(April 2011-????)

Ahh, two screens now this!

Here is the infamous Nintendo 3DS and man, the hype was huge behind this one. It was 3D without the glasses! Heck, I remember Nintendo had a huge group of costly booth babes to show off these new machines at the 2010 E3 show. If you don't know this portable thingy, Nintendo was able to get the top screen of their old DS screen to display full 3D images to add a all deminsion to their games. It sounds cool and it actually looks pretty awesome too. Let's see if this is the perfect system for ya?

If you haven't seen it already there is a 3D switch on the side of the unit itself so the whole look is complete optional. All you have do to is turn it off and you can play the games in 2D if you want to give your eyes a break or if wanna to save on battery life. Sadly the thing eats up battery life much quicker in 3D so I find myself just leaving it off.

Like the original DS the system has two screens: the top has your 3D display and the bottom has your touch functions the original was famous for. The system also as a ton of built in features like wi-fi support, camera, mic recording, and even the Mii creator and Virtual Console shop made famous from Wii too.

The 3DS overall is a decent handheld but it definity got off to a rocky start. The sales of the unit were strong at first but then most people stopped buying thanks to the lack of AAA titles since games like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land weren't ready yet and Capcom even canceled their Mega Man Legends 3 game. Still that also caused a price drop and that's good news for us who want it cheap, eh?

Overall NINTENDO 3DS rating: 68/100

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