Sega's censors Nude girls from a third party company game!

Nudity in video games, say it isn't true!? Razor Soft was one of Sega's first third party supporters for the Sega Genesis back in 1990, and at that time Sega needed all the help it could get against the giant Nintendo video game empire. But Razor Soft's first game raised a few elbows, not for being a good game but for being more of controversial one; the game was TechnoCop. Razor Soft's TechnoCop was a driving/action game that featured exploring human bodies when you kill some your enemies with a certain type of gun. Razor Soft's second game, Death Duel, too was controversial because you can blow off the limbs of various monsters. Sega looked the other way and didn't try to censor Razor Soft until they released their third game.......... a game called Stormlord!

Stormlord starred a really old wizard-type guy in a really standard platform game with good looking girls and bikini wearing female statues throughout the game. The problem was the female statues and fairies were originally suppose to be completely nude. Sega threaten Razor Soft with legal action if the Stormlord prototype wasn't changed before it's release thus forcing Razor Soft to censor the game. Fortunately the European game still has the nudity in the game if you are interested, eh?

The Ironic thing was that Sega didn't censor some of the nude scenes in other Genesis games like Mystic Defender (in some copies of the game has the princess you save at the end wearing no clothes), Rings of Power (enter a secret code during the opening intro), or Lunar 2 (she looks like a Barbie doll but she was still very naked).

Maybe Sega had in for Razor Soft or maybe Sega feared the backlash from the media, either way Razor Soft wasn't the same and quietly disappeared from the console market. The Razor Soft games don't really go for much on eBay so if you can get it cheap Stormlord is definitely worth picking up.

Conclusion: Find it:

Why is there a half naked statue here again!

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