(November 1994-1995)
supercharge your Genesis into CRAP!

My 32X box isn't in the best shape but I was able to hind some of its imperfections.

Welcome to the 32-bit generation Genesis owners! Too bad this unique add on device is one of my least favourite cartridge systems simply because it’s too confusing to operate. You got a bunch of wires and connecters with the system itself, and you better have a few hours free because it's going to take awhile to set up to your Sega Genesis. Do you connect the Genesis to 32X cable to the left or right port? If that wasn't bad enough some of the Genesis games I had wouldn't work once it's was hooked up, even though all Sega Genesis games are suppose to work with it on. I lost my Shining Force II save data because of this thing and I'm still jaded. If that wasn't bad enough, I also notice a lot of the 32X games were hardly different than their 16-bit counterparts (Mortal Kombat II and Primal Rage are good examples of this).

You can also play some rare 32X CD games too if you have a Sega CD as well as the Genesis. Sadly, there are only 6 32X CD games that support this and there only those Full Motion Video games everybody seems to hate now of days. All you Night Trap fans out there should pick up the 32X version because not only is it clearer than the original Sega CD game but it's also uncensored too. If you do have the Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X Combo then you need room and extra outlets for all three of the bulky AC adapters or there is really no point to the set up if you know you don't got the space.

In the end this odd system lump sitting on my Genesis just isn't worth it and there are better 32-bit systems out there that's for sure! OK, to be fair, I guess, it does do certain arcade classics well like the intense Space Harrier and After Burner, plus Virtua Fighter was WAY better than that lousy Virtua Fighter 2 on the Genesis (odd that the sequel was on the weaker machine though). I say put up with the 32X only if you're only getting it cheap and if you are serious about video game collecting since some of the games are kinda rare. Oh, and be sure you get everything with it too (AC Adapter, Genesis to 32X Cable, two steel plates that go into the Genesis, and the audio/video cables too) or there's a good chance the Sega 32X won't work. The 32X is not compatible with the Sega Genesis 3 machine either but how many actually own that system too? Sega had the right idea but the end result kind of falls flat much like the polygons on Pai Chan's breast.

Rating: 22/100 it may not be worth the hassle, just to warn you.
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RARE SCALE: 4/10 the 32X did sell fairly well for Sega so it's still around; finding a complete 32X with all the wires, inserts, and box is much more difficult though.

*Hey, at least Sega had the guts to upgrade the Genesis and it was an interesting way to play more advance games without having to buy a all new console. This made the Super Nintendo look a little less interesting.
*It's 40 times faster than the Genesis.

*The 32X game's music and sound effects are just as crappy on the 32X. Ask anybody; that's what really needed upgrading.
*It feels like a Saturn downgrade.
*It won't work right all the time and the games to freeze now and again.

Don’t get me wrong I think the 32X had awesome intentions but didn't execute right. It needed something down right hard core like an awesome Castlevania or Contra or some big time original game the systems of that era could not pull off when Saturn was not out yet. I got Dreamcast when it was new and recently got a Saturn and both are awesome and the Sega Genesis will go down as Sega's pride and joy, the thing was #1 for years. Out of all systems ever released I wanted 32X to succeed the most. At the time it was released I was 12 and I knew Saturn And PS1 were both going to be $300+. So at the time all my birthday money can afford was a 32X. Even though it was underpowered I think It could of competed for a few years (Genesis was always underpowered but always competed).

It would of been great to have a 32 Bit system as a kid that was a success since the others are out of reach. I barley got a Saturn 6 months ago and theres no way I would of obtained one in 1995. In my opinion the 32X does have 4 great games(Virtua Fighter, Shadow Squadron,Chaotix, and Black Thorne). I think there are also a some good games that are worth a few plays (Tempo,After Burner, Space Harrier, Spider Man, Metal Head, Kolibri,Star Wars,Wrestlemania Arcade, MK2,Doom and NBA Jam if for some reason your not burned out on those or dont care to own a SAturn or a PS1.) That makes 15 games worth a look, and Only 4 great ones, That's horrible considering Lots of systems have countless good games worth owning. I think it desrves a 65/100 or a D grade because of the initail intentions and the happiness I remember playing DOOM for the first time (my favorite game of all time) and the other I mentioned.

I thought it would stick around but it didnt so it still will always be a flop. It was a nice try and could of done well. Just look at Metal Head, Chaotix, Shadow Squadron and Virtua Fighter. If your open minded you will see that it could of been a lot better. Could of created awesome memories for kids who wouldnt see a PS or Saturn until they were in the $200 range. Bottom line, I know Sega always had good intentions just bad execution. Example SOnic and Kncukles expanding Sonic 2 and 3 with lock on. A color portable. Awesome edgy commercials, Phantasy Star Online (how many people lost there lives with this one) and awsome games like Nights on Saturn, in my opinion is the epitomy of Sega's flair and vision. I cant grade the 32X a F because I dont think its a total failure. It is a flop though.

+ Could of been a dream come true for kids since it was not $300 and most of
us already had a Genesis.
+ It does have a few must haves.
+ Very Cheap now and easy to build a complete collection for. Spider Man is
the only triple digit priced games which is not bad. Try collecting for the
Genesis which has 500 or so games and at least $50+ games.

-Flopped hardcore.
-Only 4 great games in my opinion.
-Most of the games worth playing are only cool for a few days.
-Some say it was the beginning of the end for Sega.
-If it then that sucks, DC could of still been around as the underdog. Not
bad considering Shenmue 2 looked awesome even next to some of the newer
titles coming out. But that's another story.
-I can say "could of been" all I want but in the end its still "could of"
(John Malgapo,
10-14-02 )

List of names for all the 32X Games (NTSC)



36 Great Holes Golf
After Burner complete
BC Racers
Brutal Above The Claw
Corpse Killer (CD)
Cosmic Carnage
Fahrenheit (32X CD / Sega CD)
Knuckles' Choatix (rare)
Metal Head
Mortal Kombat II
Moto Cross Championship
NBA Jam T.E.
NFL Quarterback Club
Night Trap (2 CD's)
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
Primal Rage
RBI Baseball '95
Shadow Squadron
Slam City (4 CD's)
Space Harrier
Spider-man's Web of Fire (Final game, EXTREMELY RARE)
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (rare)
Star Wars Arcade
Supreme Warrior (2 CD's)
T-Mek (rare)
Toughman Contest
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Racing Deluxe
World Series Baseball
Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game
Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000

3D Shooter
FMV shooter
3D Shooter
3D Shooter
3D Shooter
FMV Sport
3D Shooter
3D Shooter
3D Fighting

Common 32x games:
Cosmic Carnage
Star Wars
Virtua Racing DX

Rarest 32x games:
Darxide (
Knuckles Choatix
Spider Man: Web of fire (last game on 32X)
Star Trek StarFleet
T Mek

StarSoldier's Top Ten 32X games:
(Knuckles stars in his own game, only on the 32X)

#1. Knuckles Chaotix
2. V
irtua Fighter
3. After Burner
4. Blackthrone
5. Space Harrier
6. Virtual Racing DX
7. Primal Rage
8. Mortal Kombat II
9. Cosmic Carnage
10. Star Wars

Most Disappointing:
Metal Head

The Worst:
Moto Cross

Most Underrated:
After Burner

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