The Total Recall


Artist touch: OK, the muscle head cyborg looks cool and all in it's CG glory but there is nothing telling you this is a fighting game here, eh? Cover art rating: 6/10
Month it won: June 2005

(Absolute, March 17, 2005)
Special note: This game really sucked! ......Oh, you want more? OK, the game originally did get a lot of hype for being a Street Fighter-killer but in the end it just killed itself. Proof that graphics don't make a great game.

Introduction and Story:

The game Street Fighter II did a lot to liven the gaming industry thanks to it's intense one on one fighting system and some very interesting characters each with their own story. Sadly, many game companies were shamelessly cashing in on the popular beat em up by copying the idea for their own game. Rise of the Robots is one those games! Yes, this is lame fighting game that bombed on the Super Nintendo also comes to the 3DO as well. I was really hoping since the 3DO was so powerful that it would be able to save this series from disaster but just the opposite happened.

If you don't know the deal here, in this game you control a strange semi-human blue cyborg that must fight through a bunch of security machines to end a nuclear threat caused by a very dangerous robot called the Supervisor. You must battle up to 6 different robots in several unrealistic and meaningless one on one tournament contests to save the world from destruction.

Controls and Game Play:

Just like the SNES original it's still the same limited one on one fighter as you can only control the lame blue cyborg during the game's linear very story mode. You can play the other robots in the Versus mode but because the game was so poorly programmed; one player must always control the cyborg. This certainly limits what replay value anyone would have here. Normally you would think that because there are only 7 characters in the game that each fighter would be packed with moves but all the Light, Medium, and Hard attacks all look the same and each character only has one or two hard to perform special moves.

Fortunately you really don't need to use any of these annoying and cheap special attacks anyway since you only have to have more health then your opponent to win a match. The game even has this strange feature where you just continue to attack the enemy they will just stay there blocking attacks and you can just wait out the contest. How lame is that? The 3D0 version also has a new feature where you have to cycle through some of same robots all over again just to prolong the story and the agony.

Graphics and Sounds:

If Rise of the Robots has one selling point it would have to be the game's stunning computer generated graphics. Standing still the visuals are amazing. Unfortunately like I said before the game has very limited moves and animations so everything doesn't run as smoothly as it looks. Add to the fact that the game's static backgrounds and full screen cinemas are boring beyond belief and don't help move the story very well. Maybe I could forgive the programmers for producing some of these kind of visuals, but this game wasn't the only game to use CG graphics; take Rare's Killer Instinct for example. A great CG fighting game with the total package of great graphics, excellent music, tons of moves, and over 10 characters.

The game even has music done by Brian May if you select the option while the game is loading (who's dumb idea was that!). If that name sounds familiar it was because he was that crazy guy with the big hair when he was part of the classic Rock band Queen. I really liked the music here but there isn't too much of it overall and the worst part about it was that there isn't any music actually playing during the real game play! Talk about a waste of talent.

The Bottomline:

Rise of the Robots tries to cash in the fighting craze and they hired some great artists both in graphics and music but they just forgot to include the necessary programming and game play elements to make it a winner or even above average. Believe it or not this game is even worse than the dreadful Super Nintendo and Genesis versions thanks to the game's lack of in game music and story dialogue. Isn't this the all powerful 3D0: a system 32-bit machine that once cost 700 bucks because it was suppose to be way better then anything else on the market?! Rise of the Robots for the 3DO is such a waste.

overall rating: 09/100

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For 1 to 2 players
Rated (K-A) to Kids to adult
graphics: 5/10
sound: 5/10
gameplay: 1/10
replay: 0/10

(Ryan Genno) 2005

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