stages and only when your health bar is green but in the end it isn't even worth it because these strikes and not only slow but you can't use a melee attack either so your a sitting duck.

I never played the arcade game before but I sure hope it's not like this rather average action game here. One huge problem with this game is that fighting the bosses like the fish man, wrestlers, and that stupid flying pink wizard can be very tedious because they take several hits to kill and they can avoid strikes very easily. Tiger Road is hard to control, both the graphics and sounds are nothing special, plus most importantly the game isn't very fun to play. "Why couldn't we get Capcom's Black Tiger (anybody remember that one) instead?"
Here is my weird 9 minute video review of Tiger Road too!



overall rating: 42/100
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For 1 player only

graphics: 5/10
sound: 5/10
gameplay: 5/10
replay: 5/10

(Ryan Genno) 2008

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