(October 26, 2000-2008)
A DVD powerhouse

Star Soldier's PS2 modest collection!

If a game system is really successful the company making them usually releases a newer and sometimes cheaper model to help interest in the aging machine. It happened with game consoles like the Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, and now it's happening with the popular Playstation2 as well. Here is the smaller and sleeker PS2 Slim Line. So let's see what is new and special about it and what's been taking out.

The reason I got my new PS2 here is actually a pretty sad story. After 4 years of entertainment my beautiful original Playstation2 system finally broke down and I sold it on eBay for anybody who wanted some extra parts. The major difference is the PS2 Slim loads the discs from a flip top tray and is a lot smaller then the bulky older model. It is only just over 1 inch high, 9 inches wide, and 6 inches in depth. It's under 1/4 of the size compared to the original. Despite it's small size the system now includes a free online port so you can play online compatible PS2 games without having to buy a extra accessory. This is great news but not everything is included when you buy one of course.

Since the PS2 Slim is so small now the system no longer supports the Squaresoft Final Fantasy XI special Hard Drive kit. Although I personally didn't like Final Fantasy XI with all of its annoying service charges and it's awkward password set up. However, it seems kind of strange that Sony would abandon Squaresoft since they were such good partners in the past but I guess they had to cut cost somewhere.

The Sony PlayStation2 is quickly becoming one of my favourite game systems and believe me, I played a lot of them over the years (but you already knew that, eh?)! The system has nearly 800 PS2 games already available and many of them are actually pretty good. The PS2 is a DVD player, a Playstation, a CD player, and most importantly a powerful 3D system that uses something called the Emotion Engine.

First off, the PS2 isn't cheap but at $150 bucks (I'm Canadian by the way) it's not so bad now, eh? Just listen to my story here: I finally broke down on February of 2001 and bought a PS2! It was at a Newmarket Electronic Boutique (EB Games) where there were 12 PS2's still left, and when it was all said and done I spend easily over $700 dollars that day alone! First it was $449.99 for the system itself, $49.99 for the 8Meg Memory Card (old PS Memory cards will only work on PSone titles, so I needed one), and $49.99 for the PS2 game Gradius III & IV, plus 2 PSone titles and WWF Royal Rumble 2000 on DVD. So was it worth it?

HECK YA! I still didn't have a DVD player yet and I noticed how cheap some of the DVD movies are getting now, and my old Playstation was Modified, so not all the Playstation games will work on the Modified PS (like Legend of Dragoon, Vandal Hearts 2, and Dino Crisis). The PS2 is an excellent complete package that solved both of those problems.

The system isn't perfect though because the PS2 DVD player is of very low quality I find. I often find myself turning the volume up to hear anything but when the volume gets too high there is also a annoying buzzing sound that goes along with certain DVD's. Another problem with the DVD quality was the picture looked kind of fuzzy or pixeled so you be prepared for a second rate video. It's still a great start for first time DVD users but the hardcore DVD fan (and there are a lot of them) will not be happy with the PS2 DVD player.

Another problem I found was with the PS2 graphical powers is with the jagged edges that were a problem during the Playstation era are still here. This is noticeable during the opening of Final Fantasy X and you see Tidus's sword doesn't have that razor edge look because of the bumpy line. Is the Emotion Engine supposed to do that?

The PS2 can also run them old Playstation games your grandpa use to play and there is even a rumour saying that the graphics will be improved too in the older games, however, I didn't notice anything different at all and I still own an original Playstation. Maybe if you look really close you'll see better resolution but don't expect to be blown away. Still, that's an additional 800 game line up to the PS2 owner and most of those games are cheaper (and sometimes even better) too.

Bottomline: Although the rival Gamecube and Xbox have stronger speed processors than the PS2, the PS2 has a stronger line up of games and the DVD and Playstation are standard so you have more options besides the PS2 games themselves. I'm still a little upset at Nintendo for not making the Gamecube backward compatible with the N64 games ("What’s up with that?"), it would have helped them sell the system like it helped sell the PS2 here! The Xbox really doesn't have all the games I'm looking for (I'm not into FPS) either and Sony really knew what they were doing with the Playstation2's library , so this system is a safe bet for any type of gamer (beginner or expert) out there. The PS2 comes highly recommend by my opinion and now at the cheaper price, you have no excuse not to get one.

PS2 Overall Rating: 90/100 it's a bit pricey but if you got the cash, go for it!
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PS2 Rare Scale: 0/10 these are all over the country.


PS2 8 Meg Memory Card
If you actually want to save your important data like high scores, progress, and created players or levels you pretty much need this little thing if you are at all serious about your games. It should take a lot longer to fill than PSone games because you are not limited to just 15 blocks and most PS2 games use less than 300kb anyway so it will take a while to fill up that 8,000kb of space here.

Be careful though because there are some games out there like WWF Smackdown Just Bring It, Eyetoy Play and some EA sports titles go well into the 1000kb area because of all the data for season modes, video recording or just sloppy programming overall.

Sadly, original Playstation one games cannot be saved to the PS2 8 Meg card though so you better have both sets of cards ready just encase. Also the price of the 8 Meg Memory Card is $34.99 Canadian (or 50 bucks for a set of two) which is a ton of loot for just a lame little card, eh? Fortunately, you still get what you pay for and with it's large storage space the 8 Meg PS2 Memory Card is a good investment for every PS2 owner.

PS2 Controller
The black PS2 Controller is virtually identical to the newer Dual Shock controller on the original Playstation. You get 2 very loose Analog sticks (maybe too loose), a four way digital pad, two option buttons, 4 action buttons, and 4 top action buttons, plus build in rumble feature. The controllers are even backward compatible so they can work on the PS One but PS One controllers won't work on certain PS2 titles which can be frustrating. The controllers sell for 29.99 Canadian.

This very unique device is a camera that records your own image to some of the compatible games like Eyetoy Play, Anti-gravity, and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 1 or 2. To get the thing working right you need the right amount of light or it won't see your motions. The Eyetoy usually sells for 29.99 Canadian by itself.

TOP TEN (I wish I could get a new car that easily!)

#1. G
rand Theft Auto Vice City

2. DDR Max 2
3. Final Fantasy X-2
4 GTA San Andreas
5. God of War
6. Rachaet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
7. Final Fantasy X
8. Soul Calibur II
9. Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
10. Mega Man Collection

The Worst:
Sketch Panic
Runner up: Oni

Most Disappointing:
Runner up: Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex

Most Underrated:
Runner up: Klonoa 2

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