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DOLPHIN? Nope! It's Gamecube!

Love or hate it, here is the Gamecube. Nintendo finally ditches its long running cartridge format that served them well for over 16 years and goes with a new Mini CD rom based console that was once called Project Dolphin. The less wussy sounding Gamecube has over 300 games available like Luigi's Mansion, Resident Evil 4, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 to 8 plus there are a bunch of cool and unique accessories for it as well. The GC was famous for being cheaper then the Xbox and has a faster speed processor that the highly popular PlayStation2 so there are some cool things to say about the machine but it isn't perfect though and you should be careful before you lay down the cash first.

If you get the Nintendo Gamecube console by itself you get the oddly designed handle barred system, a GC controller, video cables, ac cord, and of course boring instructions but you also get no game or memory card (which you need by the way). One of big selling points of the system has to be the four controller ports in front of the machine just like the N64, Xbox, and the original Atari 5200 do. This is so Nintendo can continue its quest for more offline multi-player games (even though the Xbox is still better suited for that sort of thing).

The GC is juiced with a steady 485 megahertz processor that's actually stronger than the rival PS2 300mh processor but weaker than the Xbox's large 700 mh processor (just look at the three versions of Spider Man 2), but unlike the others you won't be able to play any CD's, DVD's, or other non GC games so you can only play Gamecube games only and nothing else. These GC disc games are surprisingly small too, they are only three inches in diameter but they still hold over twice the data of the standard CD Rom (but far less then DVD's).

Although the Gamecube can't quite match the X-box's graphics engine, if the Nintendo Gamecube has any advantage over its competition is that Nintendo has that huge experience under its belt. For anybody who is too young to remember Nintendo has a list of successful game machines like the Nintendo Entertainment System (the NES), the Super Nintendo, and the Nintendo 64. Each of these systems lasted for years and had games that won a lot of critical acclaim. "Nintendo knows games and it shows!"

I have a question for Nintendo though? Why isn't the Nintendo Gamecube compatible with the older Nintendo systems like how the Sony Playstation2 was compatible with the older Playstation, uh? I loved the N64 and the controller and I don't see why I can't use them on the Gamecube? OK, maybe the Nintendo 64 was a distance second to the Playstation but that doesn't mean it was a failure Nintendo. If you get something called the Game Boy Player for the bottom on the system though which opens up a whole new list of over 400 Gameboy Advance games to try out now. Nintendo had the plans to have some kind of Modem network like the Sega Dreamcast, Xbox, and PS2 had but sadly there are only two games I know of that supports it (Phantasy Star Online I & II and Phantasy Star Online III C.A.R.D.). Nintendo doesn't believe online gaming isn't very profitable so they skipped on the whole thing for this system. Yeah, that was sure a kick in the teeth.

Bottom-line: Although the Gamecube looks unique, it's really not that original to be honest at least in my opinion. First off you have the twin memory cards slots in front of the system just like hundreds of other consoles and the Gamecube controller looks just like the PS2 pad here but now the C Stick sucks worse then an 90 year old grandma. Despite the newer upgrade many of the launch games are mostly sequels from Nintendo 64 games unfortunately (like Rogue Leader RS II and Wave Race Bull S#^&) and compared to line up of the PS2 and Xbox the GC list of games is a lot smaller. This was still Nintendo's first disc based game system so they are still testing the waters so to speak but there is no excuse for the games to take so damn long. The Gamecube is a good safe bet and it's even cheaper than a Xbox and PS2 and you have to like that but the limitions are just too big to agnore so buy with caution.

Game Cube overall rating: 67/100
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Game Boy Player (June 23, 2003)

"Are you a Nintendo maniac?" I'm doing a review on a little device that Nintendo fans are going to go crazy for because I've been waiting for this add on for a while but it's finally here! Your Nintendo Game Cube can now play those once portable only Gameboy video games thanks to this handy Game Boy Player add on. Not only can you play EVERY Game Boy out there from the older Black and White grey cartridges to the recent 32-bit Advance carts on your GC but now we can finally play all the Game Boy games on your easy to see Television set. Is the 'Player' here the ultimate accessory that will set the gaming world on fire or is this going to be another poorly supported Nintendo gimmick like the GC Modem, Super Scope, and the R. O. B. robot were?

All you need to get started is to screw on the GB Player to the bottom of your Game Cube. I did this with a quarter in my pocket and in a few seconds that was done. Just make sure you disconnect the Game Cube Modem first if you have one on of course........... all three of you! Secondly you must load a special disc that comes with the GB Player before you can start playing but to my surprise you didn't have to go through any annoying interface screens or loading menus, the GB Player was all ready to go at this point. The GB Player wasn't too difficult to set up at all to be honest but it was a little annoying that I had to lift the Game Cube off the floor if I wanted to insert one of those cartridges each time.

Moving on to the games themselves here is what Game Cube owners now have to look forward to. 5 Super Mario games, 3 Gradius shooters, 10 Pokemon titles, 12 Mega Man games, 4 Zelda adventures, and so many more titles out there. The Game Boy itself as over 13 years of history and that equals somewhere around 1, 200 titles alone! This ranges from the original Black and White grey carts, the Game Boy Color games, and the latest 32-bit GBA paks. With so many Game Boy games out there where to you begin? Maybe I can help pick out a few here:

Game Boy Advance Recommendations:
All three of the CastleVania games for the Game Boy Advance are excellent action/role playing games and now they look a lot cleaner on the big screen especially the once very hard to see Circle of the Moon.
For anyone who can't get Double Dash for the Game Cube then there is this cool GBA exclusive Super Mario Kart Super Circuit! This Mario Kart game not only has great controls and a good selection of weapons but there are several new racing tracks.

While you're playing a game, the Player also lets you open up a special menu any time during a game (whether the game is paused or not). Here gamers can do things like alter some of the buttons, change a border size, and pick from 20 different frame designs. There is also this strange feature to set a timer. This may either be for parents worried about their kid's eyes going bad from playing too long or maybe it's there to act as a warning for games where it is important to beat the clock. The lists of options don’t end there because Nintendo even lets you switch GB cartridges without turning off your Game Cube. This is a nice touch because that Game Cube loading screen is annoying to sit through every time you want to play a new game. Let's move on to the price. Surprisingly this GB Player is only $69.99 bucks Canadian. Although that may seem like a lot of money for a mere accessory, remember that's actually cheaper than the real GBA and the newer Gameboy Advance SP plus those were portable only units meaning you could never before play the Game Boy Advance games on a TV.

Sadly, we all know just how difficult it can be to see a particular game on the portable screen especially on the older model Game Boy units. Even the 2003 Game Boy Advance SP has its problems even with its superior back lit screen technology. Why? It can still be a little hard to see the action because the thing is just so small. Now when you play those GB games you are only limited by the size of your TV. It's the ultimate revenge when you can play a certain game on a slick wide flat screen HDTV or cool Projector, after being forced all those years to finding the perfect light for a tiny screen. Don't forget you also have the option to play your GB games with any Game Cube controller available and this is great news for people with bigger hands. I recommend getting a controller with a half decent Digital pad, the one Nintendo gives you on the standard controller is disappointingly the same size as the Game Boy Advance pad. "That's weak, man!"

Bottom-line: This little device is easily one of the best gaming accessories to ever be released in my opinion and this just may change your mind about not getting a GC in the first place. The only serious drawback to this add on is that some gamers may not like playing games from a limited 32-bit or even 8-bit era especially if they are looking for cutting edge games in particular. The GB Player is a great buy for current Game boy owners who wants to re-experience their favourites all over again (believe me, they look way better on TV) plus the Player is also great for new fans a like because there is a massive brand new library of great video games that open up for Game Cube players now. Imagine finally being able to play Role Playing Games like Golden Sun, Final Fantasy Legend, or Dragon Warrior III plus if you're a Metroid Prime freak then why not play the two other GB Metroid games? There are more great GBA games like the remake of the legendary Super Mario Brothers 3, the Sword of Mana, FF Tactics, and tons more. The GB Player is the total package and it's easily a 5 star product all the way!
GB Player rating: 95/100

GC Controller
The controller is light and comfortable like the Playstation control pad, however some of the buttons are spaced a little funny though so the controller takes some practice to master. There is a problem though because the tiny cross pad Nintendo gives you sucks as bad as the Dreamcast cross pad. The Playstation2 cross pad is way better but I prefer the GameCube Analog to Sony's loose design so it's a trade off. The Gamecube Controller also supports a Rumble feature build in so you don't have to buy a Rumble Pak this time. "What's the deal with that giant Green button being bigger then all the others?"

Wave Bird Controller
This new wireless controller uses a couple of AA batteries so that you can have up to 90ft of cordless action. The only draw back to these is that there is no Rumble feature plus you can forget about any bonus features either like Rapid fire, Slow mo, and other cool stuff.
Memory Card 59
The GC memory card 59 really doesn't hold a lot of space but it's still usually cheaper than the 8 Meg Memory Cards for the PS2 but it's still not very good value considering most sports games really eat up the card (Madden 2002 will use the whole thing!). Up to 16 games can be saved to card but it's most likely to only save a few games before you have to buy a new one. That was a dumb move Nintendo!

Memory Card 251
This new GC memory card 251 came out of nowhere but I'm glad it did. The black coloured MC 251 is a serious improvement over the standard grey MC 59. It still can hold over 16 games files but unlike the other licensed Nintendo card this holds over 4 times the amount of space for only a few bucks more. Highly recommend over the poor 59 original and I don't know why we didn't get this awesome card in the first place?

StarSoldier's TOP 10 Gamecube games:
# 1. Resident Evil 4
2. Animal Crossing
3. Soul Caliber 2
4. Super Smash Brothers Melee
5. Metroid Prime
6. Eternal Darkness
7. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Master Quest
8. Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker
9. Star Wars Rogue Leader
10. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

Biggest Disappointment:

Luigi's Mansion
Runner Up: WWE Wrestlemania X8

The Worst GC game:
Runner Up: Cel Damage

Most Underrated GC game:
Runner Up: Extreme G III

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