(September 1993-1994)

A legend enters the war

The CD 32 was the world's first 32-bit CDROM console and it was released in the autumn/winter season of 1993 along with the Panasonic 3DO and Atari Jaguar. Although the CD 32 was never a huge hit here, the system had better luck in Europe and you can find more games over there. Here are the CD 32 facts:

CPU: Motorola 68EC020 14.32 MHz.
ROM: 1MB for the OS.
RAM: 2 Megs chip RAM, 1KB flash RAM
Max Colours: 256,000 of 16.8 Million
CDROM: 2x speed (300KB/s), without caddy, custom controller.
OS: Kickstart 3.1. Chipset: AGA consisting of 4 chips: Akiko, Alice, Lisa, Paula. Ports: Aux (1x6 pin mini-din type), controller (2x9 pin D type), video (composite, S-Video, RF), audio (2x RCA, 1x mini stereo headphone), expansion a computer expansion into a full Amiga computer as well over 120 games made mascot was either Zool or Oscar I don't remember. It had a strange controller in a 'U' shape had full backwards capability with the past console the CDTV and some of the games.

Commodore released 3 gaming systems over the years, their first was very popular commodore 64 gs a.k.a. commodore gaming system, cdtv, and of corsce the CD32, my favorite. If you are a "underdog gamer" like my self you'll love this 32 bit wonder but if you are one of those people who think Nintendo nes was the first game system you might not like it.

-by Gamemaster196