The Total Recall


Artist touch: Kevin Costner was the big star of the film but he isn't even on the cover here. The rest of the art is too confusing and all over the place. Kind of like the game itself. Cover art rating: 4/10
Month it won: April 2005

(Ocean, 1996)
Special note: Thank God, this is the only Waterworld console game in existence!
Introduction and Story:
With video games becoming so popular now, smart movie makers are taking a good hard look at this booming industry. If a film director is smart they'll have a game in the works along with the movie to get added press and hype for both projects. Sometimes movie games get to be so good that they may actually be better then the film themselves (Goldeneye 64 and the Chronicles of Riddick come to mind). Sadly, Water World for the Virtual Boy isn't one of them!

If you don't remember WaterWorld the movie (lucky you) it took place in a depressing futurist world where there is no bodies of land what so ever. In a odd plot here there is nothing but water that surrounds the earth and the few humans left are fighting for survival. There is one ray of hope though. There is a legend that says there is still dryland on a tattoo of a little girl named Enola. Evil outlaws known as the Smokers now want to kidnap this girl and it is up to you to protect her. Unfortunately you won't get any story line during the game, it goes right to the action here.
Controls and Game Play:
Waterworld the game is a 3D shoot em up where you pilot a odd looking boat with harpoon guns. The game is easy to master and once you got the controls down all you have to worry about is all the invading Smokers on skidoos looking to kill you or take Enola away. You only get one life here and the game gets tough in a hurry.

Staying alive and saving Enola and the other Atoller civilians is ultimately a losing battle because the group of enemies just keeps on getting bigger and more aggressive with each level. It doesn't help matters when there are no power ups here for some reason plus your strange little boat is way too slow making you a sitting duck.
Graphics and Sounds:
If there is one good thing about WaterWorld it's that the graphics don't seem too bad for a Virtual Boy title......... at first. When you kill one of the detailed looking Smokers for example; they explode in a cool particle effect and guys in the water are well animated. Sadly, the sprite-based 3D graphics still look very choppy while moving but the biggest problem though is that you are looking at same body of water the whole game. If you thought looking at a world with nothing but water was boring during the movie wait till you play the game. The music like the graphics don't change from level to level so you are stuck hearing the same annoying low-key stuff over and over again. Some the sound effects were cool but the game could have really used voices to spice things up.
The Bottomline:
Water World tries to do a simple and easy to learn arcade-like experience that's hard to master like Atari's Centipede but the repetitive game play and lack of any story just don't cut it in this day and age anymore (it didn't even cut it in 1995 either to be honest). If that wasn't enough both the graphics and sounds get old very quickly. Sure, with you are a collector the game is well worth owning since it was one of the final VB games released but that only means you should pay 10 bucks for it instead of 5 the other VB games go for on auctions. Water World is not only one of the biggest flops in movie history but it is also bombs on the Virtual Boy too.

*Rare Virtual Boy game

overall rating: 38/100
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For 1 to 9 players
Rated (K-A) Kids to Adults

graphics: 5/10
sound: 4/10
gameplay: 2/10
replay: 1/10

(Ryan Genno) 2005

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